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In her opinion, it was extremely boring. What made her even more confused was that they had actually been bored for less than an hour, moreover, they were in this pitch black and sinister forest, and in the distance, there were even some demons roaring. No matter how she looked at it, it didn't seem like a place to do romantic things.

"Is that enough?" Long Huishan pushed Chen Xiang away and licked his lips.

"It's about time!" Chen Xiang rubbed his chest. At first, Long Huishan had indeed pinched him very hard, but then she turned into rubbing and it made him feel extremely comfortable.

"You guys are really bored. To do this kind of thing, the bath is more suitable. This kind of place is more suitable for fighting and killing." Yue Er pouted.

Long Huishan laughed: "That brat already wanted to do this to me when I was bathing, I am only going to satisfy him!"

Chen Xiang also laughed, "It's big sis Long, you wish for me to do this to you, right?" As he spoke, Chen Xiang took her hand and used the s.p.a.ce wind to bring her out of the dark forest, to the mountain range that had been razed to the ground.

"So fast, what is this spell?" Long Huishan only felt that when the colorful lights pa.s.sed by, she could feel how fast Chen Xiang was taking her.

"It was Yue'er who taught me the s.p.a.ce wind. I can only learn it by using the power of s.p.a.ce." Chen Xiang said.

Long Huishan looked at Yue'er, stroked her head, and said: "Previously, when You Lan came to find me, she told me about Yue'er's little kitten. I didn't expect her to be so powerful!"

"Oh yes, I heard Youlan mention the matter of you kissing her … This girl actually told Jing Jing and Lingling, these two girls. "

"This... I'll talk about her later. " Chen Xiang blushed deeply. Dongfang Jing and Shen Lingling were very, very innocent girls, yet Leng Youlan actually told them this.

Long Huishan carefully observed the scene and frowned: "This should be caused by a very strong shockwave. This kind of shockwave can travel to a place far away, and can even travel a long distance! For the queen bug to be able to use this kind of power, it seems like the queen bug also has attribute power! If that's the case, then the demonic insects that were born should also possess the same familiar strength as the insect Queen. "

"Yue Er, can you still find that bug?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course, when you kissed me earlier, I started looking for you." Yue'er laughed. "Now that we've found it, we can go and have a look. Don't let it disturb the queen bug like last time."

Long Huishan had heard from Chen Xiang that Chen Xiang had wanted to test the Insect Queen's vigilance, but he never thought that her reaction would be so intense. Furthermore, she had even ran away, making it clear that the Insect Empress was extremely alert.

Chen Xiang brought Long Huishan to Yue'er's newest location. This time, they were even further away from the Nine Heaven City, he had only arrived there using the s.p.a.ce wind for an hour. This place was also inside the mountain range, but the mountains here were all desolate mountains, without any flowers or trees. The mountains were all very tall and lofty, especially within. If a huge crater appeared, it would not be discovered easily, because this place was a place where very few people came. The divine aura was also extremely spa.r.s.e.

"It won't be easy to make a move. The insect knows that she is very weak right now, so once someone is nearby, no matter how strong she is, she will choose to leave."

Chen Xiang and Long Huishan were at the top of a mountain, and they saw a huge pit in front of them. This pit was just as big as the one Chen Xiang had discovered earlier. In order to not alarm the bugs, Chen Xiang used the s.p.a.ce Domain to cover himself and Long Huishan, preventing their auras from leaking out.

"Do you know how deep the queen is hiding?" Long Huishan asked: "If I knew the depth, I could have used the Mysterious power."

Littlemoon replied, "80,000 feet. If that's the case, then you'd better calculate at a depth of 100,000 feet."

"Chen Xiang, how strong can your s.p.a.ce Domain block? I need to condense my Mysterious power now, at that time, not only will I need to freeze the insect, I will also need to freeze everything around me, so that we can freeze everything within a hundred thousand meters of the ground. " Long Huishan asked seriously.

"That powerful?" Would the consumption be very severe? I can stop your aura no matter how strong you are. " Chen Xiang said with complete confidence. Long Huishan must be too G.o.dly, otherwise she would not willingly give it to Chen Xiang.

"Don't worry, I'm fifteen Divine Deity now, dealing with a bug is too easy. I possess the ancient Ice Dragon's bloodline after all." Long Huishan lightly patted his face and smiled gently, telling him to be at ease.

Long Huishan being able to obtain fifteen Divine Deity also surprised him. He previously thought that Long Huishan only had a dozen or so of these, and it must be because the ice dragon had helped her.

Long Huishan said that she needed time to gather her energy, but it did not take her long to finish. In just half a cup of tea's time, a white bead had condensed in her hands.

"What's next?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Go to the top of the deep hole quietly, then I'll just take this thing down." Long Huishan caught the ice pearl in the water. Chen Xiang had only sensed a trace of Icy cold power, it wasn't as terrifying as he had imagined.

He brought Long Huishan to the top of the deep pit using the s.p.a.ce wind. Long Huishan pointed the ice pearl at the deep pit and let out a light snort.

"If we don't quickly let the ice drop down, that fellow will have time to run away." Long Huishan said. That was why she had used her full strength to push the ice pearl into the pit.

From high up in the sky, Chen Xiang could see that after Long Huishan had entered the deep pit, a gust of cold air had quickly emerged from the deep pit. Furthermore, the ground and the ground within a hundred miles of the deep pit were covered in cold frost.

Thick layers of ice also formed on the walls of the deep pit, and at this moment, terrifying cold air continued to emit from below!

"So powerful!" Chen Xiang took a deep breath, he felt that if he was frozen, he would definitely be severely injured.

"This is the power of the fusion of the powers of my first and second Divine Deity." Long Huishan laughed: "Are you afraid?"

"Yes, Big Sis Long is so scary." Chen Xiang giggled, then suddenly kissed her on the cheek.

"There's movement from below." Just as Yue'er finished speaking, a burst of cold air emerged from Long Huishan's body, transforming into a snow-white ice dragon armor.

Long Huishan had already rushed into the deep pit.

Using the Dao heart Eye, he saw that everything below was snow-white, this was the power of the ice that Long Huishan had just frozen the ground with. In the middle of the deep hole, there was something black, he suspected that it was the Queen!

"This thing is way too small!" Chen Xiang felt that what he said and what Yue'er Fu Tiangao had said did not match up, because the bugs they spoke of were huge, like mountains.

"This isn't an insect queen!" Yue'er also realized that something was amiss as she hurriedly said.

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