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Chen Xiang immediately scolded in his heart. He was doing serious work now, but this Jiu Hanrou was actually tempting him from time to time, and it was the kind with all the firepower he could muster.

On this desolate prairie, Jiu Hanrou slowly took off the clothes she was wearing. Even though she had not completely taken them off, the temptation of having a few parts of her body covered was the most powerful.

"Little Jiu jie, what are you doing?" Chen Xiang took a deep breath. He was truly at a loss for words, just what was going on with Jiu Hanrou.

Jiu Hanrou snorted lightly, picked up the clothes and put it on, then said: "This guy is so greedy for beauties, I'm worried that you will be tempted after entering the Nine Heaven Devil Palace. You must know, the traps in the Nine Heaven Devil Palace have become completely different since the last time you summoned them, those Divine Nations s have already improved on those traps, and from what I know, they were done due to your weakness."

"And your weakness is your l.u.s.t for beauties. Big Sister said before, sometimes, this is indeed your weakness, but sometimes, your resistance is extremely strong, and when I tested it previously, because you were carrying Qilian and Zi Lan, all the desire for beauties in your heart was transferred to them. So that didn't count, I tested it again just now, and the result made me rather satisfied."

Jiu Hanrou patted Chen Xiang's shoulders, "Big sis is right, your resistance in this area is indeed very strong."

Chen Xiang exhaled, "You scared me to death. I thought you were angry at me, so you were testing me."

Jiu Hanrou nodded his head, "The reason why I wasn't talking to you before and was cold to you before was so that you would feel that I was ignoring you. At this time, in your heart, you would be hoping that I would talk to you.

Chen Xiang giggled: "Sister Xiao Jiu, don't be like this next time, I'm really worried that you won't care about me and hate me."

Jiu Hanrou scoffed, "What do I need to hate you for, you're the one who gave me my name."

As she finished speaking, she gently smiled, which made Chen Xiang feel like a spring breeze blew past her heart.

"Little Jiu jie, you don't need to use that kind of seductive power. You only need to smile at me and you will be able to turn my divine soul upside down." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Stop joking around, hurry up and bring me along to teleport." Jiu Hanrou smiled slightly, when she smiled, it was filled with a kind of gentleness and gentleness that made Chen Xiang's entire body go limp, thus Chen Xiang wished to see her gentle side frequently, hence he named her Jiu Hanrou.

Chen Xiang held her soft and jade-like hand, opened up a spatial pa.s.sageway and started to move.

Yue'er was still following him. In order to deal with the trap in that kind of position, she needed her daughter's help. Yue'er was extremely proficient in these things.

Two days pa.s.sed. Under Jiu Hanrou's guidance, Chen Xiang arrived at a large desert. This place was desolate and the divine aura was extremely thin.

"Sister Xiao Jiu, how are you getting along with Qilian and the others?" Chen Xiang asked, because Jiu Hanrou had always been alone.

"You got along well... I just did not expect your charm to be even stronger than mine, enticing so many beautiful and outstanding women. " Jiu Hanrou spent his days with that group of girls, how could he not know about Chen Xiang's romantic affairs?

Chen Xiang felt that Jiu Hanrou must still not know about what happened between him and Feng Yujie, if not she would not view this matter so plainly.

"Is it okay here?" Chen Xiang looked around: "Looks like a pretty good place. Let's summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace here."

Jiu Hanrou nodded his head: "Your Four Symbols Divine Weapons should have gathered all of them, when that time comes, we can't make a mistake. We are going to enter that Ninefold s.p.a.ce, and if there is even the slightest mistake, we will also be trapped inside."

"I've gathered all of them. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come back." Chen Xiang had even released the Four Symbols Divine Weapons, but upon seeing it, he nodded his head.

Although they looked simple and crude, Jiu Hanrou recognized them. She had seen the images of these Divine Weapons before.

Chen Xiang took out seven Chaos Fire Token s, and Yue'er stuck her head out as well. Previously, Chen Xiang had told her that summoning Nine Heaven Devil Palace was better looking.

Under Chen Xiang's control, the sky suddenly turned gray. Thick clouds covered the sky, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled.

Soon after, the sounds of berserk dragons roaring could be heard. The tremors on the ground became even more intense, and a black mist burst out of it.

The sandstorm had stopped, and the earth was shrouded in darkness. Purple lightning flashed continuously, illuminating the land. The earth was covered in alternating flashes of purple and red.

Nine Heaven Devil Palace had already appeared, there were more than ten Dual Headed Demon Dragons guarding the entrance of the Demon Palace, which was much larger than last time. These Double-Headed Dragon Dragons were also larger, they were bound by thick black iron chains, and now that they were crazily roaring, the hundreds of black terrifying dragon heads were shaking and roaring, and their eyes were flashing red.

"It's different from last time. This Nine Heaven Devil Palace has become very strong as well." Jiu Hanrou saw the door of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace slowly opening, and unexpectedly had a trace of fear, as he anxiously grabbed onto Chen Xiang's hand.

Chen Xiang also hurriedly brought her Pavilion Master to make her feel safer.

"This kind of formation comes from the Star Law Divine Realm's Heavenly Demon and Earth Terminus Formation, there are a total of 981 types, and these dragons are Dual Headed Demonic Dragons, created through the formation." Yue'er suddenly said, "I haven't seen him for a long time. When you mentioned him to me, I felt that he was a little familiar. Now that I saw him with my own eyes, I didn't expect it to be the Heavenly Demon and Earth Terminus Formation."

Hearing Yue'er's words, Jiu Hanrou could not help but be shocked, because she had also heard Nine Divine Kings mention it before. It was just that she did not hear it clearly at that time, and only knew what it was called the Earth Fiend Formation.

"Yue Er, are you familiar with this formation?" Because of Shui Bingyan, she was more familiar with Yue'er. After coming back, Feng Yujie had some matters to attend to so he pa.s.sed Shui Bingyan over to her. She took great care of him.

"I'm familiar with it. My father has an extremely deep understanding of this formation. Naturally, I know that my grandfather was one of the founders of this formation back then." Yue'er laughed, showing her great confidence.

Jiu Hanrou was startled once again. This kitten's origins were actually this great. She had heard Feng Yujie say before that Yue'er was the envoy from the mysterious Star Law Divine Realm.

What Feng Yujie did not know was that Yue'er's entire family came from an influential family. This was only known to Chen Xiang later on.

Yue'er's father was some kind of demon star in Star Moon Divine Race, so his grandfather would definitely not be a simple person. He was actually one of the founders of this Heavenly Demon Earth Terminus Array.

Chen Xiang asked: "How did this formation get transferred to here?"

Yue'er shook her head: "I don't know either, but because there were a lot of people involved in the creation back then, a total of hundreds of people, so it's not strange that there were so many people who had mastered it. This palace was sealed up by these kinds of formations, the more powerful of these formations, the more varied it is, it can create its own killing formations and all kinds of illusions."

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