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Chen Xiang began to refine the second stage, which was much longer than the first stage. Although the difficulty of the second stage was extremely high, the reason he was refining the pellet was only to reduce the risk, it was extremely dangerous for him to shrink the Divine Deity to such a small size in the Divine Sense Sea, and it was also not beneficial for him to fuse them.

"I have to refine this Divine Deity so that it can produce a sense of familiarity with me. This way, when the melted energy converges, it will be my fourth Divine Deity."

The second stage was to throw the fist-sized Divine Deity into the Divine Sense Sea to fuse, and then condense it into an even smaller Divine Deity. This was because the previous fusion had occurred within the Divine Sense Sea, and when he rea.s.sembled it, it was equivalent to his own fourth Divine Deity.

Originally, he could have done it in one go because it was his first time trying it out. In order to be complete, he divided it into two steps, and once he got used to it, he would resolve it in one go. After all, this was related to the safety of his Divine Sense Sea, so he had to be careful.

After the Divine Deity was melted, Chen Xiang used the powerful Mysterious power to wrap it up, and then soaked it in the peaceful Divine Sense Sea. He also let the divine soul within his other three Divine Deity release a trace of soul power to establish a connection with the ball of Divine Deity.

"I wonder if it will work." Chen Xiang patiently waited. Once he succeeded in establishing a good connection between this ball of Divine Deity which had taken the form of Qi and the other three, he would be able to combine them. As long as he succeeded, he would be able to condense his fourth Divine Deity.

Fortunately, Chen Xiang only needed to control the Mysterious power to wrap that ball of Divine Deity up. He didn't need to do anything too tiring, and could patiently wait.

In merely seven days of time, Chen Xiang had sensed that the other three pellets had established a connection with the ball of Divine Deity, which meant that he could now begin to gather them.

He had originally thought that it would take one to two months before those three Divine Deity s would approve of this ball of external Divine Deity, and now, it had only been a short seven days.

"The last step." Chen Xiang let that ball of Divine Deity float from the Divine Sense Sea, then he released the Magic method furnace from the Divine Sense Sea and began to gather this ball of Divine Deity.

This meant that he had two Chuangzao fire Divine Deity s. In the future, when he released the Chuangzao fire, the quant.i.ty and strength of the Six Realms' Power that he released would greatly increase after pa.s.sing through these two Divine Deity s.

Originally, when he was going to transform the Six Realms' Power into a Chuangzao fire, there was only one path he could take, but now that there were two paths at the same time, after rushing out and then converging them, he could become even faster.

He needed Chuangzao fire to refine pills, so he needed to condense more Divine Deity that could increase his flames.

As the ball of Divine Deity that had turned into a gaseous state had already been a.s.similated by his Divine Sense Sea, and had established a connection with the other three Divine Deity, he was no longer as irritable as before.

"Alright." Chen Xiang shouted excitedly in his heart. The fourth Divine Deity had already been condensed, this was the Chuangzao fire's Divine Deity, and it was still strong, so what he needed to do now was to condense a divine soul inside.

"In eleven days, the fourth Divine Deity has been successfully condensed." Chen Xiang opened his eyes and laid on the ground. One must know that he had only condensed the third Divine Deity earlier, and it wasn't long before the fourth Divine Deity was ninety percent complete.

This kind of speed was already ridiculously fast, but he was still a Alchemist, treating his own Divine Deity like a pill refining.

"I'm still short of divine soul." In the past, he would only condense Divine Deity after cultivating divine soul, but now, it was the opposite.

"I need to train my divine soul seriously as well. This Divine Deity has a lot of meaning to me." Chen Xiang took out the Fire Qilin chain, he felt around a bit, and saw that the inside contained Divine Deity s and divine soul, but divine soul was an extremely terrifying fire attribute divine soul. For the time being, he did not know what kind of divine soul it was, but he felt that it would be beneficial for him in helping the fourth Divine Deity to manifest.

"Alright, first take a good look at what the divine soul of this Fire Qilin Chain is." Chen Xiang tried to sense it with his heart, but not long after, he saw a Fire unicorn suddenly roar, and it was a purple Qilin, emitting purple flames all over its body.

"This …" Chen Xiang was shocked, his eyes opened wide as he looked at the Qilin fire chain that had suddenly turned purple.

Earlier, he had not only discovered the purple colored Qilin divine soul, he was also surprised because there were actually nine sets of Divine Deity inside. It was just that the inside of the Divine Deity was missing a single set of divine soul.

He took a closer look at the other divine weapons and discovered that other than the profoundwu clothing, the rest all had Nine Divine Deity. At the beginning, the profoundwu clothing had been damaged, but later on it had one Divine Deity and one divine soul, becoming extremely strong.

"As expected of something refined by the Heavenly Divine Lord. There are actually nine strange Divine Deity s inside." Chen Xiang felt that it was a pity that the profoundwu clothing was so heavily damaged, and had lost so much of its Divine Deity.

He placed the Fire Qilin chain inside the Divine Sense Sea to make the Fire Qilin chain shrink a little, and wrapped around the fourth Divine Deity. He hoped that the fourth Divine Deity would be affected by the purple Qilin divine soul and produce a similar level of divine soul.

The process of condensing divine soul was a bit long. Chen Xiang felt that in the future, he would also need to refine the same type of divine soul as the Great Divine Deity.

"Chuangzao fire has a very strong regenerative ability. Right now, after absorbing a large amount of divine power from the dragon vein, coupled with the influence of the Fire Qilin chain, it should be very easy to condense divine soul." Chen Xiang used the Heavenly Alchemy, and quickly absorbed the energy from the dragon vein to condense the divine soul.

In just two days of time, he suddenly discovered that a dot had appeared within the Fourth Divine Deity. Using his Dao heart Eye to look, he discovered that this dot was formed from purple energy and it could even move.

"What's going on? It looks like a baby." Chen Xiang was a little surprised. If that was really the case, then his divine soul Embryo had already appeared.

The divine soul in its final form was similar to a human's, and it had flesh and blood. When Chen Xiang had first cultivated the divine soul, he had already gone through this long process, and the divine soul that he cultivated afterwards became much easier, allowing him to grow to a mature and perfect state very quickly.

After another day, the divine soul within the fourth Divine Deity was already very obvious. It could be seen that it was a very small infant, only that there was a layer of faint purple colored mist surrounding the outside.

Chen Xiang continued to cultivate. A few days later, he checked again, and what surprised him was that his divine soul had already reached the level of an adult, and his body was even wearing a set of purple armor with some patterns on it. It was actually carved with Fire unicorn s, and it looked extremely beautiful.

"To think that divine soul would actually look like this." Chen Xiang suddenly had another idea. He wanted to mainly cultivate five different types of supernatural powers, which was five main divine soul. This was because he had five powerful divine weapons.

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