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The information that Fu Tiangao provided was not important at all. They were all ordinary information, and could only be used to kill bugs. But now, they had to know where the bug queen was hiding before they could kill it.

"Everyone, don't worry, the disciples of our Fu Tian School will be able to find the location of the Queen very soon. When that time comes, we will work together and definitely kill a few of them." Fu Tiangao laughed: "Right now, I wonder if we can arrange for the disciples of our Fu Tian School to be transferred over?"

The Nine Heaven City's Transmission array had already been closed and could not be transferred in.

"We, the Fu Tian School, have already selected three thousand elite disciples to lend a hand. We wish to express the sincerity of our Fu Tian School, and we truly wish to ally with everyone to eliminate this evil demon that is a scourge to the common people." Fu Tiangao stood up and said seriously.

Wu Kaiming nodded his head, "We will think about it again. If we want to open the Transmission array, it will take a few days, and it won't be activated that quickly. The Transmission array that we receive is very special, it needs to penetrate the Great City Barrier Formation."

"Understandable. If you have made a decision, please inform this one and I will contact my father immediately!" When the time comes, I will ask him to send some more disciples over, and when I arrived at Nine Heaven City, I found out that the situation here was much worse than what I had expected. " Fu Tiangao nodded and sat down, then smiled at Lv Qilian: "Miss Lü, I wonder what plans your Hundreds of Flowers Village has for the battle at that time."

"It hasn't been decided yet!" Lv Qilian replied a little flatly.

"What about the seniors?" Fu Tiangao looked towards Gu Dongchen and the others.

"Our Nine Heaven School has already sent an elite team over. When the time comes, they will bring ten thousand of their elite disciples to a.s.sa.s.sinate the night sky, reducing the number of evil beings." Gu Dongchen replied.

"Devil-killing Divine City will cast a long-ranged spell on the city walls to attack the approaching demon army." Ren Tianyong said.

Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d looked at Penalty Heavenly G.o.d and said, "The punishment will be infiltrating the demon army and killing their leaders."

Fu Tiangao nodded, "It's all good strategies …. I will use my secret treasure to contact the disciples hiding in the Underworld Sect now.

Everyone in the meeting room stood up. Although they did not understand Fu Tiangao, but they still needed to be courteous.

Fu Tiangao anxiously left the City Lord's Mansion, he brought a few people with him and stayed at the nearest inn.

… ….

After Fu Tiangao, Chen Xiang said, "How can you guys say the plan of action?"

Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d laughed: "That was nonsense."

Gu Dongchen also laughed: "I was just casually saying it, how can this kind of plan be known by someone who is half a lifetime away? G.o.d knows he wasn't arranged by the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor. "

The Penalty Heavenly G.o.d said, "We definitely can't open the teleportation channel to let the disciples of the Fu Tian School come here. I don't trust this guy! to talk about things that are not worth talking about. "

The people sitting here were all sly old foxes, and it wasn't easy to fool them.

"Seems like this guy is here for my Hundreds of Flowers Village." Lv Qilian said: "You all didn't feel it, that guy seemed to want to eat me alive."

Wu Kaiming chuckled: "Junior master, you don't seem to be satisfied with this guy. It's the first time you've met, but he hasn't offended you yet! "Could it be …"

Wu Kaiming gave Lv Qilian an ambiguous look, as if everyone present could see through their relationship. Although Lv Qilian looked clean and pure, and had some conflicts with him in the past, but after reconciling with him, Wu Kaiming and Wu Kaiming started to interact more and more, and now that they were here together, their relationship could even be seen to the extent where their eyes were blind.

"It wasn't there in the beginning, but Yanran and Lan Lan mentioned some terrible things about the Fu Tian School …" Chen Xiang told her what Yan Yanran and Lan Lan had learned from the Fu Tian School back then.

Penalty Heavenly G.o.d said: "I have heard of such a cultivation technique! If the Fu Tian School wants to join hands with us, it should be the Leader himself, but I keep on having the feeling that he doesn't dare to come and that those excuses are insufficient. "

Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d took a deep breath, "From what you said, it is possible that you know Fu Tian School's Leader? And he's afraid of you? "

"Yes, back then I personally went to chase down a person who specialized in cultivating this method. This has caused a lot of harm to a lot of women, and coincidentally, I went to a city to find out about this. I fought with him before, and he's very strong, so the power he uses is also very strange!" He was seriously injured by me, but I didn't catch him. " The Penalty Heavenly G.o.d said.

Chen Xiang said: "Someone that even the Penalty Heavenly G.o.d cannot catch, he must be very cunning!"

Gu Dongchen laughed: "The punishment now is too G.o.dly."

"No worries, I still prefer the name Penalty Heavenly G.o.d. After all, he has been called for too long, I can't even remember my own name." Penalty Heavenly G.o.d laughed.

Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d asked: "Punishment, you have hunted that guy for a period of time, you should know him well, right?"

Penalty Heavenly G.o.d nodded: "Not only him, I also have a deep understanding of his cultivation technique! Hearing Chen Xiang say that, I also feel that they are here for the Hundreds of Flowers Village, they have already reached a bottleneck in their cultivation, and the weak girls are no longer able to satisfy them! Thus, they needed to find an even more outstanding and powerful woman … "This martial art is very strange. The woman who gets her Yin Qi from her body is like someone who is poisoned. She will die from the poison in her later years. She will die miserably."

Lv Qilian frowned, his anger rising: "If the situation is true, I will personally kill this group of beasts that are inferior to me. "Now you're actually targeting us."

"Now, let's see how Yanran and Lan Lan are doing …" Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, Lv Qilian took out the trembling jade talisman, someone had sent a message to him.

"It's Yanran. I didn't expect her to have an outcome so soon!" Lv Qilian said: "Elder Wu, they are outside."

Wu Kaiming opened the door and walked out, bringing Yan Yanran and Lan Lan in. After the two girls came in, they paid their respects to the senior here.

"You two little girls, don't be so polite, sit down!" Back then, Gu Dongchen was also in the Dragon Subduing School, so he was very clear about Yan Yanran's and Lan Lan's abilities.

"This group of people are really not good people. As soon as they arrived in this city, they locked onto a few powerful women. They were planning to attack, and one of them was from our Hundred Flowers Hall." Yan Yanran was extremely angry, "Their main target is our Hundreds of Flowers Village, they plan to give us a large amount of precious divine medicine as a gift, in order to obtain our good impression, and then slowly pull us closer."

Chen Xiang was also very angry, "My G.o.d, we definitely can't let this brat die too easily."

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