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Yue'er's ability to communicate with Xing Yue really made Chen Xiang jealous. He had asked Yue'er if she could learn this skill, and Yue'er had said that this skill was innate, even if it was in the Star Moon Divine Race s, no one would know of this skill.

The demon army did not attack the city, and the ones leading them should be the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor and the rest, they were very clear about the Nine Heaven City's defensive power, and they were currently guarding the city gate, obviously waiting for the moment the city's defenses were broken.

Dusk fell. The sky had turned dark, and the demon army seemed to be extremely excited. They hated the feeling of the sun shining down on them during the day, so when they crowded together, they would release some dark energy to protect themselves from the sun's rays.

As the sky gradually darkened, the demon army in front became more and more spirited, noisy, and noisy. These evil demons all looked like humans, but they were all clad in beast skins, looking tall and powerful.

"These guys aren't idiots who are controlled. They actually know how to chat and laugh. Don't tell me that they were transformed by humans?" Chen Xiang had seen the army of the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor before, they were all raised by him in the Infernal Realm and used a large amount of undead energy. But now, he lacked the resources, if so many of these armies were cultivated by humans, then he would need to carry out a great slaughter and obtain a large amount of power from the bodies of the dead.

Evil Devil Cultivator's way of doing things was to ma.s.sacre them, and after that, the souls and bodies of the dead would be of great help to them! But now that the Nine Heaven World had annexed the G.o.ds Realm, the number of humans was very large, especially the weak humans, for the Evil Demons, this was a very rich source of cultivation resources.

After all, there are so many humans and there are definitely many sc.u.m. And since the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor has provided them with a shortcut cultivation technique, they will naturally follow the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor! This kind of fellow who obtained power through killing innocent people must be exterminated. " Yue'er said: "You Nine Heaven World will have to prevent this guy from appearing on a large scale in the future because of your prosperity. Back then, our Star Law Divine Realm also appeared once …"

Speaking of Star Law Divine Realm she had trusted before, Yue'er couldn't help but sigh. Star Law Divine Realm's top ranker who wanted to live forever, to find a reason to persecute Undead Divine Race, was no different from these demons in front of her! The only difference was that this group of Evil Demons was weak, while the group of "Evil Demons" in Star Law Divine Realm were very strong.

After dark, the sky was filled with stars. Yue'er began to communicate with the stars and the moon. It took her a full four hours before she discovered something.

"I found it. The nearest bug queen is still some distance away, let's go take a look now." Yue'er said as she sneaked into Chen Xiang's backpack.

After Chen Xiang sensed the direction of the wind, he immediately used the s.p.a.ce wind and headed towards the location of the nearest insect empress.

Not long after, Chen Xiang arrived at a mountain range. He was hiding at the top of a mountain peak, making him feel that this mountain range was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vitality.

"Is that it?" Chen Xiang was at the top of a mountain, and he could clearly see the several large mountains in the middle surrounding it. There was a huge pit there, and when he told divine soul to go over to take a look, he could not see the bottom of it.

"Yes, the queen bug hid in the ground. She dug this pit herself. The queen bug's body was very large, like a mountain," Moon Child said.

The deep pit that Chen Xiang saw was even larger than the mountains around him. Furthermore, it was so deep that he couldn't even see the bottom of it.

"Looks like I have to explore deeper. I wonder if it will be dangerous if I get close to the insect?" The purpose of Chen Xiang's visit was to find out the position of the insect Queen, and then to estimate her strength.

"It's best not to get too close. The Bug Queen has a large body. Although moving is inconvenient, its defensive and offensive power is extremely strong! The Insect Empress didn't want to be disturbed by humans, so there are no h.e.l.l Devil Emperor people guarding this place. As long as she senses even a trace of human aura, she will be angry. " Yue'er said, "Try exposing your aura if you don't believe me!"

Chen Xiang really revealed his Spirit Qi, but after just a few breaths of time, the mountain started to shake and shake, all the tall mountains around the pit started to crack and collapse, and from the deep pit, a red mist formed tentacle that reached towards Chen Xiang.

"Hurry up!" Yue'er shouted in alarm, Chen Xiang anxiously hid his presence, using Spatial Escape to hide in the crevices of s.p.a.ce.

Even though he had hidden himself in the spatial crack, he could still feel a very powerful ripple transmitted over. He sensed the s.p.a.ce wind in the spatial crack, and only ran out after bringing Yue'er some distance away.

When he came out, he was immediately stunned!

The mountain range that he had entered earlier had already been razed to the ground. The deep pit on the ground was where the Queen of Bugs resided. The forest that was originally surrounded by trees and trees had now been turned to rubble.

"Too terrifying, I can't kill this guy by myself!" Chen Xiang never thought that the insect empress would be so terrifying. Just as he finished speaking, the deep pit suddenly released a strong suction force, absorbing all the shattered rocks around the big pit. There were a lot of crushed stones and soil, and in a short moment, all of them entered the deep pit.

The deep pit had disappeared. Clearly, the queen bug had intentionally hidden herself!

"The queen bug should be lurking in the depths of the earth. It actually ran around everywhere. It's too scary. We have to get the news back to them and let them strengthen their defense so that the dragon's vein won't be damaged." Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang had only been out for one night, and he already had astonishing gains. He took out an array disc, and after entering the array disc, he was teleported to the Hundred Flowers Hall.

"Sister Qilian doesn't seem to be here!" Chen Xiang came out of the teleportation room, looked around, it was very quiet here, when he arrived at the hall, he heard someone humming a cheerful little tune.

Chen Xiang looked towards the little hall at the other side. It was a bathing room, and the door was wide open. Chen Xiang told himself in his heart that he had important things to attend to, and that he definitely did not have any other goals.

Littlemoon stuck out her head and laid by the side of her backpack, as if she was waiting for something.

Chen Xiang arrived at the bathroom's door and saw Long Huishan soaking in a bath. She leaned on the side of the bath and faced Chen Xiang, but her chest was submerged in water, and all Chen Xiang could see was her jade white beautiful collarbone.

Long Huishan was still humming a little song. Even though she had seen Chen Xiang, it seemed like nothing had happened.

"Good little brother, you've been busy all day so you should be tired. Do you want to bathe together?" Long Huishan giggled.

"Yes!" Chen Xiang said shamelessly, he had already stepped into the shower room, but when he entered, he discovered that something was wrong!

Although the water in the bath was foggy, it gave Chen Xiang an extremely cold feeling. He felt that there must be a trick to it!

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