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When these Divine Nations Warriors came to the Super G.o.d Realm, they thought that they were high and mighty. The people of the Super G.o.d Realm were like ants, but now, they were oppressed and several of them died. They could not just run away like this. They would be laughed at to death!

The dozens of Divine Nations rankers seemed to have made an agreement as they immediately flew up. Five of them rushed towards the White Tiger and the rest while the rest rushed towards Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian.

Upon sensing this momentum, he knew that the other party was going all out this time!

Chen Xiang waved his hand and released a Hexagonal disk. The white clothed man had sharp eyes, and immediately saw this thing. He was extremely shocked, because this was a Six Realms mirrors!

"You can't escape!" Chen Xiang saw that the man in white had retracted his power.

After the Six Realms mirrors was flung out by Chen Xiang, it floated in the air and released many black lights. These black lights entered into the bodies of the Divine Nations Warriors separately!

"Six Soul Locating Arrays can paralyze the soul and cause it to be unable to control the body and move!" This was what Chen Xiang found out when he opened the array patterns on the Six Realms mirrors. He knew that there were a lot of terrifying killing formations inside the Six Realms mirrors, but he wasn't strong enough to open them.

Just now, Huang Jintian had given him a lot of power, telling him to open the six soul imprisoning arrays to lock these Divine Nations experts.

After he was done, Chen Xiang took out the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword. At this moment, he no longer needed divine soul. He walked over to the white clothed man and brandished the G.o.d Slaughtering Sword, slashing down at him!

The white-clothed man was unable to move or even speak. He could only widen his eyes in fear as he watched the G.o.dslayer Sword hack down on him, taking away his life.

"Hurry up and finish it! Time is limited!" Huang Jintian immediately jumped to the front of an old man and smashed him into pieces with his palm.

At this time, the crowd on the city wall, as well as White Tiger and the others, just watched Chen Xiang kill all of the Divine Nations's Rankers with one sword strike.

"You were the one who injured BingYan earlier, right?" Chen Xiang looked at a middle-aged man who was lying on the ground. This middle-aged man should have pounced like he was flying towards him to attack, but because he was struck by the six Soul Locating Arrays, he fell to the ground.

Chen Xiang hated this man to the bones, he stored up all his Six Realms' Power and hacked down, releasing a silver flame that entered the middle aged man's body. Under the strong pressure of the sword, the fire burned even more fiercely, instantly burning the middle aged man to ashes.

In just a moment's time, all of these people who had wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the divine cow's divine soul had been killed! These were all experts from the Divine Nations, they could kill as they wished, and they had to kill as many as they wanted. If the Divine Nations pursued this matter, the consequences would be dire!

Those who had some understanding of the Divine Nations were currently deeply afraid, afraid that the anger of the Divine Nations would burn to them!

The red-clothed man watched everything from midair and sighed, "You said you wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h Chen Xiang's Heavenly Alchemy? Now you see, this is the result! When you push people to their deaths, they will not care whether you are Divine Nations or not. In their eyes, there is only resistance, because that is the only way to survive! "

This kind of expert was not one that they could deal with. If not for the fact that Yang Tianyi had suffered heavy injuries from his fight with the Swallowing Star G.o.d Cow, those experts from the Divine Nations would not have appeared!

Although they did not see him actually fighting, but they were sure that it was also very scary. The reason he helped Chen Xiang activate the Six Realms mirrors's killing array, was probably to hide his true strength.

At this time, the mountain-like White crocodile flew over, and above him was Jiang Sheng.

Feng Yujie gave Yue'er's bag that he had hidden away to Chen Xiang, and took Shui Bingyan to the Yin Yao Ring to heal her wounds. Qi Shi and the others rode on the White crocodile.

"Ol 'White, to the Lion King's Tomb!" Qi Shi said to the White crocodile.

If he could not go back to Supreme Divine Palace and the Heroes Gathering Divine City after what had happened, it would only implicate them.

Everyone was already very tired, and Yang Tianyi had also been injured, so most of his energy had been used up. If they were to encounter another strong warrior, they could only rely on Huang Jintian.

Chen Xiang sat on top of the White crocodile and looked at Yang Tianyi's injuries. It looked to be more serious, but he had to say something.

"This brother's body is too scary. The effect of my divine pill isn't very good either!" Luo Tianjun took out a Shangpin dan and placed it in Yang Tianyi's mouth.

"Just sleep for a few days. It's nothing much!" Yang Tianyi's voice was a little weak as he lightly smiled.

Huang Jintian looked at the Heroes Gathering Divine City that was gradually disappearing and let out a sigh of relief, "Luckily I came here quickly, and I had expected something bad to happen today, if not all of you would have been dead by now."

Other than Luo Tianjun, Olde Iron c.o.c.k Zhu Xiangyuan and a few others, most of the people on the White crocodile's back recognized Huang Jintian. However, they also knew that Huang Jintian was Chen Xiang's master, and they felt that it was inconceivable for him to suddenly become so powerful.

"Big Brother Qi, where is your Divine Lion Race? Aren't you going to arrange for them? " Chen Xiang asked.

"I've already told them to go to the Lion Emperor's Tomb." Qi Shi laughed and poked his backpack. He heard a "meow" sound coming from inside and laughed: "That little white cat is inside right?"

Yue'er stuck her head out, stuck out her tongue, and said: "Thank you for your hard work everyone, but I have more or less dragged everyone here. If everyone has the chance to go to Star Law Divine Realm in the future, I will definitely not mistreat you!"

Huang Jintian frowned: "Star Law Divine Realm? You came from the Star Law Divine Realm? "

He didn't know about these things, but he seemed to know Yue'er, "Back then, I heard the All-beast Divine Lord mention Samsara Sacrifice's Samsara Sacrifice. I didn't expect that there were still many things hidden inside."

Chen Xiang and Yang Tianyi were relatively clear about this matter, but no one else was aware of it.

"So there was actually such a story!" After hearing the truth, everyone sighed. It wasn't easy for Yue'er to go through so many tragic things.

"You are from the Undead Divine Race, and your roots should be in the Star Law Divine Realm as well. The Tianyan G.o.d record you use should be based on the power of the stars, and only an inexhaustible amount of star power can sustain your Tianyan G.o.d record's Sky Spill Divine Abacus." Yue Er said.

Huang Jintian nodded his head. He was very clear about his own background and he had even more of a story.

"You old fogey!" The White Tiger and the other G.o.d Beasts shouted in alarm at the same time, because they had all heard of the legend of the old Tianyan G.o.d record not dying.

Huang Jintian laughed: "Back then, when you were very young, I had hugged you all. It's just that many years have pa.s.sed and I have already changed my appearance many times, you no longer recognize me."

Chen Xiang asked curiously, "Master, how long have you lived for?"

Huang Jintian laughed bitterly: "I also want to know, I can't remember myself, in short, I have been to many places!"

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