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Lv Qilian and Chen Xiang had quite a few contradictions. Although they had reconciled in the end, Yan Zilan and the others didn't know that Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian had already developed a relationship in the end. Only Xue Xianxian, Liu Meng'er and the others knew about this matter.

"Sister Qilian, how did you arrive so quickly?" Although Lv Qilian saw the intimate actions of Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang, he didn't feel anything. This made Yan Zilan curse inwardly, to think that his skin was actually this thick.

"Zi Lan sent me a message. She probably didn't tell you!" Or you didn't even give her a chance. " Lv Qilian had already led a group of women to develop a very strong power, and had also recovered the kind of emperor's aura back in the days when she was in charge of the Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

Lv Qilian was also currently wearing a purple dress. The style was very similar to Yan Zilan's, but it gave off a completely different feeling! Yan Zilan gave people a n.o.ble and gentle feeling, especially when matched with her gentle smile, it gave people a kind of elegant and sweet beauty!

And when it was worn on Lv Qilian's body, it gave off a n.o.ble feeling, and it still carried a domineering aura, especially when she wasn't smiling.

Just as Yan Zilan was thinking about how to explain the relationship between her and Chen Xiang, he didn't expect Chen Xiang to grab onto his hand. With a slight tug, Lv Qilian leaned forward and fell into Chen Xiang's embrace!

She didn't want Yan Zilan to see her delicate side in front of her beloved man, but for some reason, when she fell into Chen Xiang's embrace, she felt the warmth of Chen Xiang's body and felt Chen Xiang's aura, which could cause her heart to beat faster. That tensed and delicate body of hers had suddenly become soft.

Lv Qilian let out a light snort, then slightly raised his head and looked at Chen Xiang's handsome face that had a mischievous smile on it with gentleness.

The surprised Yan Zilan reacted in an instant, she did not expect Lv Qilian to be the one to do the same, she suddenly understood the strange look Lv Qilian had when he was looking at her, because that look contained a tinge of jealousy.

Looking at Lv Qilian's gentle gaze, Chen Xiang couldn't help but hug her delicate body tightly, taking in her sandalwood mouth and kissing for a short while before parting.

Yue'er had long guessed that Chen Xiang was a romantic person, but she didn't think that he would be so rampant. She, who was hiding in her backpack, let out a "meow".

"Such a cute kitten, is this the Yue Er that Bing Yan often talks about?" Yan Zilan had been a little awkward just now, but when she saw Yue'er, she immediately brought him over.

Lv Qilian also reached out to touch Yue'er, then said: "Zi Lan just said that you wanted to summon Nine Heaven Devil Palace, do you want to tell Sister Feng and Wen Rou?"

Feng Yujie and Jiu Hanrou were both very concerned about this matter, because they were both creations of the Nine Divine Kings, and now that Chen Xiang was going to save the Nine Divine Kings, it was a very important matter to the two sisters.

"This... Well, you tell them! But you must not let Xianxian and the others know. " Lv Qilian also understood that Chen Xiang didn't want them to worry about him. The last time Chen Xiang entered the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, they knew that he was worried for a long time.

After a short while, Yan Zilan opened the door and only Jiu Hanrou came. She said: "Elder sister is not coming anymore, she said she wants me to go with you!"

Just now, Lv Qilian had already told Jiu Hanrou and Feng Yujie about it, which was why she said that.

Just like Feng Yujie, she was also filled with the enchanting power that captivated the soul. When she looked at Chen Xiang just now, she had used her enchanting power a little, but she never expected that Chen Xiang could actually resist it.

Chen Xiang giggled as he embraced Lv Qilian and Yan Zilan. If that wasn't the case, it would be really difficult for him to resist.

Both Lv Qilian and Yan Zilan felt it was a little strange being hugged by the same man. They struggled for a bit, but after realising that Chen Xiang was holding onto them tightly, they gave up.

"Let's go now!" Jiu Hanrou removed the white dress on her body, revealing a set of tightly fitting black clothes.

Chen Xiang kissed Yan Zilan and Lv Qilian's cheeks respectively, then walked out of the carriage and stood inside a Transmission array.

Lv Qilian and Yan Zilan only looked at Chen Xiang with eyes full of concern before they left, and did not say much. They knew that Chen Xiang would definitely return safely.

… ….

After Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou left, Yan Zilan spoke out from inside the carriage: "Sister Qilian, I really didn't think that your relationship with this little scoundrel was so good. When did you two get along well?"

Lv Qilian sighed softly, "It's been a long time! There was nothing that she couldn't think of. Although she and Chen Xiang had a grudge before, Chen Xiang had helped her before. By the time they returned, they might already be … This little scoundrel is just like that. "

"He... It's really able to handle Hanxue! " Yan Zilan was a little shocked, because she knew that Jiu Hanrou was already very strong, and he was even a creation of the Nine Divine Kings.

"Yu Jie has been taken care of by him, what do you think?" After Lv Qilian finished speaking, he controlled the carriage and walked towards the buildings that were not far away.

"Big Sis Feng, she … Is she really? " Yan Zilan and Feng Yujie also came into contact frequently, because Feng Yujie was a pill refiner. After refining the divine pellet, he would hand it over to her and their relationship would also be very good. Furthermore, Feng Yujie had stayed in the Divine Female Palace before, so she had a lot of prestige amongst the G.o.ddesses of the Divine Female Palace. The feeling she gave Yan Zilan was the same as Lv Qilian;

Lv Qilian chuckled: "She told me that, how could it be fake? But then again, after you were injured and I was involved with this matter, this brat really wanted to kill me. At that time, this was the first time I felt that he was that scary! You are very important to him! Tell me how you know him. I want to know. "

After Yan Zilan heard this, his heart warmed. He then started to narrate the matter of her first meeting Chen Xiang. At that time, because she was a spirit cultivator, Chen Xiang coincidentally did the same as well and even pa.s.sed down the information to her …

… ….

Chen Xiang and Jiu Hanrou used the Transmission array to teleport to a seemingly deserted city. This city only had more than ten Transmission array s.

The teleportation time was decided by Jiu Hanrou because she knew where was the most suitable place to summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

Jiu Hanrou walked out of the city quickly with his veil and bamboo hat on.

Along the way, Jiu Hanrou didn't talk much. She only responded casually whenever Chen Xiang asked her a question, which made Chen Xiang feel as if she was angry.

"Little Jiu jie, how about I use Teleportation? It'll be faster this way!" Chen Xiang grabbed her arm.

Jiu Hanrou turned his head and looked at him with that charming gaze again.

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