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Yang Tianyi said: "Old fart, why don't you follow me back to the Star Law Divine Realm? You can only become stronger after you return to that place. You should be very curious about whether there are people from your Undead Divine Race in the Star Law Divine Realm or not right? "

Huang Jintian nodded his head: "Okay, I will go with you!"

Everyone had already arrived at the bottom of the Lion Emperor's Divine Mountain, which was also the Lion Emperor's Tomb. In a large mountain range, there was a door on the Lion Mountain's huge chest.

Chen Xiang was also in a hurry to find the other three divine weapons, the need to quickly bring out Nine Divine Kings. Otherwise, if Nine Heaven World continued to grow at this rate, sooner or later, he would be targeted by a powerful force.

After a few days, everyone had recovered. Shui Bingyan was a lot better, as she and Yue'er reluctantly bade farewell to him, and then followed Feng Yujie to enter the spatial tunnel that Huang Jintian had opened, heading towards the Nine Heaven World.

Yue'er had to follow Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang also needed a very experienced pilot in the Super G.o.d Realm, and Yue'er was the best choice.

Huang Jintian and Yang Tianyi, the better, let's return to the Star Law Divine Realm together! Although Yue Er also wanted to return, she still planned to wait until she recovered her strength. She felt that if she were to return now, it would definitely be very embarra.s.sing.

Qi Shi also had to focus on developing his Divine Lion Race. In the future, he had to protect his own Divine Lion Race from being destroyed!

When Feng Yujie returned to the Nine Heaven World, one reason was because he needed to bring back the Bone level Dan's divine medicine and a few divine pills. If he could get these divine pills early in the Nine Heaven World, he would be able to quickly become strong!

… ….

Chen Xiang was far away from the Lion Emperor Divine Mountain, so he searched for the other three divine weapons according to his senses. That feeling was very blurry, and did not inform him which divine weapon it was, so he was unsure, and sometimes the feeling even disappeared.

"The Heavenly Divine Lord is still in the Ninefold s.p.a.ce. There is a possibility of revival! But if he resurrects, his lifespan might very well be running out like the other Divine Lord s. " Chen Xiang said. This was what the Great Divine Lord had told him back then.

"Actually, I'm not going to die either. I've died many times, just like your master." Yue'er laughed, "There is a secret that I am only telling you. Actually, your master's Undead Divine Race and I have some sort of relationship."

Chen Xiang was not too surprised. Yue'er came from the Star Law Divine Realm, and she was even some law enforcer.

Yue'er continued: "In this Super G.o.d Realm, neither the Divine Lion Race nor the Divine Lion Race profess themselves to be their own, but actually exist! It was just that the Star Moon Divine Race here was not the orthodox school, it could be considered a branch! The Ox G.o.d of Swallowing Star also has the blood of the Star Moon Divine Race in it, and other beasts also have the same thing, because they are born with the ability to absorb the power of the stars and moon to cultivate! "

"What about the Divine Lion Race? There are Divine Lion Race s in the Star Law Divine Realm? " Chen Xiang never thought that the Super G.o.d Realm's ten great G.o.d Tribes would actually have such an influential background.

"There are humans in the Star Law Divine Realm! But the Divine Lion Race and the dragon race are all beasts, they all belong to the G.o.d race! " Yue'er replied, "Of course, there are six great G.o.d races in Star Law Divine Realm. There are three beasts: Divine Lion Race, Dragon Clan, and Cat Race, while the other three are Star Moon Divine Race, Undead Divine Race, and Herculean G.o.d Tribe! Among them, the Star Moon Divine Race s are relatively different, they are beast-type and human-like. "

Chen Xiang laughed, "Yue'er, is this Cat Race related?"

Yue'er nodded and said, "Mn, I have three G.o.d bloodline, Undead Divine Race s, Star Moon Divine Race s, and Cat Race s in my body! My mother was from the Cat Race, and my father was from the Star Moon Divine Race. But my father had the bloodline of both the Undead Divine Race and the Star Moon Divine Race in his body, so I inherited them. "

Chen Xiang said in shock: "So that means your grandfather and grandmother are respectively from Undead Divine Race and Star Moon Divine Race? Aren't you very strong since you inherited the blood of the three G.o.d race? "

Yue'er laughed complacently: "Of course I'm very strong. Do you think that the Star Law Divine Realm's Enforcer can casually become one? Back then, I had to take many examinations to pa.s.s! "

Xiao Chou and Zhu Xiangyuan were both from the Giant G.o.d Clan, and their strengths were not bad.

"Yue'er, how is the Star Law Divine Realm's t.i.tan G.o.d clan? That bald disciple of mine has the blood of the t.i.tan G.o.d clan, will they accept him in the future? " Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course I will. When I left the Star Law Divine Realm back then, the number of people in the Herculean G.o.d Tribe were few and far between! After so many years of development, there are not many clan members who can be found in other worlds and even grow up! " Yue Er said.

The Nine Heaven World had dragons and cats, the Super G.o.d Realm had dragons and cats, and the Super G.o.d Realm had Divine Lion Race and Divine Lion Race. It could be seen how terrifying the G.o.d Tribes of the Star Law Divine Realm were.

Chen Xiang asked again, "Are all six G.o.d Clans very powerful? Were those rules set by them in the Star Law Divine Realm? "

At this time, Chen Xiang had already stopped to rest. Yue'er flew out to eat, using her tongue to lick the sweet ice fruit juice Shui Bingyan had left her.

"No, the six G.o.d race only supported this rule. They did not make it, and they are restricted by many rules! This way, they could avoid large-scale wars. No matter who it was, they had to follow these rules, because at the moment, the strongest was only at the Divine Lord level! Furthermore, it is not as though a Divine Lord who is unable to create much of a storm in Star Law Divine Realm has never been punished before. "

For example, it was not allowed to sell divine pellets without permission, only those who set the rules could sell them. Thus, if one wanted to rely on alchemy to earn Shen Yuan stone, they could only rely on those powers.

After resting, Chen Xiang suddenly had a feeling that there was a Four Symbols Divine Weapons not far from him, and he was still moving.

"What's going on with these Four Symbols Divine Weapons s? Run around! " Chen Xiang was extremely depressed. If he could just lock himself in one spot, he could just directly go and search.

"These spiritual weapons would usually hide in very dangerous places. These dangerous places are meant for humans, so you have to be careful." Yue'er replied, "A Divine Weapon crafted by the Divine Lord. The most powerful ones that are able to attack people on their own. If one is not careful, one would be killed by the Grand G.o.d."

In the afternoon, the sky was entirely covered by thick gray clouds, although there was no sunlight shining on it, this kind of overcast sky still made people feel a sense of pressure, Chen Xiang chased after the Divine Weapon and arrived next to a large piece of black mud. He threw a large stone over, and when the stone came into contact with the black mud, it immediately sank, and then began to emit black smoke!

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