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Although the Divine Lion Race came, Luo Tianjun and the others did not tell him, afraid that they would affect his performance.

And Yue'er wasn't worried about Prince Divine Lions, but that Star Moon Ancestor Emperor! All the Rankers present could resist the attacks of the Divine Lion Race, but when the Ancestor Emperor made his move, if the Rankers from Divine Nations did not make their move, no one here could win against him.

Mu Chen had already prepared himself for the Divine Lion Race's attack. He and Xiao Changle were both hall masters of the two shrines, plus their hall elders and the White Tiger Vermilion Bird, they felt that it would be very easy at that time!

Thinking about it, Mu Chen was no longer nervous, but he suddenly received a message!

Mu Chen and Xiao Changle had arrived at the transmission at almost the same time, and their faces became extremely solemn.

"Star Moon Divine Race is here too! And it's even the entire Star Moon Divine Race's most powerful force that has been mobilized. Even the Patriarch of the Star Moon Divine Race is here, what is going on? " Mu Chen said in shock.

"I also just received a message. If the patriarch of the Star Moon Divine Race comes, wouldn't King Leonis, the patriarch of the Divine Lion Race, appear as well?" Xiao Changle's face did not look good. They had just started the compet.i.tion and such a thing was already happening. If they could not resist it, the two great shrines would be in a lot of trouble.

Xiao Changle said: "It seems that I have to call all the clan elders of my Six Realms Divine Palace over!"

If the Six Realms Divine Palace and the Supreme Divine Palace joined hands and were unable to resist the two divine beast races from the Beast Divine Palace, then the human side of the divine hall would truly be too weak.

Mu Chen looked at Yi Bidong, who nodded his head, and then left. Clearly, he was going to inform some of the old experts who were cultivating in seclusion!

Many of the people watching were in high spirits. They had no idea that a great battle was approaching!

The compet.i.tion of the Inferior Tier Pill G.o.d could be concluded in half a day. Now, all he had to do was wait for the other pill refiners to finish refining the pill and the compet.i.tion would be over!

The five Pill G.o.ds were currently desperately trying to refine the most precious divine pellets they could, but in truth, this rule couldn't reflect the strength of the Pill G.o.d. This was because some of the precious divine pellets weren't that difficult to refine, and it was only because of the rarity of divine medicines.

Therefore, many people understood that this rule had been formulated on a temporary basis. As for the reason for changing the rules on a temporary basis, there had to be another reason!

Chen Xiang himself felt that this was his plan against some of the partic.i.p.ants from the Pill G.o.d Realm, because getting first place would allow him to obtain the Life Soul Divine Pill's formula, which was probably very valuable in the Divine Nations, and even the experts that were sent by the Divine Nations would not dare to check for themselves, thus they used this method to obtain it!

"Young master, something's wrong!" The old follower of the mysterious prince suddenly said.

"Speak!" The red-clothed man had been carefully staring at Chen Xiang's pill furnace, wanting to see the method Chen Xiang used to concoct from the Qi emitted from the pill furnace.

The old subordinate said, "Two great armies are approaching. They are the Divine Lion Race and the Star Moon Divine Race, and they are even being personally led by their Patriarch. They are rushing here aggressively, so they might come into conflict. Should we stop them?"

The red clothed man shook his head: "No need to bother, we came here in secret. Moreover, royal father had said a long time ago that we should not interfere too much in things here!"

He didn't know that they were all here for Chen Xiang. He was only really looking forward to Chen Xiang's Bone level Dan being born, because he himself was also here to refine Bone level Dan. However, he could only compare it to his master.

However, the comparison was different when compared to Chen Xiang. He felt that Chen Xiang was about the same, that he had not had a single opponent for many years, which made him a little lonely.

The hourgla.s.s was about to leak out. None of the five alchemy G.o.ds had finished refining their hourgla.s.s, so it seemed that they had set the time. After all, if the duration was longer, it would have a more stable effect on the quality of the elixir.

The first one to finish was the old man from the Six Realms Divine Palace, followed by Chen Xiang and the others who also finished it, Chen Xiang grasped the time very well, it was not too difficult for him to use four hours to refine the Bone level Dan, it was just that he needed to use his full power!

"We will proceed according to the order of the later auctions. The divine pills in your pill furnaces must be kept secret for the time being!" The person in charge of the evaluation was the middle-aged man, while Olde Iron c.o.c.k was only in charge of starting.

Chen Xiang frowned, he thought that he could immediately open the lid of the pill furnace, but if that was the case, he would be at a disadvantage, because he was the last one to complete the mission.

The other four Pill G.o.ds were definitely not weak. If their divine pills were all good, then when they finished auctioning off the first round, the number of Shen Yuan stone in the hands of the people present would definitely not be many!

But it was not absolute because everyone was refining Xiaping Dan and the majority of the people who bought the Xiaping Dan all had low cultivation. On the other hand, the people who bought the Bone level Dan were different;

Thinking about this, Chen Xiang relaxed a lot in his heart. He was not worried at all about selling his Bone level Dan to those real rich people.

The old man from Six Realms Divine Palace was expressionless, but his eyes were filled with confidence. He opened his pill furnace and took out three translucent pills.

"Divine Deity Pill! Xiaping Dan s that can help profound G.o.d condense the second Divine Deity are relatively rare and precious, especially to profound G.o.d! " The middle-aged man exclaimed, "These three Divine Deity pellets are all of high quality!"

He could condense the second Divine Deity and become a G.o.d, but this stage was very difficult for many profound G.o.d. Even if they had the confidence to condense the second Divine Deity, it would still take a while to do so. If they could condense it immediately, even if they had to pay a few Shen Yuan stone, they would still be very willing.

Other than profound G.o.d s who had the urge to buy them, there were also many G.o.ds who wanted to buy them for their own juniors to quickly break through!

And most likely, the profound G.o.d would only be able to compete with their stronger G.o.d or G.o.d!

There were only three pills in total, so it was obvious that the bidding war would be very intense!

"Let's begin now. We will not set a low price and we will bid as we please!" The middle-aged man was in charge of opening the auction. He was also a pill G.o.d, so he could have thrown out the Bone level Dan just now.

"Five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone!" When someone shouted, many profound G.o.d s started to shout, the scene was extremely chaotic.

However, the middle-aged man was extremely powerful. He could hear everyone's voices, and could even tell who these voices came from.

"1.2 million is the highest price this old man has called out!" The middle-aged man pointed at an old man on a walking stick in the distance.

To have such a price just for a Xiaping Dan, this could be considered to be very good. The Regeneration Dan that Feng Yujie refined, was only a million Shen Yuan stone.

And that was not the end, because there were still people raising the bid!

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