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This old man was also very strong. Although Chen Xiang could not confirm that he was Huang Jintian's brother, he was sure that this old man was related to Huang Jintian, because this old man also knew Heaven extended method, otherwise, he would not have been able to set up the Sky Spill Star Formation.

"He actually went to the Star Law Divine Realm, looks like he has already pa.s.sed through that calamity, and has only just pa.s.sed through it, what a useless fellow, since he is so useless, he still wants to return to the Star Law Divine Realm, isn't he courting death?" Huang Yantian frowned and said angrily, looking like he was worrying about his useless brother.

"Why can't Master go back? He's been back for a long time, nothing will happen to him, right?" Hearing Huang Yantian's words, Chen Xiang was a little worried about his master. Although his master was from the Undead Divine Race, he was going there.

Huang Yantian looked at Yue'er, who was peeking her head out from Chen Xiang's bag, and immediately saw through a lot of things. "This kitten should be from the Star Law Divine Realm s as well, she should be one of the G.o.d Tribes. You can ask her why your master, this idiot, can't go back."

Chen Xiang looked at Yue'er, and Yue'er meowed, shaking her head: "I really don't know, I have left Star Law Divine Realm for a very long time."

Huang Yantian was a little surprised, "Are you really the law enforcer? But with your current strength, you don't look like one."

"I'm in a weakened state right now." Yue'er retracted her head. She was a little afraid of Huang Yantian's gaze, and felt that she didn't have any desire to be in front of him.

Huang Yantian said: "Star Law Divine Realm has many old fellows who have lived their entire lives, Little Cat, you should know about this, right?"

Yue'er stuck her head out again. "I know this, but my strength has reached the peak of what it can't break through. After staying at this peak for a long time, my body and divine soul will be in a state that will soon dissipate, which is my lifespan."

Huang Yantian nodded his head: "That's right, once they reach this state, they would pursue longevity without a care for anything else, and most would choose to search for longevity. But this is also an illusory matter, and most would die of old age on the road.

"This... This is impossible, there are very strict rules and restrictions in the Star Law Divine Realm, even if it's just … " Yue Er didn't continue speaking after she said this.

Huang Yantian laughed coldly: "The rules of the Star Law Divine Realm, if there are ten odd fellows who are about to die of old age, then we can still use the rules to kill them, but a hundred, a thousand, the authority of the rules of the Star Law Divine Realm, are in the hands of those people who are about to step into death. They can't endure this kind of temptation, if not, I wouldn't have been forced to come to this kind of place, you might have arrived earlier, so you don't know the situation inside the Star Law Divine Realm."

Yue Er was silent for a moment, then said: "After some time, I have enough power. I will use the secret technique of our Star Moon Divine Race, and use the stars to communicate, and at that time, I will know some things. I have already been away from the Star Law Divine Realm for many years, and it has indeed been a long time since I have any news from the Star Law Divine Realm."

She was a law enforcer herself, and spent all her time outside. Furthermore, she was used as a sacrifice by the Samsara Sacrifice, so her understanding of the Star Law Divine Realm was something that happened many years ago.

"I can tell you now, Undead Divine Race was exterminated, because they could devour our our blood, and live a long life. Originally, the rules did not allow it, but because there was an old fellow who had nowhere to go, he took the Undead Divine Race for a try, and eventually recovered his vitality. Hence, all the old fellows in Star Law Divine Realm sealed off the news, and used the excuse that Undead Divine Race had violated the rules of Star Law Divine Realm to kill all our clansmen." Huang Yantian clenched his fists furiously. "Our Undead Divine Race has very few people, and we are facing those strong experts with their strong numbers, we are not their match."

Although the Undead Divine Race did not die, that did not mean that they were very strong.

Yue'er felt that it was unbelievable, because this was not the Star Law Divine Realm that she knew. She was also very worried about the Undead Divine Race, because there was a portion of the Undead Divine Race's blood in her body that came from her grandmother. And now that the Undead Divine Race had been exterminated, she was very worried about how her grandmother was right now.

"You'd better not go back too. Who knows, it might even be your Star Moon Divine Race's turn one day. When I escaped from the Star Law Divine Realm back then, the Cat Race would have already started evacuating from it. Huang Yantian said.

For example, Star Moon Divine Race was born with the ability to absorb the power of the stars and moon. This kind of talent was always admired and envied by people, which was why Huang Yantian said this.

"Cat Race... The entire clan has moved. " Yue'er was shocked again, "Do you know where the Cat Race has been migrating to?"

Huang Yantian said as his brows knitted, "I think you just said that you are from the Star Moon Divine Race. Why do you care about the Cat Race?

Yue'er nodded her head: "My mother is from Cat Race, my father is from Star Moon Divine Race."

Huang Yantian paced back and forth a few steps, and said: "Although there is no conflict between Cat Race and ourselves, there have been very few interactions between us in the past few years. Cat Race and Star Moon Divine Race do not have many marriages, but I actually know of a pair … Furthermore, this couple is very famous. Could it be … "

Thinking back to all these, Huang Yantian looked at Yue'er in shock. Yue'er meowed.

"The daughter of the Demon Star of the Star Moon Divine Race and the Princess of the Cat Race … As far as I know, the Mother of the Demon Star is an elder of my Undead Divine Race, so she should be your grandmother. This Huang Yantian had a very good memory, she immediately thought of many things.

Yue'er nodded slightly. "Do you know how my grandmother is doing right now? I'm very worried about her. She treats me so well."

Huang Yantian shook her head: "She was the first to know that we had been targeted, but it was a little late. At that time, she and a group of elders were responsible for defending against the people who had come to kill us, but in the end, only a few of us from the Undead Divine Race managed to escape.

Yue'er's expression was somewhat gloomy. "Then what about Cat Race? Where did they move to? Do you have any news about my parents?"

Huang Yantian had been here for a very long time, and the information he received was from many years ago. However, to Yue'er, this information was still very precious.

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