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Fu Tian School's scheme was already very obvious, but Chen Xiang and the others felt that other than this, Fu Tian School must have other motives.

"They definitely did not find out that the Fu Tian School was able to obtain information related to the Evil Worms." Gu Dongchen said: "Now we already know that the Fu Tian School has ill intentions. On the surface, he wants to ally with us, but he secretly wants to harm us."

The Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d snorted: "Don't even think about it, they definitely have an alliance with the Underworld Sect. The reason they told us this kind of news is to gain our trust, then when it's more or less time, they will scheme a bit more, and catch all of us Nine Heaven School and us, the Nine Heaven School, in one fell swoop, and then they can deal with the Hundreds of Flowers Village as well."

Penalty Heavenly G.o.d said, "What a good plan! Wouldn't it be too easy for them if it was just to kill the fellows here? "

Fu Tiangao still didn't know that he had angered these old cunning foxes, and it wasn't as simple as him dying in anger!

Gu Dongchen said: "Let's do it, didn't they say they want to send a group of elite disciples? I didn't believe him before, but now I do. "

Lv Qilian said coldly: "That group of elite disciples should have already reached the bottleneck, they are here to look for cultivation resources!"

The Fu Tian School's so-called resources for cultivation were to use their evil techniques to obtain strength by gathering Yang and replenishing Yin.

"I support the Gu Leader's strategy of letting them send the so-called elite disciples over, and then we'll kill them! "The condition is that we have to ensure that the people they teleported to us do not cause any harm to this place. Otherwise, this place would be a little dangerous." Long Huishan said.

Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d nodded his head, "That is indeed the case, but don't worry about that. We can set up a powerful killing array in advance, and when the time comes, we can just place a Transmission array Plate inside the killing array for them to teleport in, and then we can eliminate them in one fell swoop."

Chen Xiang said: "h.e.l.l Devil Emperor knows that we can't force our way out, so we decided to use a clever method. Fortunately, they didn't succeed."

"I'm in charge of communicating with him. Let him think that we have already trusted him." Wu Kaiming said.

"I'll go back and get the killing formation." Lv Qilian said. She hated this Fu Tian School very much.

"We will be prepared to welcome the Fu Tian School when the time comes." Gu Dongchen laughed: "I haven't started a ma.s.sacre in a long time."

"Since everyone has something to do, I can't stay idle either. I will be in charge of investigating the position of the queen bug and also see if I can kill these bugs." Chen Xiang said, although his cultivation was not high, but the big heads here all did not doubt his strength, especially his detection and concealment skills.

Lv Qilian said, "Why don't you let Yanran and Lan Lan go with you!"

"No need, they still need to keep an eye on that Fu Tiangao here, I can go there myself." Chen Xiang said.

"Alright, then let's begin." Wu Kaiming said and then dispersed.

Chen Xiang did not move. He wanted Lv Qilian to notify Hundreds of Flowers Village and ask Yue'er to come over. He wanted to move together with Yue'er!

Yan Zilan brought Yue'er over, gently and worriedly warned Chen Xiang to be careful, and even kissed her cheeks.

… ….

Chen Xiang used a secret array inside the City Lord's Mansion to teleport to a place outside that did not have any Evil Demons. This was originally a dense forest, but after being pa.s.sed by by by the Evil Demons, it had turned into a forest filled with endless death aura.

"Yue Er, if you encounter a sudden danger, what would you do?" Chen Xiang wanted to communicate with Yue'er about the use of spatial energy. When Yue'er was in danger, most of her time was spent relying on her spatial energy.

"If I didn't awaken my memories in the past, I would have used long distance teleportation to escape. But now, when I use Spatial Escape to hide myself in other s.p.a.cial faults, the ancestors who didn't use their spatial powers won't be able to find me." Yue'er smiled. "So, when you use your transformation technique, you don't have to worry about me. I can hide at any time!"

Furthermore, her own foundation was very solid as well, and her entire family was extremely terrifying. She seemed to have inherited the inheritance of her family, which was why Chen Xiang felt that she would definitely become an extremely terrifying person in the future.

"Other than using Spatial Escape, I can also use the s.p.a.ce wind." As she spoke, Yue'er suddenly disappeared. When she reappeared, Yue'er was already in front of them.

"There is a difference between this and teleportation! Only by being extremely sensitive to spatial energy will I be able to sense the s.p.a.ce wind. Just now, I followed the s.p.a.ce wind and floated forward, and didn't even need any spatial energy at all to let the s.p.a.ce wind take me running, allowing me to travel for a long distance in s.p.a.ce! " Yue'er had thought that Chen Xiang had used spatial energy extremely well, but she later found out that Chen Xiang didn't even have a spatial technique.

Hence, she felt that it was necessary to guide Chen Xiang in using his spatial energy.

Yue'er carefully guided Chen Xiang in the use of these spatial arts. The Star Shifting Technique that Chen Xiang taught her already had a certain amount of foundation, and she was able to easily learn it now.

In the past, he had used a similar method of spatial escape, however, he had hidden in the tyrannical spatial turbulence. In the past, he had used a similar method of spatial escape, however, he had hid in the tyrannical spatial turbulence, which had hidden in the tyrannical spatial turbulence.

As for Spatial Escape, it was the most stable place in both s.p.a.ce and s.p.a.ce. Yue'er was simply like a fault or crack; as long as one could control it well, they could instantly find it and then hide inside it.

"This s.p.a.ce wind is pretty good to use!" Chen Xiang spent more than half a day's time to learn how to use the s.p.a.ce wind. With just a thought, he discovered that his body could be merged with the s.p.a.ce wind and moved quickly by a surge of energy.

"This way, when you run, you can just directly use the s.p.a.ce wind. You don't need to continuously teleport to move fast." Yue'er smiled and replied, "Although the speed will be a little slower."

Right now, Chen Xiang was using the s.p.a.ce wind with Chen Xiang, and in the blink of an eye, they had already distanced themselves from the forest. Chen Xiang could only see the scenery on both sides of him flashing rapidly to the back, and he couldn't see anything at all.

After leaving the forest, Chen Xiang quickly arrived at the top of a barren mountain, and looked at the demonic army that was densely covered in black clouds!

"Yue Er, do you know the characteristics of that insect? "How do we find the bugs? This thing is the biggest threat." Chen Xiang said.

After a moment of silence, Yue Er replied, "I can't ask now, but I can only find out at night. At night, the light of the stars and moon can reach the earth, and as long as the insect is. .h.i.t by it, or if it is just a breath of air, I can find it."

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