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After successfully killing one insect, he had allowed Chen Xiang and the others to obtain more useful things. At the same time, he had also made Chen Xiang realize that his current strength was extremely weak.

After obtaining the Great Divine Deity, he entered the Hundreds of Flowers Village, and went inside the dragon vein. He wanted to refine the Great Divine Deity into a pellet!

"There are a lot of methods to create a Heavenly Alchemy. There must be a way to refine this Great Divine Deity into a Divine Deity that can fuse with my own." Chen Xiang urgently needed to condense his Divine Deity now, as long as he had more Divine Deity, his Divine Sense Sea's power would become even stronger.

Chen Xiang suddenly had a flash of inspiration: "I have refined a Bone level Dan inside the Divine Sense Sea before, if I can refine the Divine Deity like I would refine pills, and fuse it with my Divine Sense Sea, then I won't need to cultivate the Divine Deity so hard!"

Congealing Divine Deity gave Chen Xiang a huge headache, especially when his cultivation method was different from others, it was harder for him to condense Divine Deity.

"In the past, only by condensing divine soul would I be able to cultivate Divine Deity, but if I were to use the method of refining pellets, maybe I would be able to condense divine soul after cultivating Divine Deity." Chen Xiang already possessed three fairly useful innate abilities, which were enough for him to use. For the time being, he did not need to cultivate any other innate abilities, so he could just condense his Divine Deity directly.

He sat in the secret room inside the dragon vein and looked at the incomparably pure Great Divine Deity in his hands. Afterwards, he injected the power of creation into it, and at the same time, he also used the method of Heavenly Alchemy to fuse the pure energy within the Great Divine Deity with the power of creation. This way, the Great Divine Deity could be a.s.similated by the power of creation, becoming a power that could produce Chuangzao fire s in the future!

"It works!" Chen Xiang tried it out and was extremely happy. He decided to use this method to refine his Divine Deity into a finished product before he a.s.sociated it with his Divine Sense Sea.

It was also at this time that Chen Xiang suddenly thought of something, "Divine Deity are formed from the fusion of various types of energies, which is to say, I can refine Divine Deity inside the pill furnace! Divine Deity are pills formed by living beings inside the Divine Sense Sea. If I can complete them in the cauldron, my speed will definitely be even faster. "

If this method was feasible, then it would greatly increase the speed at which he condensed Divine Deity, and could even directly complete various types of Divine Deity in the pill furnace.

But the condition, was that he needed a method to refine Divine Deity, which would definitely need all kinds of precious medicinal pellets that contained all kinds of energy, and also ingredients that could continuously evolve.

"I'll begin the fourth Divine Deity!" … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … After Chen Xiang returned from the Super G.o.d Realm, he felt that he had suffered a huge blow. Although no one would say that he was weak, he was clear that everyone thought that he was a Alchemist, and that there was no need for him to be strong. He did not need to fight all over, as long as he was concocting pills quietly.

Chen Xiang originally thought so too, but the current situation was beyond his control. He would have to roll up his sleeves and do it himself many times, so to become a powerful Alchemist, he would need to possess extremely strong strength to ensure his safety!

When they were entering, Chen Xiang had told Yue'er that he would ask Yue'er to bring them to the nest of the bug queen. If possible, he wanted them to retrieve the Great Divine Deity as soon as possible!

"It's getting more and more difficult to condense Divine Deity, because Divine Deity is constantly increasing!" Chen Xiang couldn't help but sigh. When he first condensed his Divine Deity, he was already very weak, but now he had already grown very strong. In other words, the fourth Divine Deity he condensed needs to be at the same level as the other three, or maybe even stronger than the other three.

He estimated the strength of the three Divine Deity s in his body, and then, feeling completely at ease, he took out the medicinal furnace and placed the Great Divine Deity inside it. After refining the Great Divine Deity, it would be enough to become his fourth.

"We will first use the pill furnace to refine it small, then put it into the Divine Sense Sea to refine." The current Divine Deity was extremely large, and needed to be compressed. When compressed, it would cause the Mysterious power inside the Divine Deity to explode, and when compressed, it would become very unstable, and could easily explode.

It was very dangerous to put it into the Divine Sense Sea when it was unstable.

He might have used the Heavenly Alchemy to refine Divine Deity multiple times, but it was different this time. In the past, he had refined the Divine Deity into pills to eat, and he had obtained a large amount of energy that he could not absorb from within.

Right now, even a little of the Mysterious power would not be removed, instead, after being compressed and refined, the quality would still increase by leaps and bounds, so he felt that his fourth Divine Deity would be very strong.

In order to refine the Great Divine Deity, he had to first compress it into a Qi State like when refining pills. Now, he needed to compress the Great Divine Deity into Qi State, and then compress it again.

This was Chen Xiang's first time refining this kind of Divine Deity, he had no experience at all, and the Mysterious power that he needed to condense was extremely vast.

"After I leave, I'll have Meng Er make a pill furnace." If it was a normal pill cultivating, he could use any kind of pill furnace, but right now he couldn't practice normal pill refining and had to refine such a strong Divine Deity.

Although it was difficult, Chen Xiang had faced many difficult problems over the years, and they were all overcome by him. The originally trembling pill furnace, under his hard work, calmed down and the pill furnace started to gather energy from the inside.

One of the benefits of refining pills in the dragon's vein was that he could absorb the boundless divine energy from the dragon's vein while refining pills to replenish his rapid consumption. This way, he wouldn't need to consume pills to replenish his energy.

Chen Xiang refined continuously for three days and three nights without a break, and he consumed a lot of energy at every second. Without this supplement, it would be hard for him to persevere on!

"This is really killing me!" Chen Xiang opened the pill furnace and took out the fist-sized Divine Deity. The previously crystal clear Divine Deity had now been refined into a silver-white color by him. This was because when he was refining, he had been using a large number of Chuangzao fire to a.s.similate it.

After resting for a long time and allowing him to return to his peak condition, he began the second stage of the refinement. This was to allow his Divine Deity to be refined in the Divine Sense Sea.

This Great Divine Deity was originally very big, but now that it had shrunk to the size of a fist, not only did it not weaken in the slightest, it even condensed into a single ma.s.s, causing the quality to greatly increase!

And the second stage of refinement, was to make this Divine Deity shrink even further.

He placed this Divine Deity inside the Divine Sense Sea, then released the Magic method furnace inside the Divine Sense Sea, and started the second stage of refinement.

Other people's Divine Deity were all created through hard work, but Chen Xiang himself had cultivated it through hard work. He felt that since he was a Alchemist, his own Divine Deity should be refined just like pill refining.

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