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Huang Yantian pondered for a moment, then shook his head: "There isn't much news, if you were to look for the Cat Race, with your ability, you should be able to find it, as for your father … It's hard to say. You should know your father's personality very well. His mother was attacked and his whereabouts unknown, so you should know better than me what he would do. I suspect that he went with your grandfather. "

Only now did Chen Xiang know that Yue'er's entire family was extremely terrifying. Her father was a devil, her mother was a princess of the Cat Race, and her grandfather and grandmother were emperors and emperors of the Cat Race. Her grandmother was an elder of the Undead Divine Race, so her grandfather definitely had a high position in the Star Moon Divine Race.

Yue Er let out a soft "meow", and returned back into her backpack. understood her worry very well, but he was powerless to help her.

"Someone has entered my Sky Spill Star Formation." Huang Yantian suddenly said, and then he walked to the cave entrance and looked ahead.

"This person might be here to track me down, because the two divine weapons I took previously had already alerted them. Now that there's someone here, it's very likely that he's here to ambush me." Chen Xiang said: "It's just that this guy came a step too late."

Huang Yantian asked: "Is this person from Heavenly Fire Divine Country?"

"Senior, how did you know?" Chen Xiang was somewhat suspicious of this.

A while ago, there were about 10 people here who were sent by the Heavenly Fire Divine Country, but I caught all of them, so they are still alive. Huang Yantian laughed sinisterly: "If I knew earlier, I would have killed them all. This way, I could have attracted even stronger people to accompany me to relieve my boredom.

Chen Xiang was curious as to why Huang Yantian was here as well, and asked: "Senior, are you and Nine Divine Kings friends? Are you helping them guard the Divine Soldiers here?"

Yes, I promised them that I would help them take care of a Divine Weapon. They said that if someone came to find this Divine Weapon, it would be when they had just arrived in this world. I am very confident in these nine guys. From the time that Star Law Divine Realm left, Huang Yantian could deduce that when Nine Divine Kings was forced into a corner by the Divine Nations, they had indeed arrived here even later than Huang Jintian.

And Yue'er had arrived even earlier than Huang Jintian.

He was here to capture Chen Xiang, and to capture Chen Xiang was equivalent to making a huge contribution to him. He would receive many rewards, and when he thought of this, he became extremely excited.

"When he entered the Sky Spill Star Formation, the things he saw were different from what you saw. There was an illusory magic array here, so he now has a beautiful scenery, but the ones in front of him are these meteors." Huang Yantian smiled slightly: "This guy hasn't noticed it yet, and he's walking towards me right now."

"Senior, is this person powerful? Can you beat him?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Not bad, but in my eyes, he's just a small shrimp." Huang Yantian said in disdain, "I can kill him at any moment. After all, I've used many years to set up this Heaven's Divination Star Formation."

Huang Yantian relied on the current Sky Spill Star Formation to be extremely strong, let alone the power he had hidden.

Chen Xiang smiled and asked: "Then Senior, between you and my master, which one is stronger?"

Huang Yantian chuckled: "Of course I'm strong, that guy is completely no match for me. Although I'm a twin, his strength is far too weak."

This kind of smelly personality was the same, Chen Xiang laughed in his heart.

"He's here. Look at his stupid look in the illusion world." Huang Yantian laughed.

Chen Xiang saw a man dressed in red armor walk over, then crouched down, as if he was drinking water from a small stream.

Huang Yantian said: "This guy is not bad. Look at how alert he is, he is much stronger than the last ten trash."

As he said that, Huang Yantian took out a disc, which seemed to be the thing that controlled the Heaven's Divination Star Formation. He drew on it with his finger, and saw Hao Ren's body suddenly tremble, as if he was frightened by something.

"I'll remove the illusion array. Let him see what the real world around him looks like." Huang Yantian chuckled.

When Hao Ren came in, the place was filled with greenery, but in the blink of an eye, it had already turned into this. How could he not be shocked?

Huang Yantian flew out. The vigilant Hao Ren knew that he was trapped inside a strong array and when he saw someone appear, he immediately fled. However, he was trapped by a net released by Huang Yantian on the ground and could no longer move.

At this time, Chen Xiang also flew over. When Hao Ren saw Chen Xiang, he shouted, "Chen Xiang …."

"You know me." Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "Looks like I'm quite famous in the Divine Nations."

"I am from Heavenly Fire Divine Country, and I knew that someone was coming here to ambush you, so I came here to inform you in advance. I admire what you did outside of Heroes Gathering Divine City, and I really don't want you to fall into my hands." An idea came to Hao Ren's mind as he looked at Chen Xiang respectfully.

Huang Yantian laughed: "You're boasting like you're going to be struck by lightning, are you sure what you said was true?"

"It's absolutely true. I have admired Brother Shen for a long time, and after his achievements were spread throughout our Divine Nations, the younger generation all admired him." Hao Ren said with a sincere expression.

He did not know who this old fellow was, and he was so powerful at that. In an instant, he had used a treasure to control, and there was also the terrifying formation technique that was not set up just a short while ago, it should have been there for a long time.

"Hehe, you are lying. I have already read through your memories..." Huang Yantian laughed: "Brat, you're so dishonest, to actually have a belly full of evil tricks."

"I... "I …" Hao Ren was speechless and his expression darkened as he shouted, "Then, all of you will accompany me to die!"

Just as he finished shouting, Chen Xiang felt himself being grabbed. After his vision went dark, he heard a loud sound, and then he realized that he was floating in the air and standing on a Frisbee. The Sky Spill Star Formation which was formed from countless stone mountains below was shrouded in rolling dust, and a deep ravine appeared on the ground that was trembling intensely.

Yue Er said with a lingering fear, "That was a close call. If we were a bit slower, we might have gotten into trouble."

Huang Yantian scolded him, "This d.a.m.ned brat, he actually destroyed my Sky Spill Star Formation. If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have let you walk into the center of the formation."

"What happened?" Chen Xiang still could not understand what was going on.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d used a secret technique to explode on his own. This kind of explosion technique is extremely terrifying, exploding all of the Divine Deity and divine soul in his body together with the divine power of a Divine Sense Sea. This is completely not a plan of reincarnation, so the power after self-detonation is extremely terrifying." Huang Yantian was very angry: "It's all my fault, I was too careless."

"Even so, I still have things to take care of. This guy's memories are about the Heavenly Fire Divine Country, and the inside of the Heavenly Fire Divine Country is currently in a mess. It's clear that it's caused by the Divine Lord's succession, I'm going to take a look around the Heavenly Fire Divine Country."

Chen Xiang said, "Senior, can you send me back to the Nine Heaven World? Since the Nine Heaven World has already been swallowed, it should be very easy for me to send him back. My master can do it, I'm in a hurry to release the Nine Divine Kings."

Saving Nine Divine Kings was the promise he made at the beginning, and this was also to give Feng Yujie and Jiu Hanrou an explanation.

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