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When Chen Xiang heard this, whistles came from all directions. Suddenly, many finger-sized holes appeared on the trees around him, and many thorns flew out from the holes in the tree!

When Chen Xiang was. .h.i.t by the small thorns on the tree near him, he only felt a wave of heat attack him. The small thorns could release extremely strong heat waves, but when the thorns shot towards him and tried to pierce his body, they were actually blocked by the defensive barrier created by his body.

The flying thorns were not aggressive at all, in Chen Xiang's eyes, they were just like children's toys. It was just that the dozens of trees around him had countless holes in them all released such that they looked like a dense rain, causing Chen Xiang to feel as if he was being attacked by scorching hot air.

Of course, he wasn't hurt, he just felt very hot!

There was a small person standing at the entrance of the tree. The small person had a pair of wings that were like petals on his back, and the clothes he wore were also made from petals, making him look very beautiful. Although the small person was small, it looked very cute, with long black hair that reached his waist, and a small face that was delicate and beautiful.

"Little demoness?" Chen Xiang remembered where he had seen this before. He quickly remembered that back then when he opened those profoundbing in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, he opened up a little demon girl like her. At that time, it was Lv Qinlian's Demon Charming a.s.sociation who found those profoundbing, so that little person also followed her.

The last time he met Lv Qinlian, he had asked that little demon about him. Lv Qinlian told him that the little demon was sleeping, so he didn't see her.

"This great human knows the nickname our ancestors gave him. What should we do?" The petal demoness let out a strange cry, and her voice was also very pleasant to listen to.

"I'm not a bad guy, I'm just pa.s.sing by! I've seen little guys like you in the same place before. " Chen Xiang revealed a smile, showing that he did not have any hostility.

Hearing his words, the little demoness immediately quieted down. The surrounding tree trunks also opened up a large hole. There were all kinds of villains, men, women, old, all kinds!

However, these little people were all different. Some of them had flower petals, some had leaf wings, some had b.u.t.terfly wings, some had dragonfly wings, and some had bird wings. Although they were all different, they all looked very harmonious and beautiful.

"Fey?" Chen Xiang maintained a gentle smile on his face. This could let the other party relax his guard and give him a good impression.

An old faerie flew out from the tree next to him. It should be that chief. He had a pair of light green maple leaf-shaped wings, and when he flew, the wings would emit traces of red flame.

"Where have you seen our people? We haven't used the name of faerie in a long time. Our name is Wisp now! " The old elf said.

"I am in a place called Nine Heaven World. That world is a world of freshmen, this is a long story, you should be the clan leader of the elves race, right? My name is Chen Xiang, I came to this forest to search for something, I came here based on my senses, and then I met all of you. " Chen Xiang said with a smile.

A benevolent smile appeared on the old elf's small face. "I am Ba Ye, the chief of the elven tribe. On behalf of the entire elven race, I welcome you here!"

Chen Xiang was a little shocked, this old elf had actually let his guard down so quickly, and believed his words so easily! It seemed to him likely that these elves had thrown away their holy land because they trusted people too much.

The number of little Fairies here was around a few thousand, which wasn't a small amount. Chen Xiang was sitting on the ground now, and the little Fairies had gathered around him, chattering away about something. They were very curious about this unfamiliar human.

We are actually of the Little Fairy Clan, other than the Water Elves, Ice Elves, Gra.s.s Wood Elves, Wind Elves and so on, we are the weakest and the smallest. In order to not be bullied, we always hide in places where humans and beasts rarely come to. They were indeed weak, and when the power of their entire clan was gathered together, it only made Chen Xiang sweat a little.

The other little elves also had wings when they saw Yue Er, so they all saw her as a little bit bigger than them. Yue Er even joked about saying that she was a moon elf, and she quickly became one with these little things. For those little things, riding on Yue'er's back was a very domineering thing.

"Clan leader Ba, what happened to your Sacred Ground? Why was it taken? Is the Sacred Ground very important to them? " Chen Xiang asked. He felt that since he met with such a situation, he should save them and help these pitiful little things.

Ba Ye leaned on a cane made from a small tree branch and said, "The holy land is very important to us. It is a place that will support us for eternity! Of course, we can also build our own holy land, but once it's built well, it will be taken over by those bad people, and the two people we built will be taken over by them. "

Chen Xiang only knew that Undead Divine Race could live forever, but this Little Fairy Clan actually had this kind of heaven-defying ability.

However, he let out a long sigh and said, "If those bad guys don't leave soon, we will have to leave. This is something we are very unwilling to do, because it is very difficult for us to find such a good place!"

Yue'er replied, "Put them in the ring and bring them to Nine Heaven World. The dragon veins there should be suitable for them. It seems that they should be the same as Gra.s.s Wood Elves, skilled in raising plants."

Ba Ye nodded his head: "Yes, although we are not as big as the Gra.s.s Wood Elves nor as strong as them, we are not weaker than them in terms of growing flowers and plants! This was originally a barren wasteland, but after so many years of planting, it became a beautiful place. "

Chen Xiang's mouth twitched a little. The strange fire type plants here were actually planted by them, they were truly powerful, in such a hot place, it was not suitable for plants to grow in the first place. But they still changed the characteristics of the plants, allowing them to heat up and absorb the heat here to grow!

Chen Xiang tidied up the ring and had Little Lightning, who was in the ring, play with these little things. He had already decided to bring the Little Fairy Clan back to the Nine Heaven World.

He immediately nodded his head because Chen Xiang had told them that he would help them move to a very safe place. It didn't matter to them if they had any trees or forests, as long as the important Sacred Grounds weren't occupied by them. As long as they could use the Sacred Grounds that they had created, flowers, plants and trees would grow out of the ground.

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