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Chen Xiang was completely speechless towards this little thing. Seeing his helpless expression, Lv Qinlian burst out in laughter: "You little scoundrel, right now you're famous."

"Little Scoundrel, Little Scoundrel!" Xiao Yao, this little elf, stuck her head out from Lv Qinlian's hair and shouted at him.

"How long have you been back?" Lv Qinlian giggled. Xiao Yao wasn't serious, he was just a little mischievous.

Chen Xiang reached out his hand to grab Xiao Yao, but she hid herself and shouted, making Chen Xiang laugh.

"I just got back not long ago!" Chen Xiang came to Lv Qilian's back and caressed her hair, because Xiao Yao was hiding inside.

Xiao Yao flew out from Lv Qinlian's long hair, and then hid inside Lv Qinlian's clothes, into the ravine between Lv Qinlian's b.r.e.a.s.t.s: "Little scoundrel, come and catch me, come and catch me! "Haha …"

The little elf started to giggle, her laughter was filled with provocation, and at the moment, Chen Xiang's gaze was focused on Lv Qinlian's chest, causing his face to turn red, and he gently patted Xiao Yao who was hiding within her clothes.

"Did you go find Xianxian and the others? You didn't come looking for me as soon as you came back, did you? " As Lv Qinlian spoke, he grabbed Xiao Yao out of her chest, and just as he grabbed Xiao Yao out, her chest revealed an attractive sight. She felt Chen Xiang's eyes looking at her a moment ago, and her face seemed to have turned a little redder.

"I haven't seen them yet. As soon as I came back, I went with little sister Jiu to summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace and release them! I heard from Little Jiu Sis that Xianxian and the others are very busy right now, they should be refining in their closed doors. " Chen Xiang looked at Lv Qinlian's jade face that was slightly flushed, and said while laughing.

Lv Qinlian scoffed, "Then why are you looking for me?"

Xiao Yao immediately said: "He came to play tricks on you, look at his eyes, it's l.u.s.tful … …"

Chen Xiang ignored Xiao Yao, and at this time, his expression had become serious, and he said: "Big Sis Qinlian, you should know Xiao Yao very well, right? When I was in the Super G.o.d Realm, I met a little elf tribe. They were also called Little Demoness previously, so I think that Xiao Yao should belong to the same clan as them. That little elf tribe has met with some trouble and needs to move their entire tribe. Do you think there's a suitable place for them here? "

Hearing that it was related to him, Xiao Yao became extremely excited, and asked anxiously: "Where are they now? What did they look like? Just tell me, you're not a bad guy! "

Chen Xiang laughed involuntarily, "They are with me, I have already brought them here. There are several thousands of them … The way they looked. For example, their wings have petals, leaves, b.u.t.terflies and dragonflies. "

"It's them! They're from the same race as me!" Previously, she was always a distance away from Chen Xiang. Now that she knew Chen Xiang had brought the entire Little Fairy Clan here, she was extremely grateful to Chen Xiang.

"Little thing, now you know that I'm a good person!" Chen Xiang laughed, and used her pinky to poke at Xiao Yao's beautiful face.

Chen Xiang asked: "Xiao Yao, since they are of the same race as you, then where do you think they should settle down? They told me before that as long as it was safe, it would be fine, because the Sacred Grounds that they built had already been seized twice, as long as the Sacred Grounds were not taken! But I feel that since I have agreed to help them find a place to settle down, I must find the best one. That's why I came to find Sister Qinlian to ask her. "

"Let them out, I'll show them around here!" Xiao Yao jumped in excitement on Chen Xiang's palms. Her cute appearance caused Yue'er to fly out from her backpack.

Yue'er had always been a cute little fellow in the eyes of others, but at this time, Xiao Yao was also a very cute little thing in her eyes.

"Ah... She's not one of my people, and she's still so big! " When Xiao Yao saw Yue'er suddenly flying out, he screamed strangely in fright. This made Lv Qinlian and Chen Xiang unable to refrain from laughing, and Yue'er was also giggling happily.

"She is Yue Er … It's the little white cat that Bing Yan always mentioned! " Even though Lv Qinlian had never seen Yue'er before, he had heard Shui Bingyan mention her before.

"Oh... "I remember! h.e.l.lo big brother Yue Er!" Xiao Yao immediately shouted, and even flapped her small transparent wings, flying onto Yue'er's back.

Chen Xiang and Lv Qinlian immediately laughed heartily.

"You have to call me Big Sister!" Yue'er could not help but laugh as well as she recalled the time Shui Bingyan called Chen Xiang big sister.

Yue Er looked young, but her mental age wasn't young. Furthermore, she had experienced many things. However, she was still able to play around like a naughty child.

Chen Xiang released the group of little elves from his ring. When these little elves came out and saw so many beautiful flowers, they started to cheer, but they did not fly around, because Chen Xiang had already warned them not to run around.

When Ba Ye saw Xiao Yao, he was also very happy. Furthermore, he was using the traditional method of their clan to welcome Xiao Yao back to their clan!

"Don't worry, we aren't afraid of poison." Seeing Chen Xiang's worried expression, Xiao Yao knew that he was worried that the Little Fairy would be poisoned by the poisonous flowers and herbs here.

Xiao Yao had a very good impression of her now. Although she had gotten along well with Lv Qinlian, she felt very lonely when she thought about how there was only one little elf in this world, and now that Chen Xiang had brought her a few thousand, she was extremely happy.

Chen Xiang had also let out Little Lightning, and the Lightning lion was playing quite well with this group of little fellows inside the ring. At this moment, the group of little elves and rascals were squeezed onto Little Lightning's back, riding on such a big horse was the most impressive thing for these kids, just like a big hero.

"Let's go, I'll take you guys to pick a place. It's very safe here." Xiao Yao flew in front, with a few thousand little Elves flapping their wings and following her. They were flying above the sea of flowers, and the scene looked very beautiful.

Little Lightning and Moon Child followed them to play, and along the way, they were full of laughter and laughter.

Now, only Chen Xiang and Lv Qinlian were left!

"Brat, didn't you see enough just now?" Lv Qinlian realized that Chen Xiang's gaze was dishonest, and said with her charming voice.

"Sister Qinlian, do you still remember the times when we were together in the past!?" Chen Xiang chuckled: "I once wanted to kiss you, but because the poison in your body is so strong, I just couldn't get my hands on it."

Lv Qinlian laughed tenderly: "That's the only way …. But come to think of it, you even dared to eat Big Sister Ziqian's tofu, I was also in danger back then. "Ah …"

Saying that, Chen Xiang had already hugged Lv Qinlian. After struggling for a while, Lv Qinlian used too much force and caused both of them to fall on the gra.s.s, causing Chen Xiang to hold them even tighter.

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