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"Yes!" He and your Leader will be coming soon. " Yan Yanran nodded his head, walked to the door, looked at the gray Evil Qi in the sky outside the city, and sighed: "Nine Heaven City and Nine Heaven School face the same danger."

The expressions of Yun Xiaodao and the others changed. If Gu Dongchen and the others were to come personally, then this matter must be very serious.

"Oh yeah, did you say 'your Leader' just now? Don't the two of you plan to enter the Nine Heaven School?" Zhu Rong asked.

"We have already joined the Hundreds of Flowers Village!" Lan Lan laughed: "But you can rest a.s.sured, now we are here to help you, our village chief will also come."

Initially, Lv Qilian was very ambitious, she said that she wanted to establish a Divine Nations. However, her strength was limited now, so she only claimed that she was a village. However, she had developed secretly quickly, and with her dragon fountain, she would definitely become stronger and stronger in the future.

"Alright, since we are all in the same group, your village chief's parents are all in our Nine Heaven School." Yun Xiaodao said.

"That Grandma Lv is too scary, her two daughters are the same." Zhu Rong suddenly shivered: "The last time I went to look for her, I only smelled a plate of fruits on her table and almost took my life."

Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable Lv Zhen and Grandma Lv were's and his parents, and they were currently in the Nine Heaven School as well. After all, the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d was there as well and Lv Zhen could be considered his disciple.

"Luckily you didn't eat it, otherwise I would never see you again, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Yun Xiaodao laughed.

Xv Weilong asked: "Do you all know the situation outside the city? Didn't you say that the Nine Heaven City was very relaxed? Why are you suddenly paying attention to this? What exactly is the danger? "

Yan Yanran said: "I'm not too clear either, I just heard from Martial Elder that there are some bugs … …"

After Chen Xiang heard it, he took a deep breath abruptly: "This is troublesome, h.e.l.l Devil Emperor really did let this scary thing be born here. I hope it doesn't end up in a miserable state!"

Because Chen Xiang had heard Yue'er talk about the giant G.o.d world being destroyed by the Evil Worms, he knew about the dangers of those bugs.

"Is it really that scary?" Yun Xiaodao asked.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "It should be, but the initial stages are easy to deal with, if it's later, then I'll be in trouble!"

"I have to go back and prepare." Yun Xiaodao said: "When I went back to get some good equipment, I thought it was just a small matter!"

Zhu Rong laughed: "I also need to prepare, go eat a good meal!"

Afterwards, the two enemies left at the same time. Duan Sanchang and Xv Weilong returned to rest and wait for further news.

"When did you join the Hundreds of Flowers Village? Why didn't I see you guys inside? " Chen Xiang touched the pair of translucent wings that Lan Lan released.

"They joined very early on, it was Sister Qilian who found us. We were also in the village often, but we just happened to have some matters to attend to." Yan Yanran chuckled, "Little scoundrel, I didn't think that you would have so many bad things that no one knows about …"

Chen Xiang laughed, "Don't speak nonsense, this Little Naughty Dragon is discrediting me everywhere."

Lan Lan laughed, "I actually think that you, Elder Brother Shen, are very powerful. Those powerful older sisters all seem to have a good relationship with you."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Aren't you guys on good terms with me too?"

Yan Yanran and Lan Lan were both very clear that the reason the outstanding women in the Hundreds of Flowers Village were able to gather together was mostly because of Chen Xiang, and why they were able to become so strong, was also because they needed Chen Xiang's help.

"We are going back. Sister Qilian said that she will be here soon." Yan Yanran said.

"Return to the Hundreds of Flowers Village?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course not. We have a shop here, and Hundred Flowers Pavilion is our shop. Do you want to take a look?" If Sister Qilian comes, she will also be sent to the secret teleportation room of Hundred Flowers Pavilion. " Yan Yanran said.

"Let's go!"

Chen Xiang followed Lan Lan and Yan Yanran as they left the City Lord's Mansion, and soon arrived at the Hundred Flowers Pavilion. The size of the Hundred Flowers Pavilion was extremely large, with over a dozen large pavilions and more than ten stories tall.

Here, not only were pills sold, but there were also divine weapons and magical equipment. There were even array discs here!

"Business is not bad!" Chen Xiang followed them to a guest hall. This should be their private place, it was very quiet and cozy, the hall was filled with a faint female body scent.

"Sister Violet Orchid must have been here often!" Chen Xiang could feel it from the remaining fragrance in the air.

"Dog nose." Lan Lan laughed: "Did you really sniff out Big Sister Yanran's scent?"

Yan Yanran poured Chen Xiang a cup of tea and was extremely curious: "Definitely not, I've already hidden my smell!"

Chen Xiang took a sip of that fragrant tea and laughed: "That was what I saw with my own eyes. I had seen all the various types of gaseous energies in the hall at that time, and only the divine energy that was flowing around where you were standing wasn't natural enough!"

"Your method of concealment should be through invisibility and the release of divine energy from your body. This way, you will be able to blend into nature and it will be difficult to discover you." Chen Xiang said.

"Not bad, your Mind's Eye is really powerful. You can actually see it!" Yan Yanran had also gained a lot. Although not many people would be able to use Dao heart Eye in the future to improve herself, she had to pursue perfection.

"If I wasn't a little more careful, I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to discover you. Your ability to conceal yourself is already very strong!" Chen Xiang said, "If you can increase your spatial power, isolating yourself from s.p.a.ce, then you'll be able to conceal yourself very well."

"Using the power of s.p.a.ce is easier said than done? I've tried. Although I can use it, I can't use it freely. " Yan Yanran shook his head and sighed.

"You will in the future. When you return to the Hundreds of Flowers Village, find Yue Er and she will teach you. She is very proficient in this aspect." Chen Xiang laughed, "Furthermore, you are all cats, we will definitely get along well."

"Yes, I heard Sister Feng talk about Yue Er." Yan Yanran nodded.

"Cute little white cat, I really want to go back and see her." Lan Lan really wanted to return right now.

Seeing her expression, Chen Xiang laughed: "You are also very cute, you big elf … Now that a group of little elves from Hundreds of Flowers Village have wings like yours, you can go back and play with them. "

Yan Zilan who was wearing a white dress suddenly walked in and saw Chen Xiang and the others chatting.

"Sister Zi Lan, you don't look nervous either." Lan Lan walked over, held her jade hand, and asked: "What is the situation outside? Is it serious? "

"Don't worry, the defensive power of the formations on the Nine Heaven City is very strong, and with the support of the dragon veins, they can at least hold on for over a hundred years. Those group of Devil Army do not have enough resources, so they will not last long. Yan Zilan looked at Chen Xiang, and this matter was the latest discovery of Chen Xiang's. After Yue'er told everyone about the origins of the Evil Worms, she had already spread them around, telling everyone to pay attention.

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