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Now that there were only Great Divine Lord left, Chen Xiang felt very suspicious. Weren't the other eight Divine Kings inside? How did he die? And their strength was not weak either!

Jiu Hanrou was also full of suspicions. When the Great Divine Lord saw her gaze filled with suspicion, she sighed: "They are doing this to protect the tomb's subordinates. Those subordinates are not only our subordinates, but they were also once our royal father's subordinates."

Previously, when Chen Xiang and the rest were pa.s.sing by the short mountains, they saw that a hole had appeared on the summit of the short mountains.

"At that time, the situation was extremely critical. A large group of experts came from Divine Nations, and they knew that there were many seniors in the tomb who were in closed door cultivation. They were existences that could pose a great threat to them in the future, so they wanted to destroy them!" Chu Yunhui walked out and said: "There was an extremely intense battle at that time, and the Heavenly Divine Palace was destroyed because of it!"

When Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou arrived, they saw that the Heavenly Divine Palace had already turned into ruins!

Chu Yunhui continued to speak, "There is another strong one on the Divine Nations's side, as strong as the Divine King. In order to protect our subordinates, the other eight Divine Kings used secret techniques to strike together with all of their power. They pierced through the Ninefold s.p.a.ce, killed the Divine King, and then told us the way to get in, only then can we be safe!"

Now, Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou understood why the Nine Divine Kings in front of them looked so weak. So, it was because after going through such a thing, the Great Great Divine Lord's cultivation was relatively high, thus he survived. The other eight Divine Kings had already put life and death aside, sacrificing their own strength to penetrate the Ninefold s.p.a.ce and rescue their subordinates.

There was little left of the combined power of the Nine Divine Kings s that could penetrate outside, but it was still enough to kill the expert from the Divine Nations.

"Don't be sad, we are already old. Don't look at how young I am right now. However, we are all from that era, and have reached the end of our lives." The Great Divine Lord sighed softly. They had been trapped here for so long and had obviously not improved, which had wasted a lot of their time.

Even if they could leave, there wouldn't be enough time for them to cultivate! That was why they had decided to leave this hope to their subordinates. After all these years of training in the cemetery, they had all made great progress.

"What about the Heavenly Divine Lord? Can he revive? " Jiu Hanrou's heart was filled with sorrow. The other eight Divine Kings had already died, she did not wish for Great Divine Lord to leave her side. Great Divine Lord was like her father, treating them very well since young.

Nine Divine Kings shook his head, "I'm afraid it won't do, royal father doesn't even have the chance to revive the six Divine Lord s! Now, what we need to do is to strengthen ourselves as much as possible. It's time for the nine Divine Lord s to abdicate! Furthermore, with the constant annexation and annexation of the Nine Heaven World, forming a history of the strongest world, there will definitely be many forces that will be building their own power in the Nine Heaven World. "

Yue'er said: "It is unavoidable that the Super G.o.d Realm will be swallowed, but do you have a stronger world above the Super G.o.d Realm? Can the Nine Heaven World continue to swallow them up? "

Great Divine Lord had noticed Yue'er from the start. Hearing Yue'er's words, he couldn't help but reach out his hand to touch Yue'er. "You're from Cat Race?"

"Star Moon Divine Race... I also have the bloodline of the Cat Race. " Yue Er replied.

"Super G.o.d Realm and Star Law Divine Realm are worlds that exist in the same s.p.a.ce. Although there is a huge disparity in strength, there is no need to travel across a higher level of s.p.a.ce to enter. In this same s.p.a.ce, there are also several other worlds as powerful as Star Law Divine Realm! That is to say, up until now, this s.p.a.ce is the end, and Nine Heaven World is no different from Star Law Divine Realm. Because they are both in the same s.p.a.ce, Nine Heaven World is unable to swallow Star Law Divine Realm that is far away in the starry sky. " The Great Divine Lord said.

"Of course, you can't say for sure if there is a higher level s.p.a.ce up there, but my royal father had the same question before. Later on, he a.s.sured me that the s.p.a.ce was already the end and that it was extremely vast, and could hold many large and powerful worlds like the Star Law Divine Realm."

Yue'er replied with a "meow", "If there is no higher level s.p.a.ce, then wouldn't it be impossible to break through the boundaries of power in this s.p.a.ce? This way, I won't be able to live forever! "

Great Divine Lord laughed calmly: "Is it not enough? Possessing such peak-level power, it means that you have already lived for a very long time, and have not lived enough? "

"It is indeed enough, but not everyone thinks that way! The desires of living beings are limitless. This is one of the reasons why living beings can continuously grow stronger. " Yue'er said. The group of experts at the peak of Star Law Divine Realm had already broken the rules they had set back then just because they were chasing after longevity.

The Great Divine Lord only sighed, "Most people have other goals while alive, and these things are often very easy to obtain, and they are often overlooked! I was trapped here for many years before I realized it. "

They were all ordinary people, but they lived a very satisfied life. Maybe they had a short lifespan, but they were able to realize that the things that were most important to them were not things that were overlooked just because they were blind, but things that were important to them.

"Family love, simple and happy, a peaceful life. This is indeed very important, but it is often overlooked." Yue Er also sighed.

Chen Xiang did not say anything. Feng Yujie had entered his Divine Sense Sea s.p.a.ce before, so his Divine Sense Sea s.p.a.ce fully displayed the life that he was pursuing. To ordinary people, this was a very normal life, but to him, this was an extravagant request!

"Great Divine Lord, how are you recovering? Can we go out now? " Jiu Hanrou asked.

"It's alright. It's not a problem to deal with those fellows outside!" Great Divine Lord looked at Chen Xiang, took out a black iron chain and pa.s.sed it to him.

"What is this?" When Chen Xiang received it, he only felt a faint warmth from the chains, which wasn't too heavy.

"The Fifth G.o.dly Weapon, Fire Chain Qilin, uses a variety of different methods. It can be used to whip people, or it can be used to bind people, and it can release a very strong flame!" Great Divine Lord smiled slightly: "I promised you before, as long as you find Four Symbols Divine Weapons and enter, I will give this to you!"

Jiu Hanrou asked curiously: "Was this also refined by the Heavenly Divine Palace? I've never seen it before! "

"royal father thinks that this is the most precious divine weapon! It was also due to him spending a lot of effort to finish it, but he hasn't used it much. " The Great Divine Lord said, "Chen Xiang, fuse all of the divine weapons together then find a group of Spirit grain s hidden within the five divine weapons. Once they are merged together, they can teleport us out!"

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