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Jiang Sheng's strength was limited, so he could only watch from the side. Chen Xiang and the rest were also like this, facing such a strong Primordial G.o.d, they were simply unable to help.

Yang Tianyi and the Star Swallowing Divine Cow had erupted into an extremely intense battle in the distance. Although they could not see their figures from the city walls, they could see that in the distance, a piece of the ground that was covered by the lava had become completely red.

They were evenly matched. If this continued, even if they wanted to determine the victor, it would take a long time, and it would take a long time to do so. After all, with so many things happening here and the strong warriors sent by the Divine Nations s, the Divine Nations would probably intervene!

If that was the case, Divine Nations had made a promise with him. If he was in a crisis, Divine Nations might come and save him. After all, he, the Swallowing Star Cow, had decent strength.

Although the elders were fighting with Qi Shi and the rest and were suppressed by them, they had no choice but to let their entire clan attack!

However, at this time, many clan members of the Star Moon Divine Race turned into birds and beasts, transformed into streaks of white light, and disappeared in four directions!

"These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" He did not expect such a thing to happen.

Yue'er was extremely popular in the Star Moon Divine Race, so it was natural that many Star and crescent beast would listen to her. Especially after knowing that the Star Moon Ancestor Emperor was treating Yue'er in such a manner, they became even more furious.

This group of Star and crescent beast were originally nurtured by Xing Yue's essence, and were gathered in the Star Moon Divine Race. Only a small portion of them were born through reproduction, so they did not have much sympathy for this Star Moon Ancestor Emperor. They liked Yue'er, who often brought them joyous laughter, and Yue'er had also helped them over the years.

"Kill them all!" Qi Shi's target was the Divine Lion King. At this time, the Divine Lion King was mixed with the elders of Star Moon Divine Race, if they wanted to kill the Divine Lion King, they would need to eliminate the Star-Moon Beast King.

The moment Qi Shi gave the order, the Giant Divine Lions, who were ready to move, launched their fierce attacks together with Qi Shi and the others. They condensed some energy in the distance and released it, and very quickly, the elders of the Star Moon Divine Race did not have any chance to reverse the situation, they all lost their fighting spirit, and only wanted to get rid of Qi Shi and the others quickly so that they could escape from this place and save their lives.

"Qi Shi... You and I are still brothers … " When the Divine Lion King saw that he had lost his power, he anxiously shouted, but Qi Shi did not care about face, he mercilessly slashed with the Lion Emperor's blade.

Qi Shi scoffed, "Qi Yan is also a brother, but what did you do after he was killed by your son? If you really treat us as brothers, then you shouldn't bring your precious son here, and even more so, you shouldn't let him continue to be so arrogant. "

When Qi Shi was killed by the Prince Divine Lions, when Qi Shi thought back to this matter, he definitely would not show mercy. He raised the Lion Emperor's battle blade in his hand again, and when it swung down, it turned into countless of blade shadows.

After the Divine Lion King had been killed, Qi Shi joined the battle between the White Tiger and Elder Xing Yue. They wanted to end the battle quickly so that they would have a better understanding of the Divine Nations and avoid delaying any further.

Not long after, all the elders of the Star Moon Divine Race were killed. Although they had powerful strength and had lived for many years, under the attacks of the terrifying Primordial Divine Beasts of the White Tiger family, they were completely annihilated.

"Fortunately, the Divine City and the divine hall are fine!" Mu Chen floated in the air and looked down. Although the Divine City and the surroundings of the shrine had been turned into a wasteland, he was not harmed at all.

Right now, everyone was watching the intense battle between Yang Tianyi and the Swallowing Star Divine Cow. They didn't dare to get too close to a battle of this level, and when they recalled the blazing star released by the Swallowing Star G.o.d Cow, they felt a lingering fear.

Yue'er sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "What the h.e.l.l is this Yang Tianyi doing? He still hasn't used the power of Bones up till now, so he should end this battle quickly! "

Yang Tianyi had merged with his star divine soul, his strength had greatly increased, but he did not use this kind of power!

It was unknown if it was Yue'er who suddenly transmitted to Yang Tianyi, but the activity in the distance became even more intense, and there was even a terrifying amount of star power!

Yang Tianyi came from the Star Law Divine Realm, and had been locked in the Star Moon h.e.l.l for many years full of the power of the stars and moon. His star power was also extremely terrifying.

"He's finally used it. This guy isn't lazy, he's performing well!" Yue Er transmitted her voice.

Chen Xiang also wanted to test how powerful his Bones would be once they fuse with a strong one. He already had the Bones right now, so his strength had increased by a lot but it just hadn't been done yet!

"Who is this person?" We actually don't know about it! " Mu Chen frowned, he looked at Chen Xiang.

"He's a senior from the Star Law Divine Realm. He's already been in the Super G.o.d Realm for a while, I was the one who saved him." Chen Xiang said, but he did not say anything about Yue'er, because Yue'er had enmity with the Divine Nations.

"Star Law Divine Realm? I think I've heard that this place is very mysterious, very far away, and much more powerful than the Divine Nations. " Qi Shi said.

"I don't know much either!" Chen Xiang did not really want to go to the Star Law Divine Realm.

After a short while, silence descended in the distance. Everyone was puzzled. They thought that the battle would last for a period of time, but now it had quieted down. Could it be that the battle had ended?

Sure enough, the battle had ended. Yang Tianyi flew over while carrying a fiery-red cow on his back. Yang Tianyi's body also had many shocking wounds, and there was even a b.l.o.o.d.y hole on his abdomen.

There was blood on the horns of the cow he was carrying. The hole on Yang Tianyi's abdomen should have been caused by the horn.

"Brat, it's your turn. This guy only severely injured Divine Sense Sea and his body, so he doesn't have any strength to fight back right now." Yang Tianyi let out a light breath. Looking at his current state, one could tell that his injuries were not light.

Chen Xiang immediately jumped off the city wall! He had already agreed that the Star Swallowing Divine Cow's divine soul was his, and that he would merge it with his Bones.

Chen Xiang's movements were extremely fast. As soon as he arrived beside the Star Swallowing Divine Cow, he immediately activated his Soul Absorbing Devil Spell and swallowed the Star Swallowing Divine Cow's divine soul.

"Stop him!" A voice suddenly came from the sky. It was the voice of a Middle-aged Man in Black Armour warrior.

This group of Divine Nations experts finally realised that Chen Xiang wanted to take away the Star Swallowing Divine Cow's divine soul. This kind of powerful beast's divine soul was incomparably precious, and it was also extremely difficult to find.

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