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"Is it highly toxic?" Chen Xiang smelled a terrible stench, and then he threw a low rank divine blade into the black swamp. This low rank divine blade was very st.u.r.dy, but after entering the black swamp, it instantly turned into black Qi.

Yue'er looked at the endless black quagmire in front of her and said, "This should be the Evil Mud Pond. Legend says that it's because a very vicious Evil beast died here that it became like this. As long as it doesn't sink in, it's fine.

Chen Xiang rose into the air and flew according to his senses towards the Divine Weapon. If he was in the Evil Mud Pond, it would not be easy to take it out.

"Is it really safe here?" Chen Xiang could not help but ask, because he realized that very few people entered. Even in the air, there were no birds flying, obviously wanting to avoid this place.

"Of course not, this is a dangerous place. Be careful." Yue'er replied, "As long as it's a dangerous place, there will always be hidden dangers. Because the elders of the Star Moon Divine Race rarely visit this place, I'm not very familiar with it either."

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang had already entered the depths of this Evil Mud Pit. He had used the power of the spatial laws to travel this entire way, and did not stay on the surface for long.

"How long has this evil quagmire existed for?" Chen Xiang asked. Waves of death aura pervaded this Evil Mud Pond, and occasionally, the chilly wind would blow over, causing a black stench and mist. Especially when they arrived at the depths, it gave off an extremely oppressive feeling.

"It's been many years. Legend has it that the magical beast that died was an existence close to the Emperor level. After he died, the poisonous blood came out and corroded his corpse, then spread out. After a long time, it became like this!" Yue'er asked, "Did you find anything wrong?" I didn't sense anything! "

Yue'er's perception was extremely strong, and even if she did not discover anything, Chen Xiang had even less of a chance.

Chen Xiang shook his head and said: "Staying here makes me very uncomfortable."

Yue'er said: "This is usually the case for places like this. There is a large amount of death aura here, and when that Poisonous beast died here, there would definitely be a large number of creatures that died afterwards as well. If that G.o.dly weapon was hidden here, it would be very safe. No one would want to come to this place! Do you feel that Divine Weapon now? "

"It's near here!" Chen Xiang floated above the Evil Mud Pond, and slowly flew towards a place that looked like a whirlpool.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to go over, Yue'er anxiously shouted, "Don't go over there!"

However, Chen Xiang had already flown up above, and when he heard Yue'er's shout, he immediately teleported away, only to see a soft black object suddenly shooting out of the vortex like lightning, about a hundred meters long, straight into the sky, looking like a very long black tongue.

"That was close!" Chen Xiang said in shock.

"Be careful down there!" Yue'er shouted in alarm.

Chen Xiang anxiously activated s.p.a.ce Domain, isolating himself from the s.p.a.ce. Although a black vortex appeared below him, he was unable to extend his black tongue.

Chen Xiang distanced himself from the whirlpool and threw out a large piece of beast meat that was stored inside the ring. That black tongue of his shot out again and agilely wrapped around the huge piece of beast meat.

Chen Xiang slashed his sword from afar, releasing a ray of sword qi condensed from Six Realms' Power, cutting that black long tongue apart!

After his tongue was cut off, the entire swamp was suddenly like a surging wave, surging up and down violently, Chen Xiang anxiously floated up to the sky!

It was obvious that something was trying to come out from under the mud. It should be the Evil beast with the tongue!

"This thing's size is really big!" Chen Xiang looked at the bog that was churning up and down from high up in the sky, and he could tell what it was from this, "What exactly is this thing?"

Soon, he got his answer. It was a dragon that had emerged from the depths of the quagmire!

Coming to the Super G.o.d Realm, this was the first time he saw a dragon. However, this dragon was very ugly, and there were two dragons of varying sizes!

This evil dragon that was covered in poisonous mud was not only huge, it also had a strange appearance. It had many pairs of legs, like a centipede, its two heads were covered with black scales, and the smaller head had closed eyes, as if it was dead.

"Maybe it was because it absorbed too much of the Poisonous beast's blood that it grew into this state. Looks like the Poisonous beast was originally a huge centipede, and this poisonous dragon came to this place and fused with the centipede's Divine Deity." Yue'er said, "It won't be hard to deal with them!"

Chen Xiang frowned: "I can feel a Divine Weapon moving close to me, could it be in this guy's stomach? If it's like that, it's very likely to be the Azure Dragon Divine Weapon! "

After his small head's tongue was chopped off, it caused him great pain. He immediately popped out to see what was going on, and only saw Chen Xiang floating in the air. He was furious in his heart, and spewed out a black poison towards Chen Xiang.

Although the speed of the poison flying at was much faster, it was nothing to Chen Xiang. He easily dodged it and immediately executed the Soul Destroyer Slash within the Dragon Slaying Seven Killing Strikes, directly attacking the Hundred Legged Poison Dragon's divine soul.

This Hundred Legged Poison Dragon wasn't very powerful. It was just that its entire body was poisonous and its size was huge. If it were to sneak attack him while hiding under the quagmire, it would be easy for him to get it!

Chen Xiang struck straight at the Hundred Legged Poison Dragon's divine soul, and only heard the dragon let out a furious roar. Then, its body began to struggle violently, causing the black colored mud to churn chaotically like a raging tide.

"Dead!" Chen Xiang released the Chuangzao fire s from the Hundred Legged Poisonous Dragon's body and ignited it.

Just as the flames were burning, a green light suddenly shot out!

"It really is the Azure Dragon Divine Weapon!" Chen Xiang was ecstatic, he anxiously teleported to catch it.

The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword from before had already been destroyed. That blade was very large and domineering, but this one seemed much smaller with a trace of gold in the middle.

"Is it complete?" Yue'er asked. Previously, when Chen Xiang had obtained profoundwu clothing that lacked Divine Deity, they were incomplete divine weapons.

"It's complete. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been running all over the place. I never would have expected him to be parasitic in the body of this Hundred Legged Poisonous Dragon." Chen Xiang held onto the Green Dragon Divine Saber tightly, and slashed at the black swamp below. He did not use the Six Realms' Power, but the force produced by the Divine Blade had created a deep cut.

"It feels pretty good!" Now, there's only two more! " Chen Xiang closed his eyes, and quietly sensed the direction of the other divine weapons.

After a while, he still didn't feel anything, but Yue'er sensed someone heading their way. "There are more than ten guys flying over. They seem to be in a hurry, could it be that they're coming for this Hundred Legged Poison Dragon?"

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