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It was very safe in this place, Lv Qinlian did not need to worry about that group of elf. She brought Chen Xiang along a small river and entered a very peaceful looking village.

Chen Xiang looked around, thinking that he could see some beautiful girls. He had heard that Lv Qilian had taken over the entire Divine Female Palace, so there should be many beautiful girls that gathered here.

But now, he was disappointed because he didn't see a single person.

"Why isn't there anyone here?" Chen Xiang followed in Lv Qinlian's footsteps and asked.

"Perhaps elder sister knew that you came here and told them not to run around, worried that you would bring disaster upon them." Lv Qinlian chuckled: "It's just a joke, most of my sisters went out, they aren't staying here all day."

"What are you going out for? And there are so many of them! " Chen Xiang walked along the road, but he did not even see a single person.

"Carry out all kinds of training! It's all arranged so we might have to go for a while. " Lv Qinlian pointed to a small villa in front of them, and said: "Bing Yan is inside!"

Chen Xiang could already hear the bell-like laughter of the girls, only Shui Bingyan's voice was more familiar.

Right as Lv Qinlian brought Chen Xiang to the small villa, Shui Bingyan flew out from within. Currently, she was wearing a gorgeous red dress and looked extremely gorgeous. Even though it had been a while since Chen Xiang had seen her, she had become very strong.

"Elder Brother Shen, Yue'er!" She followed Feng Yujie back to the Nine Heaven World. Because the time here and the place was different, she spent a lot of time here and she missed Yue'er and Chen Xiang very much.

At this time, a few slim and pretty women walked out of the small villa. They all stared at Chen Xiang with their eyes wide open and expressions filled with surprise, as if they were seeing a man for the first time.

"Elder Lu, he is the legendary Chen Xiang." A lady in a blue dress asked in a low voice. Seeing Chen Xiang looking at her with a smile on his face, she blushed and lowered her head. She did not dare to look at Chen Xiang again.

Lv Qinlian saw that Chen Xiang's naughty eyes were staring at the girls, she walked over and patted Chen Xiang's shoulders, and said in a tender voice, "Little scoundrel, behave yourself, don't harm these little sisters."

"All of you can go back. This Chen Xiang is a big bad guy, the kind that's really, really bad." Lv Qinlian said to the girls.

"How bad?" A purple-dressed lady with an oval face chuckled and glanced at Chen Xiang's handsome face.

Just as Lv Qinlian was about to answer, he heard another voice: "As long as you get familiar with him, he will find an opportunity to peek at you bathing, or he will make a move on you … …"

This was Long Xueyi's voice, so Chen Xiang could only shake his head and laugh bitterly. Since Long Xueyi had gotten such a good opportunity, he would definitely slander him.

"No, Bing Yan said that Elder Brother Shen is a good person." The beautiful oval faced woman said.

Her small and exquisite face was pretty and charming, and her smile carried a trace of seductive charm. She walked to Bing Yan's side, pinched Yue'er, and said: "It's not like you guys don't know that it's easy to fool Bing'er, that's why she said that."

Chen Xiang walked over and pinched Long Xueyi's beautiful face, then scolded: "Little Naughty Dragon, you're slandering my glorious image again?"

Chen Xiang smiled faintly at the girls: "My beautiful sisters, don't listen to their nonsense. If I were really that bad, they wouldn't be able to have such a good relationship with me."

Long Xueyi pouted, and then opened Chen Xiang's hands.

The few girls felt the same way. They all smiled at Chen Xiang politely, then left the villa, not knowing what to do.

"It's so quiet here!" At this time, Shui Bingyan walked over and held his arm, and brought him into the villa. He sat down in a courtyard and took out all kinds of delicious fruits and drinks.

Lv Qinlian said: "You guys stay here and chat. I'm going to refine some poison."

"Are you all so busy?" Chen Xiang was eating a cherry red fruit, it was very sweet.

When Lv Qinlian walked out of the Villa, he did not know where he would go. At this moment, he was accompanied by Long Xueyi and Shui Bingyan.

"Everyone is very busy! Since they each had their own things to do, many of the sisters in the village went out to cultivate! Xianxian, Meng'er and the others who were experts in smithing were also smithing array discs. On the other hand, Sister Xiang Yue and sister Meiyao are refining pills, while Qianxiang and You Lan, these two wild girls are also out fighting. " Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang laughed: Aren't you very free?

"Where?" I just happen to have some free time today, and am now the head instructor! " Long Xueyi said proudly.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to tease them, a red figure suddenly flashed in.

"Xue Yi... "I need your help..." Just as she finished speaking, she saw Chen Xiang and shouted in shock: "Junior brother!"

The red-clothed female was the Sword G.o.d's daughter, w.a.n.g Jinshi!

"h.e.l.lo, Senior Sister!" Chen Xiang smiled: Is there anything I can help you with?

"It's good that you're back. I'm so worried about you!" w.a.n.g Jinshi pinched Chen Xiang's face and laughed, remembering that she still had something important to say, she said seriously: "We are searching for information on the Underworld Sect and made a few discoveries, but we need to hide very carefully in order to sneak in! , You Lan and I are unable to do it, so they asked me to come back and call for you. "

Chen Xiang chuckled: "You left Youlan and Qianxiang there. I think they are too yellow, they are not the patient ones, they probably already went in."

Long Xueyi laughed: "Don't worry about that, those two wild girls have changed a lot, and aren't as crazy as before! Big sister Little Shi, just go with him. This guy's the only one with a strong concealment ability. "

"Is it going to take a long time? Why don't I go see Xianxian and the others first. " Chen Xiang said.

"I'll be back as soon as tomorrow. With a Transmission array Plate, it'll be fast." w.a.n.g Jinshi had already pulled Chen Xiang out of the cave. She brought Chen Xiang to a place in the village that was filled with green bricks.

"What is this?" Chen Xiang only felt an extremely rich energy being sealed within that ball of white light.

"The energy used for the teleportation came from the dragon vein below." w.a.n.g Jinshi took out an array disc, and placed it on a small, glowing hole.

Chen Xiang also walked up, and w.a.n.g Jinshi said: "This is something Meng'er and the others refined for us, and it is specifically used for teleportation. Although the array disc contains the required energy for teleportation, when it's free, we should use it here, so as to not be in need of it in the future."

"They are really powerful. They were able to stir up so many strange things." Chen Xiang laughed, the array disc had already activated, and teleported away with him and w.a.n.g Jinshi.

As the Sword G.o.d's daughter, w.a.n.g Jinshi had long since set her eyes on Lv Qilian, so she had also joined his ranks. Chen Xiang was not too surprised.

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