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The Bone level Dan that the Nine Heaven School obtained were all refined by Feng Yujie, Hua Xiangyue and the others. They provided the Nine Heaven School with Bone level Dan and exchanged it for a lot of resources. The size of the Nine Heaven School was very big, they could easily obtain them for them.

The Nine Heaven School knew that had refined the Bone level Dan first, and that the relationship between Chen Xiang and the big boss of the Nine Heaven School was very good. Even Leader Gu Dongchen had to call Chen Xiang Junior Master, and it was because of this that Lv Qilian and the others would provide the Bone level Dan to the Nine Heaven School, allowing it to become stronger.

"Chen Xiang, you don't need to do anything this time, we can handle this." Xv Weilong said very seriously.

"Let's see!" Was it really that easy here? I feel that something is amiss, you guys should know that Devil-killing Divine City was ambushed previously, you guys should know about this! It is hard to say whether the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor has attacked near this Divine City. " Chen Xiang also had a serious face, the insect eggs near the Devil-killing Divine City were not simple objects.

He had never checked around Nine Heaven City before, and did not know if there were any, but he knew that there were patrols around Nine Heaven City, and it was unlike the Devil-killing Divine City where there was a large amount of Evil Spirit Force to cultivate bug eggs.

"I heard that back then, because of this incident, the Fire G.o.d, who was in charge of this matter at h.e.l.l Devil Emperor, became angry out of embarra.s.sment, and threatened to turn Devil-killing Divine City into h.e.l.l." Xv Weilong nodded.

Chen Xiang was about to speak, but his entire body suddenly tensed up as he looked at a corner in the hall with a face full of vigilance.

There was actually someone here! Zhu Rong and the others also jumped up from their seats, and when they looked towards the direction that Chen Xiang was looking at, they could hear the sound of giggling: "Chen Xiang is still the best, to be able to find out that I was here, although the few of you guys have more Divine Deity than Chen Xiang, but your reactions were so slow, if I had attacked you guys just now, you would all have been done for it."

The person who appeared was a cute girl wearing a blue skirt. Her small and beautiful oval face was filled with a mischievous smile.

"Lan Lan!" Chen Xiang was extremely happy, she anxiously walked forward and pinched her cute little face: "Lan Lan, you have not grown up yet, for so many years, you are still a little girl!"

Lan Lan was not convinced, he puffed out her full chest and said: "I am just a little short, with a baby face, I am already an adult."

The relationship between Chen Xiang and Lan Lan was extremely good. Back then, they had experienced danger together and were good friends. Although Lan Lan was older than him, he still treated Chen Xiang as a big brother.

Just now, Lan Lan had used her extremely unique Inherent Skill. She could make herself invisible, and the reason why Chen Xiang fought against her in the past was because she had hidden herself and beaten him up.

"That cat girl should also be here, right?" Yun Xiaodao suddenly trembled as he looked around: "Every time we meet again after a long time, the two of you always like to scare others."

Her body was extremely tough. Back then, Chen Xiang had beaten her up, but she was fine, she was as agile as a cat, and when she attacked, she liked to use cat claws. Chen Xiang had also interacted with her for a period of time, and had experienced a lot of things. She was taught by the White Tiger later on because she was a rare Nine Lives Demon Cat.

Yan Yanran was a very charming beauty. When Chen Xiang first met her, he was enchanted by her seductive charm.

Lan Lan chuckled: "She's already here, let's see who can find her!"

Chen Xiang released his Spatial Sensory Domain, but did not discover anyone else present. He pinched Lan Lan's face, "Lan Lan, don't tease us on purpose!"

Yun Xiaodao also said: "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, are you lying to us? The cat girl isn't here, right? She's purposely messing with us! "

Zhu Rong laughed: "If even Chen Xiang did not realize it, then this must be a lie. She isn't here from the start!"

Lan Lan laughed, "Old Pig, do you want to take a gamble?"

"If he wants to bet with Chen Xiang, he said that the cat girl isn't here." Zhu Rong would never bet with an acquaintance, he would be laughed at if he lost for a while.

Duan Sanchang also confirmed the change and said: "Based on my many years of experience, there shouldn't be anyone hiding here, the cat girl is definitely not here!"

"Are you sure? Do you dare to bet?" Lan Lan said with a smile. Although his smile was very sweet and looked very cute, it still gave off a very cunning feeling.

"Nope!" Duan Sanchang only believed in his own scouting methods, but back then in the Dragon Subduing School, they had worked together with Yan Yanran for a period of time. At that time, Yan Yanran was extremely terrifying and he trained extremely hard, to the point where even the few men present were unable to catch up.

After the Dragon Subduing School was disbanded, Yan Yanran and Lan Lan, who were like sisters, traveled all over the place. It was only after many years did they finally see Lan Lan.

After using the Dao heart Eye, he could see the flow of all sorts of elemental energy in this hall. Originally, it was distributed fairly evenly, but right now it was a little chaotic.

"I saw her!" Chen Xiang smiled slightly as he reached out his hand and gently touched a spot next to Lan Lan. He saw that in a flash, a charming woman wearing a red dress appeared.

"You're still so powerful, how did you discover me? I can use this method to hide from the elders and Leader s. " Yan Yanran asked with that gentle voice. She looked at Chen Xiang with her charming, silky eyes, her eyelashes flickered slightly, as though she was trying to hook Chen Xiang's soul.

Chen Xiang had touched her beautiful face just now, and he did not move away yet. He gently touched her face, and laughed: "It's just because you smell too good, I'm very familiar with the smell of your body."

"I'm afraid that Chen Xiang is the only one who can deal with this cat girl." Zhu Rong said softly. Yun Xiaodao quickly distanced himself from him, worried that Yan Yanran would attack him head-on.

Yan Yanran obviously didn't believe Chen Xiang's nonsense, but she didn't ask too much. She only glanced at Chen Xiang with autumn waves in her eyes, and gave him an intoxicating look of gentleness.

"You have been to the Nine Heaven School? Elder Wu asked you to come? " Xv Weilong asked.

Back then, when the Dragon Subduing School was still around, Yan Yanran and Lan Lan were specifically responsible for gathering information, and occasionally did some a.s.sa.s.sination missions. They had all done very well, and now that Wu Kaiming had asked them to come, it was probably because he wanted them to do something.

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