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Chen Xiang relied on his senses to walk away. Right now, the place he was heading to was extremely hot and he felt that something was off. Although this place could make him perspire profusely from the heat, there were many emerald green trees and beautiful flowers of all different colors growing here.

"This place is like a furnace, but there are so many plants growing here. This is unbelievable!" Chen Xiang took out a Holy Flower, just as he took it out, the red Holy Flower suddenly dried up and turned yellow. Unexpectedly, it was because this place was too overheated, the inside was dried up!

Yue Er exclaimed: "It's very possible that this is one of the most famous places in Super G.o.d Realm!"

Chen Xiang plucked a leaf and asked: "What kind of place is this?" He placed the leaf in his mouth and chewed it, then immediately spat it out. After he chewed on it, the sap within the leaf was extremely hot, burning his tongue.

"Didn't you see it now? All of the plants here grew because of the magical fire, and it's said that all of the plants here were made out of fire. " Yue'er replied, "Of course, the beasts that grow up here are all fire attribute Special G.o.d beast, and have some strength that is also very strong."

Chen Xiang said: "I don't want to encounter these things. I'm not hungry at all right now!"

He only wanted to find a Divine Weapon quickly and reunite with his wife in Nine Heaven World. He missed Xue Xianxian and the others very much.

Because he had been ambushed before in the Evil Mud Pond, he became very energetic. He used the s.p.a.ce Domain to hide himself in an independent s.p.a.ce, which could prevent his Qi from leaking out, unless he was very sensitive to s.p.a.ce.

After arriving at this forest, Chen Xiang was extremely hot. Even if he had used Spatial Isolation to test it out, the strange heat would have seeped in.

Yue'er stuck out her tongue, sweating all over. "Warm up, what the h.e.l.l is this fire? It could actually penetrate s.p.a.ce? If only BingYan was here, she would have made me feel cool! "

Chen Xiang also knew how to use the Icy cold power, it was just that he wasn't proficient in it, but it still made Yue'er and him feel much better.

"Looks like Suzaku Divine Weapon must be hiding in this place!" said with certainty. Suzaku Divine Weapon was of the fire attribute, he had previously seen this ancient Suzaku bow before.

He had only used the Azure Dragon Divine Saber once, but its power was already extremely obvious. It was just that he had not merged with the Azure Dragon Divine Saber yet, so he had yet to unleash its stronger power.

"Littlemoon, haven't the Azure Dragon and the other four G.o.d Beasts existed for a long time? Back when Heavenly Divine Lord was refining these few types of Divine Weapons, the White Tiger and the rest of the people in Beast Divine Palace should not have been born yet, right? " Chen Xiang was a little doubtful. Heavenly Divine Lord and the others had already known about the existence of the Nine-Xiao Divine Nations s a long time ago, and they must have refined those divine weapons even older than Beast Divine Palace.

Yue'er said: "Of course not, the White Tiger and the Azure Dragon have already been through many generations, and in their generation, they should already be the ninth generation. I only know that there is a third generation existence in our Star Law Divine Realm, the Four Divine Beasts and the Fire unicorn are all very famous in the Star Law Divine Realm. For example, the Azure Dragon will choose a dragon to inherit everything from him. "

"Did you inherit it when your lifespan ran out?" Chen Xiang asked. If it was not so, who would be willing to give up all their inheritance?

"Yes, I believe that Nine Divine Kings revived them back then in order to stabilize Nine Heaven World. In the future, they will definitely help Nine Divine Kings and the others!" Yue'er sighed with emotion, "The potential of White Tiger and the rest is enormous, because the inheritances they received came from those beast emperors who were so powerful that only time could kill them. Furthermore, they have been around for generations.

Yue'er continued, "There is a legend in our Star Law Divine Realm, that wherever White Tiger and the rest descend to, the world would become extremely prosperous and powerful! I heard from some of Star Law Divine Realm's old men that back then, Star Law Divine Realm was also extremely weak and there were all sorts of internal strife.

Chen Xiang climbed up a big tree and plucked a fruit. He placed the fruit juice out and it was even scarier than magma. He hurriedly threw it away because Yue'er was already hot to death.

Chen Xiang jumped down and said, "White Tiger and the others are already part of the ninth generation inheritance? Then wouldn't the world that the previous eight generations lived in become very powerful? Other than your Star Law Divine Realm, do you know of any other powerful world? "

In the future, the Nine Heaven World would annex this place, and then swallow the Nine G.o.ds Nation. That would mean that the overall strength of this place would be similar to the Star Law Divine Realm's, as long as it was developed for a period of time, surpa.s.sing the Star Law Divine Realm would not be a problem.

Chen Xiang felt that as he walked slowly in the forest, he would be chatting with Yue'er. He had been in the forest for a long time already, but he did not encounter any other creatures.

"Is it a bird?" "It doesn't seem like it. It sounds like someone is speaking, but it's just that the voice is very soft!" Based on his own judgement, Chen Xiang immediately walked towards the direction where the extremely soft sound came from.

After going over, the voice was still transmitted, but Chen Xiang did not see anything. Just when he was curious about something, Yue'er said: "The voice came from the inside of the tree, there's something inside!"

Chen Xiang carefully looked at the surrounding tree trunks, and discovered that there were concealed scars on them, as though there was something inside the tree trunk that drilled its way through, and then lived inside.

The trees here were the thickest and would need a few people to hold it in their arms. Amongst the many ancient trees that Chen Xiang had encountered, this one was considered "thin", but the people living inside seemed to be somewhat small.

He came to a tree and pressed his ear against the trunk. Sure enough, he heard a very small sound coming from within …

"Grandpa chief, what should we do?" Those fellows have always been staying here, and have already destroyed our Sacred Grounds, but we can't do anything about them. If this goes on, our Sacred Grounds will be destroyed. "

"That's right, that's right. The holy land was taken away by them, and our eating has become a problem. If this goes on, our entire clan will be exterminated."

"Sigh, we have no other choice. We have lived here for many years and have never encountered such a thing. How could we have known that a great human would suddenly appear in such a place and occupy our holy land for such a long time?" This was a voice that sounded older than the others. After he finished speaking, he suddenly shouted, "Someone is outside!"

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