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Chen Xiang brought the pill furnaces up, the next thing to do was the middle-aged man. These pill furnaces were originally theirs, after refining, they would have to take them back, and after Chen Xiang took the Shen Yuan stone, it would be fine.

The middle aged man was also very curious about the pill refining compet.i.tion, he was in charge of supervising it. Previously, when Chen Xiang took out the Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients, he did not recognize any of the divine medicines.

Now that Chen Xiang brought the pill furnace up, he couldn't wait to go up and open the lid!

There were six supreme dan beads inside. Although the experts on the pavilion were far away from the center of the arena, they could still see the six divine dan beads inside the pill furnace and were unable to recognize them!

These six Bone level Dan s were milky white in color. When the middle-aged man took them out from the pill furnace, he let everyone see more clearly.

Of course, what they were most curious about was what kind of G.o.dly dan were these six? They were not precious!

… ….

"Young master, is this a Bone level Dan? Why is it different from the one you refined, I remember that you refined it with a light yellow color! " The old follower exclaimed in surprise when he saw the six pure white divine pellets.

The red clothed man frowned and did not say a word because he was also not sure if it was a Bone level Dan or not. "I am also clear because what my master refined is also light yellow! However, the divine medicine he uses is indeed the three that are needed to refine Bone level Dan! "

Xiao Changle asked curiously: "Old Luo, what exactly is this divine pellet? "I've never seen it before. Didn't you say that you would know once it's out of the oven?"

When Luo Tianjun saw the six divine pellets, he was stunned for a while. Luo Tianjun had never seen Bone level Dan before, but he knew from the books that Bone level Dan were light yellow in color.

"This... What divine pill is this? " The middle aged man asked Chen Xiang awkwardly. He was already experienced and knowledgeable, not only was he unable to recognize the divine medicine that Chen Xiang was refining the pills, he could not even recognize the completed products of the divine pills.

Many people suspected that this was a divine pill that Chen Xiang himself created! If it had a good effect, it would sell for a good price, but he needed to prove the effectiveness of this pill.

"Bone level Dan!" Chen Xiang said one word at a time. Everyone in the plaza could hear his loud voice.

Hearing these words, everyone was shocked, but they did not believe it, because all the pill G.o.ds present had understood from their books what a Bone level Dan looked like. Right now, it was completely different from Chen Xiang's.

The middle-aged man said: "But this Bone level Dan is different from the ones in the books. I come from the Divine Nations and have personally seen the Bone level Dan. As for your color, it is pure white. Furthermore, the aroma of the medicinal pills is stronger! it is completely different from the Bone level Dan I know. "

The red clothed man inside the pavilion also nodded his head, because the Bone level Dan that he had refined himself was exactly the same as what the middle-aged man had said. At this moment, he also could not believe that Chen Xiang had refined a Bone level Dan, and perhaps it was because Chen Xiang had produced too many pills in one go.

Chen Xiang smiled faintly. Before, he had also read about Bone level Dan s, and it was indeed just as the middle-aged man had said, but the reason it was different now was because his method of refinement was different. His method was to bring out the best of the divine medicines, Original source refining, but a Bone level Dan of the highest quality.

"Senior, then have you eaten Bone level Dan before?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I have never eaten before, even in Divine Nations, Bone level Dan are extremely precious! Low rank Bone level Dan is also priceless, and even if I had Shen Yuan stone, I wouldn't be able to buy it! " The middle-aged man shook his head. If there was really a Bone level Dan in front of him, he would definitely buy it too.

Chen Xiang asked again: "Then Senior, did you manage to cultivate Bones?"

The middle-aged man in front of him had an extraordinary strength, and he was even a Pill G.o.d. Chen Xiang guessed that his strength had already surpa.s.sed the Supreme G.o.d, and people with this kind of strength would really want to cultivate Bones.

"No!" The middle-aged man looked a little helpless, because up till now, there was no direct method of cultivating Bones.

Chen Xiang said: "Then, Senior, if you eat my Bone level Dan, can you confirm that this is a Bone level Dan?"

The middle-aged man thought for a moment: "Yes, I know what it feels like to eat a Bone level Dan. Although I have never eaten it before, I can definitely tell it from the feeling described in the book."

"Alright, in order to prove it, then I'll give you one, senior. This is my gift to you!" Chen Xiang smiled slightly. In his heart, he was also quite depressed, the Bone level Dan that he refined were the best, and the things that were recorded in the books were not good enough.

The middle-aged man hesitated for a moment, then placed a Bone level Dan into his mouth. When the divine pellet entered his mouth, the feeling described in the book immediately emerged, the middle-aged man's face was filled with ecstasy, it seemed like he could already confirm that this was the Bone level Dan!

"This is the Bone level Dan, upon eating it, it feels exactly the same as what is written in the book, or maybe even stronger. Could it be that your divine pellet is of better quality, so the color is different?" The middle-aged man said with a trace of excitement in his voice.

After the middle-aged man confirmed the news, the plaza immediately erupted with noise. The Bone level Dan had appeared, and it was for sale!

Even in the Divine Nations, it was something that had a price but no market. If it was auctioned here, the price could be imagined, not to mention a higher quality pure white Bone level Dan!

… ….

The red clothed man above the pavilion looked at the people in the plaza and whispered: "I must buy one, I must personally confirm if it is a Bone level Dan, even Master cannot refine a white Bone level Dan, while he can, can only refine six!"

"With young master's wealth, it won't be a problem for him to buy them all!" The old follower said: "If this is a fake Bone level Dan, then we must make this brat look good!"

The red clothed man said, "If I'm not lying, then the materials must be real!"

… ….

The middle aged man had eaten one of Chen Xiang's Bone level Dan, so he was in a hurry to conserve the medicinal energy, in case he wasted all his energy on it, when he was done with all of this, he would have to refine the medicinal energy, and maybe trigger the chance to condense the Bone level Dan.

"Everyone should know the value of Bone level Dan, so when you bid, you should have a rough idea!" The middle-aged man said, "Let's begin!"

Xiao Changle was shocked: "This is really a Bone level Dan, could it be that Master Guo is right, the quality of the pills Chen Xiang refined is the best, thus the color is different!"

The middle-aged man in charge of supervising the compet.i.tion was Master Guo. Since he had the t.i.tle, he must have some status too, and he himself had interacted with Bone level Dan before, so his words were authoritative.

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