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Although Feng Yujie had returned, he did not say too much about Chen Xiang, so they did not know.

Right now, when Yan Zilan and Wu Kaiming found out about Chen Xiang's cultivation level, they were a little surprised, because they thought that Chen Xiang would at least have a cultivation level around the Fifth Divine Deity.

"How long has Sister Feng been back?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Around fifty years!" Yan Zilan said.

Chen Xiang was startled, "I've only separated from her for a few days, the time here is different from the time on stage!"

Wu Kaiming nodded: "No wonder, but it doesn't matter! With your talent, you'll soon be able to cultivate it! "

Yan Zilan said, "The important thing we are talking about is to have the other party be from the Evil Door of h.e.l.l, which is the power that the h.e.l.l Devil Emperor established here. They have been developing in secret all this while, and after a while, the Nine Heaven World will devour the Super G.o.d Realm, so before that time, they want to come here and fight for more resources and good areas."

"Right now, we have already secretly joined forces with a few other forces, preparing to deal with the h.e.l.l's Gate together. When the time comes, not only will the h.e.l.l's Gate be the ones to counterattack, but the other ancient powers that have joined forces with the h.e.l.l's Gate will also be there. You You You and Ziqian have already gone to find out more news. "

Chen Xiang frowned: "h.e.l.l Devil Emperor is a guy with the power of the Divine Nations behind his back, then the Highest Old Devil will support him from behind!"

Yan Zilan shook his head: "That is the past! Back then, Highest Old Devil only used h.e.l.l Devil Emperor to obtain the Six Realms mirrors. But now that the Six Realms mirrors are already in your hands, Highest Old Devil will naturally not invest much in it! "

The background of the Highest Old Devil was very complicated, and right now the Highest Old Devil was definitely involved in the dispute over the throne as well. Everyone with some strength in the Nine G.o.ds Nation was considering carefully, if they were to take the wrong spot, the consequences would be dire!

Wu Kaiming said: "These Bone level Dan, we have prepared them to attract other forces. The divine pellet that Feng Yujie has brought back, we will not sell, it will only be used as a reward within the clan, at the same time, we will spread the news!"

"When will they attack?" Chen Xiang asked, he also wanted to move his bones.

"We're still trying to find out more information. Duan Sanchang and Xv Weilong are in charge of handling our people, we should have information soon." Wu Kaiming said: "If you want to go, it might be a little dangerous. h.e.l.l Devil Emperor's evil techniques have allowed them to improve by leaps and bounds, and their entire Underworld Evil Sect's strength is extremely powerful. This is what we know."

Chen Xiang asked: "Then what about the Nine Heaven Devil Palace? I summoned it before, but it's still in that place? "

"It's gone, it disappeared, you want to summon it out?" Wu Kaiming was shocked. He and Yan Zilan were a little frightened, even though they were stronger than the G.o.d of Heaven, but they were still terrified of the Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

They didn't know the secret inside the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, and the reason Chen Xiang came back this time was to save the Nine Divine Kings.

"That's right, I want to summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, and this will be the last time he will show up!" Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "Don't worry, you will know when the time comes. As long as I succeed in swallowing the Super G.o.d Realm one after another, we will be safe for a period of time."

When Feng Yujie returned, the news that he brought back was something that Wu Kaiming and the others all knew. It was from those Divine Nations s that had threatened them!

"Alright, but you should summon them from a less populated area. It would be best if you go to those dangerous areas! For example, the Night Devil h.e.l.l. That place is currently a Night Devil, so it's very suitable for summoning a Nine Heaven Devil Palace! " Wu Kaiming laughed sinisterly.

Chen Xiang also smiled, then said to Yan Zilan: "Big Sis Zi Lan, take me to Big Sis Qilian. For the time being, don't tell Xianxian that I'm back, because I still have to make a trip to Nine Heaven Devil Palace.

Yan Zilan sighed lightly. She also knew that after she became Chen Xiang's woman, she would also gradually get used to worrying about days like Xue Xianxian and the others.

"You didn't see your senior brother or the others? Xiao Dao and Zhu Rong are here. " Wu Kaiming said.

"For the time being, I won't be here. My cultivation is currently too low. If they were to find out, I would definitely be despised." Chen Xiang chuckled, "Don't tell them that I'm back, and even more so, don't tell them that I want to summon the Nine Heaven Devil Palace! If they knew that the Nine Heaven Devil Palace had appeared, don't say that I was the one who summoned them. Regarding this matter, we must keep it a secret, but you can tell a lad or the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d and the other elders. "

Yan Zilan brought Chen Xiang and walked from the back, and at the moment, they were sitting inside a carriage. This carriage did not have any horses or beasts to drag them, it relied on array formations to walk, and there were many such caravans here.

"This thing is so comfortable!" Chen Xiang laid on the soft animal skin cushion in the carriage, and hugged his knees as he sat beside him barefooted.

"This was made by Meng'er and the others!" Yan Zilan smiled: "Now they are powerful, able to refine many powerful G.o.dly weapons, and even developed a specialized refining small group!"

Chen Xiang brought her over and let her lie on his body. Then, he gently supported her beautiful, jade-like face and smiled. "How is the establishment of Qilian's empire progressing?"

Yan Zilan felt that Chen Xiang's hands were dishonest, and snorted lightly. Her jade-like hands pinched the flesh on Chen Xiang's chest with great force, and said: "She has already absorbed Divine Female Palace, all the girls in Divine Female Palace are grateful to you for exposing that Hall Master!"

"Ah, Divine Female Palace... They're all a bunch of pretty girls. " Chen Xiang laughed mischievously, with a flip of her body, the delicate Yan Zilan was already below, she could not help but tenderly shout out.

Under her control, the carriage entered the house at the side of Transmitting Square. There were internal staff members who used Transmission array s inside the carriage, through this Transmission array, the carriage was teleported away from Nine Heaven City.

"Little Scoundrel, don't act recklessly!" Yan Zilan used quite a bit of effort to push Chen Xiang away, "We're almost there, it's bad that we were discovered!"

Chen Xiang opened his car window and saw that it was a gra.s.slands, surrounded by mountains, and not a city. He did not know where he was, but he felt that the Spirit Qi here was extremely dense.

"This is the second dragon vein. Our residence is right in front of us." Yan Zilan said.

Chen Xiang was a little excited because his father was previously in this area. It was just that they had been separated for so long, he wondered if he was still here.

"Let Qilian come here, I won't go!" Chen Xiang lightly pursed her lips. Just then, the door of the carriage was opened, and Lv Qilian just stood there watching. She snorted lightly, then entered the carriage and closed the door.

Yan Zilan bit her red lips as she lowered her head with a red face. She did not expect that when she was close with Chen Xiang, she would be met with another one, and one that Lv Qilian had even met!

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