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Chen Xiang had only merged with his profoundwu clothing, nothing else! Of course, the fact that he was able to obtain these Divine Weapons meant that the G.o.ds had already acknowledged him, and only needed one final step to fuse them. If the Divine Weapons did not approve, then even dripping blood would be useless.

Chen Xiang took out the divine weapon that he had yet to fuse with, and after a drop of blood fell on it, these divine weapons immediately formed a very close relationship with him, as if they were made of flesh and blood, and entered his body through the mist.

After fusing all the Divine Weapons, he went to check the inside of the Divine Weapons and quickly found the Spirit grain that Great Divine Lord had mentioned just now. Each Divine Weapon was a set and they could be fused together, but they were all recorded in separate Divine Weapons!

"Are there any Spirit grain s inside?" The Great Divine Lord asked, because he himself did not check the inside of the Divine Weapon, this was something he could only look at with blood, he had only heard it from the Heavenly Divine Lord.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "It will take some time to finish inscribing these Spirit grain, I won't be able to do it that quickly."

At this time, he had already begun drawing Spirit grain s with his fingertips, these Spirit grain s all contained his Six Realms' Power!

"You only need to draw these Spirit grain, and they will be able to absorb the energy hidden here. After that, you can teleport the village here to the side of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace. At that time, you will have to destroy the entire Nine Heaven Devil Palace." The Great Divine Lord said, "We need five types of Divine Weapons and seven Chaos Fire Token to destroy the Nine Heaven Devil Palace!"

Jiu Hanrou was a little reluctant: "This is the Nine Heaven Divine Palace, although the Heavenly Divine Palace hidden inside has been destroyed, but this was after all, built by you people for many years!"

"Don't worry, these are all things from the past. After we leave this place, we will be able to quickly build a Heavenly Divine Palace! Don't forget my father's group of subordinates, they are all powerful. Right now, they are all continuing to cultivate in seclusion in the village. I'll go greet them later and tell them that they can leave very soon. " Towards the subordinates of Heavenly Divine Lord back then, even he had to be respectful to them.

Yue'er flew out from Chen Xiang's backpack and asked curiously, "Great Divine Lord, Heavenly Divine Lord's subordinates should be very powerful, right? But they were all forced into such a corner, what kind of person exactly did Divine Nations send? "

Great Divine Lord had previously said those words lightly, but to have eight Divine Kings sacrifice themselves to eliminate such people, they must be extremely terrifying and definitely not ordinary.

That fellow's name is Great National Master, and he comes from the Nine Yang Divine Nations. Fortunately, only one Great National Master came at that time. Great Divine Lord said: "The so called Great National Master, has ninety Divine Deity, and five Bones and above! They hold a very high position within the Divine Nations, and normally speaking, every Divine Nations has a few of these Great National Master s. Some of them focus on power, some of them focus on concocting pills, and some even focus on creating formations.

"Looks like the guy who attacked me back then should be the Great National Master. No wonder he was so powerful." Yue Er became angry just thinking about it. If she wasn't attacked by the Divine Nations, she wouldn't have become their sacrifice.

"The reason six Divine Nations s were quickly annihilated back then was because two of their six Great National Master s betrayed the sect, causing their strength to be greatly weakened. Otherwise, even if the nine nations were to fight with their lives, winning against them would not be worth it! Back then, it was precisely because we had nine powerful Great National Master s that we nine brothers were able to survive. As for the other nine Nine G.o.ds Nation s, we nine Divine Lord s were also heavily injured because of this, and have not recovered fully until now. "

"Back then, the nine Great National Master s risked their lives and used an extreme method to injure their opponent heavily. Originally, they were trying to buy time for us nine brothers to restore our nation, but who would have known that we would fall into this trap and miss out on the most precious time."

"Back then, you did your best to form good relations with the All-beast Divine Lord to help him. That was to ally with him, wasn't it?" Yue Er asked.

"That's right, at that time the All-beast Divine Lord was also ambitious. However, before the Divine Nations was built, he suffered a devastating blow! However, All-beast Divine Lord did not sustain any major injuries. He is still sleeping at the bottom of the Beast G.o.d Mountain. Great Divine Lord said, "He seems to have an unlimited lifespan!"

If that was the case, then once All-beast Divine Lord was revived, there would be no need to worry too much about his safety. Beast Divine Palace would definitely be able to hold on, and Beast Divine Palace's Four Protectors and Divine Beasts like Qi Shi would also awaken their memories.

Chen Xiang felt that the White Tiger and the other Spirit Beasts would definitely become existences at the level of the Great National Master in the future.

At the moment, the Spirit grain that Chen Xiang was inscribing was much more complicated than when he first entered. Fortunately, he did not consume too much, and the Six Realms' Power in his Divine Sense Sea was also very vast, so he had more than enough to draw these Spirit grain.

While Chen Xiang was drawing the Spirit grain, many gray robed and hooded people walked out, their expressions were extremely serious, there were more than a few hundred of them, standing together, it was extremely terrifying. They should be the subordinates of the Heavenly Divine Lord, who had been cultivating in seclusion in the tomb for a long time!

Half a day later, Chen Xiang was finally done!

"It's done. Everyone, get ready. There might be a fight!" Great Divine Lord's face was solemn, he took out a long sword, and at the same time, the villagers all entered the small hut.

The little village was full of murderous intent. The atmosphere was depressing. Everyone was ready for a big battle!

The Spirit grain shimmered as it floated in the air, flickering faster and faster. It kept changing its color and the light became more and more dazzling!

Great Divine Lord and his several hundred subordinates were clenching their fists tightly, the power in their bodies seemed to have started to boil, they were finally going to see the light of day again!

The Spirit grain continued to flash crazily, and rays of light enveloped the entire village. In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang felt a very familiar aura, as well as a faint heat attack.

The Spirit grain stopped flashing and gradually disappeared. The small village had already been teleported out, it was just that it was in a desert, and not far away was the Nine Heaven Devil Palace!

The dozens of Dual Headed Demon Dragons at the entrance of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace suddenly roared, and the Nine Heaven Devil Palace actually slowly rotated, aiming the entrance towards them!

"Destroy this Nine Heaven Devil Palace!" Great Divine Lord anxiously said to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took out seven Chaos Fire Token s, and used his consciousness to probe the seven Chaos Fire Token s and the five divine weapons at the same time. He discovered that there was a similarly white spirit vein inside, and he immediately merged with it.

The seven Chaos Fire Token s had fused into one, turning into five different types of multicolored light, which shot into the five divine weapons. The divine weapons shone brightly, and at the same time, released an extremely strong multicolored light, which instantly shot towards the Nine Heaven Devil Palace!

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