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The bidders were all spectating at the side of the plaza, while the ones with more money were on the pavilions beside the plaza. If these tyc.o.o.ns were to make a move, these people on the side would definitely not be able to compete with them.

"1.3 million already, are there any more bids?" The middle-aged man shouted, his voice enveloping the entire square, everyone could hear him clearly.

"One million and five hundred thousand!" The old voice was unhurried, coming from those pavilions.

If it was someone from the pavilion, even if someone intentionally offered a high price, it would be difficult to judge!

But a Xiaping Dan that could sell for two million was already considered rare. If all three of them could be sold at this price, then it would be six million Shen Yuan stone! The final rankings were calculated based on the total bid. It would be difficult to surpa.s.s a single batch of Xiaping Dan and six million Shen Yuan stone!

No one continued to bid, and an old man came to the pavilion, paid the Shen Yuan stone, and took the Divine Deity pellet and left.

That old man was from the Heavenly G.o.d Lake, so he wasn't the type to raise prices on purpose!

There were still two Divine Deity Pills to be auctioned. As soon as the middle-aged man finished speaking, he once again began his noisy bidding, and the price quickly soared to one million Shen Yuan stone. When it reached this level, it basically quietened down. After a few more rounds of bidding, the price had actually risen to two hundred Shen Yuan stone!

And the last pellet, also auctioned off one million and seven hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone, bringing the total up to five million and seven hundred thousand. These Shen Yuan stone also all belonged to the Six Realms Divine Palace's Pill G.o.d.

A pot of Xiaping Dan was able to earn that many Shen Yuan stone, which made many Inferior Grade Pill G.o.ds exclaim in their hearts. Therefore, the pressure on the partic.i.p.ating Pill G.o.ds was extremely high, and only Chen Xiang was able to easily earn that many Shen Yuan stone, so he believed that the Bone level Dan was definitely not inferior to the Divine Deity Pellet.

However, it was only effective for G.o.ds and DemiG.o.ds. This kind of divine pill was also quite useful, especially for G.o.ds who had the same five attributes as themselves. Eating this kind of divine pill could help one break through the bottleneck.

This Pill G.o.d's standards were not bad. In such a short period of time, he could produce three pills in a single furnace. After all, they were not using Heavenly Alchemy s like Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang secretly sighed with emotion. This Super G.o.d Realm was indeed a crouching tiger and hidden dragon.

The price of three Five elements Dan s was one million three hundred thousand, one million one hundred fifty thousand, and one million. Adding up, it was three million four hundred and fifty thousand Shen Yuan stone, a lot less than the price of the old man.

The third pill G.o.d was from the Supreme Divine Palace, and he was refining a kind of strange divine pellet, which was the one that had a strange usage, called Bone Shrinking Divine Pellet!

"This kind of divine pill is rather rare. After consuming it, one's bones will shrink and become a child! "After the bones have shrunk, the strength of the body will not weaken. In addition, the body can develop its bones and muscles again through cultivation, and the process of development will also strengthen the body. This is a rather unique method of strengthening the body." That middle-aged man was very knowledgeable about pills, and explained in detail the uses of this G.o.dly pill.

"However, if the body is too strong, or has too many Divine Deity, eating it will not have too good of an effect. Eating below three Divine Deity is the best, including three Divine Deity."

At this time, everyone had a certain understanding of this G.o.dly pill. Especially those who were tired of living, they also wanted to experience the feeling of rejuvenation. After all, this was a rare G.o.dly pill, and its uses were quite good, perhaps it could be sold at a higher price.

There were only two of them in total. After a round of compet.i.tion, they were all sold out, the first one being sold for 1.8 million Shen Yuan stone, and the second being sold for 1.7 million. There was a total of 3.5 million, which was 50,000 more than the previous three Five elements Dan!

Being able to get such a high price for a single pellet was beyond Chen Xiang's expectations. After all, he did not understand the curiosity in many people's hearts.

The fourth type was the Blood Sea Divine Pellet, and the one who concocted this pellet was also from the Supreme Divine Palace, just like the one before, who looked like a middle-aged man.

The Blood Sea Divine Pill was rather famous and rare. After consuming it, one would be able to produce several vats of blood, but he would not suffer a huge loss of strength! The quality of the blood he released was also extremely high. Sometimes, refining pills or equipment required a large amount of his own blood.

Of course, the thing that used blood the most was to refine one's own Divine Weapon or Divine Weapon, these things consumed the most blood. If one took one Blood Sea Divine Pill, they wouldn't have to worry too much about their vital energy being damaged after being drained, so these things were extremely useful.

There were only two Blood Sea Divine Pills, so Chen Xiang guessed that the final price should not be too low.

Sure enough, after a while, the two Blood Sea Divine Pills were sold. Each pellet of one million and eight hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone, added up to a total of three million and six hundred thousand, which was a hundred thousand more than the previous pellets!

At this time, it was finally Chen Xiang's turn. As long as Chen Xiang's divine pellet was sold, he could immediately decide his ranking!

Everyone present was deeply impressed by the terrifying amount of pills that Chen Xiang had produced. Many people present hoped that the Xiaping Dan in his furnace would be like the ones before, piled up inside like beans so that they would have the chance to buy these divine pellets.

"How many will it be? The fact that he could refine it in four hours was already not bad! When I first started refining low quality Bone level Dan, I was only able to do so after a period of time. " The red clothed man was a little nervous, as if he was about to begin the battle. As a n.o.ble prince of Divine Nations, he had not felt such excitement in a long time.

Whether he won or lost, he would definitely feel satisfied in his heart. This was because it had been a long time since he had held such a compet.i.tion, even though he was the one who had "thought too much" about it and was fighting with Chen Xiang alone.

At this moment, Feng Yujie and the others were also looking forward to it very much, especially Luo Tianjun. Because he knew that Chen Xiang was refining Bone level Dan s, but he didn't know how many of them.

Mu Chen and Xiao Changle were also looking forward to it, because they knew that the divine pellet Chen Xiang refined was not an ordinary one.

Right now, they seemed to have forgotten the two approaching great armies of the Divine Beasts, as they waited for Chen Xiang to open the pill furnaces!

The entire audience was silent, their hearts shouting "Hurry up and open". Carrying the pill furnace, Chen Xiang walked to the side of the middle-aged man, because he wanted to give the middle-aged man a look at the quality of the divine pellet.

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