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The White Tiger and Vermillion Bird, Luo Tianjun and Zhu Xiangyuan also immediately retaliated, as well as the hidden Olde Iron c.o.c.k also suddenly appeared. Shui Bingyan bought them a very valuable attack time, they definitely had to be precious, and used all of their strength to launch their most terrifying attack!

In a split-second, five experts from the Divine Nations were killed, while the White Tiger and the rest were also paralyzed on the ground. The remaining few experts from the Divine Nations were also able to struggle free from Shui Bingyan's frozen body, and one of the middle-aged men immediately flashed towards Shui Bingyan, striking him hard on his abdomen!

Shui Bingyan cried out in pain as she was sent flying. She had just released all the cold energy in her body in order to buy some time.

Feng Yujie immediately flew to catch Shui Bingyan!

"BingYan!" Chen Xiang's forehead was full of veins as he roared. He really wanted to pull back his hand, but if he did, he would also receive heavy injuries. At that time, he would be a useless cripple.

Yue'er hid inside Feng Yujie's backpack, and asked with a slightly sad tone: "BingYan, are you alright?"

Luo Tianjun immediately took out a few bottles of divine pellets and threw them over. Just as he was about to take them, he was broken by the few people from Divine Nations.

"You will all die, yet you dare to resist the Divine Nations!" A middle-aged man said coldly.

It had never happened before for several Divine Nations Rankers to die all of a sudden, and they were even killed by an opponent of this level.

The Star Swallowing Divine Cow's divine soul was extremely tempting, and it was not just a set of divine soul.

"Tsk tsk, you guys are too weak. So many of you have died!" Suddenly, a white clothed man appeared. Behind him were more than ten youths, who looked like they belonged to the Divine Nations.

"You guys have been hiding all this time!" A middle-aged man said with a cold expression. If these youths had come out earlier, they might not have suffered such a huge loss.

Chen Xiang looked at Shui Bingyan who had a haggard face, his entire body shivering, he was already prepared to fight to the death, as long as he could smoothly fuse with the divine soul!

"Hehe, it's not like you guys don't know that this guy has Six Realms mirrors on him! Back then, the six Divine Lord s had plotted against a few of their Divine Lord s using the Six Realms mirrors, and recklessly attacked him, which was not a wise decision, but to observe from the side for a period of time! " The white clothed man smiled, looked at Chen Xiang, and continued to speak: "Seeing that he's been forced to such a state, he probably doesn't know how to use the Six Realms Divine Palace technique, so I can relax and come out."

The white-robed man looked at the corpses lying on the ground and shook his head. "It seems that what I've done was quite wise. Their fight just now was quite outstanding, and if it had been us, we would have suffered. It's a pity."

"Now that we have more people, we will also have to split the divine cow's divine soul equally!" The white clothed man walked towards Chen Xiang step by step.

Half of the Divine Nations's strong warriors had originally died, but now there were more than ten, which meant that there were already fifteen. If they could obtain the G.o.d Cow's Divine Deity and Divine Deity, they would have been evenly split.

However, the white-clothed man and the others would split more between them. As for the middle-aged man and the old man, half of them had died.

When the man in white walked over, he suddenly saw a small dot in the distant sky. When he looked carefully, his expression changed drastically. He let out a scream and was sent flying.

At that moment, everyone saw something smash into the man in white's handsome face. That thing looked like a book, but it was transparent!

Seeing this transparent book, Chen Xiang was overjoyed. It was Huang Jintian's Tianyan G.o.d record!

Huang Jintian was a strong Ranker back in the Primordial Era, but because he could not get through the big tribulation, he was constantly reborn! Now that he had suddenly appeared, it was clear that he had pa.s.sed through a great tribulation. Not only had he recovered his memories, but he had also regained his strength!

"Who was plotting against me? Did you come from the Divine Nations? " Although the man in white had his face smashed and was bleeding profusely, he still maintained his calm as he asked with his ice-cold voice.

"So what if I'm plotting against you? The guy who killed people for their goods! " Huang Jintian's voice came out, and with it, he stood right in front of Chen Xiang and the others.

"Master, quickly check on BingYan's condition!" Chen Xiang anxiously told Huang Jintian, he was extremely worried for Shui Bingyan.

"I have expended too much energy, and my body suffered some internal injuries. Divine Sense Sea is fine!" Huang Jintian glanced at Shui Bingyan, and said indifferently: "She is a Dao Spirit, and has cultivated up to the Innate Dao Body. She won't die that easily."

Huang Jintian looked at the group of Divine Nations and snorted: "You Divine Nations are still the same!"

"Just who are you?" A middle-aged man asked. Although they could not see Huang Jintian's cultivation level, they knew that he was powerful, if not, he would not have been able to injure the white clothed youth so severely.

Yi Bidong secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that Huang Jintian was the extremely famous Old Immortal, if he did not pa.s.s through the Tianyan G.o.d record, he would not be able to recognize Huang Jintian! Now that Huang Jintian knew how to use Tianyan G.o.d record s to attack, it showed that Huang Jintian had already awakened his memories.

"I'm Chen Xiang's master, you guys don't have a backer for bullying my kid, right?" Huang Jintian suddenly dodged, retreating behind Chen Xiang. He slapped his palm on Chen Xiang's back: "Follow the mental cultivation method that I pa.s.sed down to you, quickly complete the fusion of Bones and soul!"

When they heard this, the experts of the Divine Nations were all shocked, as were White Tiger, Mu Chen and the others! Chen Xiang wasn't even a Primordial G.o.d, but he was actually able to condense Bones. If he also fused with the Divine Cow's divine soul, then he would become a Primordial G.o.d in the future, and his strength would be unimaginable.

With Huang Jintian's help, Chen Xiang very quickly absorbed three sets of powerful divine soul and five pellets of Divine Deity and merged them into his Bones. At this moment, his arm had also swelled up, and he looked as if he contained unparalleled strength.

The white-clothed man sprinkled some sparkling powder on his face. His injured face quickly recovered and he said coldly, "Don't be afraid of him. His cultivation is only slightly higher than ours. We can still deal with him if we join hands!"

"You should know what happens when you go against our Divine Nations, especially these divine beasts." The white clothed man looked at the White Tiger, Qi Shi and the others, then looked at Chen Xiang and laughed coldly, "So what if your Bones has fused with your soul? You will definitely die today!"

Huang Jintian said to Chen Xiang. "Prepare to use the Six Realms mirrors, pour my power into it later. Then, do as I say and control the Six Realms mirrors, activate some of the array patterns inside!"

Huang Jintian stood behind Chen Xiang and put a hand on his shoulder, then began to instill the vast Mysterious power in his body. When Chen Xiang felt it, he was extremely shocked, Huang Jintian's powerful Mysterious power that had entered his body made him feel like he was mud, as if he could be crushed anytime by the force.

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