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There were many Rankers in Divine Nations spectating the compet.i.tion from the side, but if it was said that his status was the most n.o.ble, the one with the highest status should be that red clothed man. He was a Pill G.o.d, and a Prince of Divine Nations at that!

Within the Divine Nations, the Divine Lord was the strongest. As a prince, his strength was definitely not inferior to Chen Xiang's. When the mysterious prince saw Chen Xiang take out the Blood Bone Divine Flower, Heavenly Tendon Gra.s.s and Seven Love Divine Flower, his entire body trembled in shock.

"Young Master... Aren't these divine medicines supposed to be used to refine Bone level Dan? It was nothing to him to have these divine medicines, but why would he have Bone level Dan s? This is your master's signature Divine Pill, in the entire Nine G.o.ds Nation, only four King grade and Pill G.o.ds are able to refine Bone level Dan. Excluding your master, the other two are already dead, and the crippled and crippled are both missing. " He was a follower, and this was the divine pill that his Young Lord was most proficient in, the pill formula actually ended up in the hands of someone else.

The old follower raged, "Young master, I'll capture him right now and force him to reveal where the pill formula came from!"

"No, keep watching!" The red clothed man was a very special prince and had a sense of belonging to someone who stayed out of worldly affairs. He said, "Besides my master, there are other Pill G.o.ds who know of the Bone level Dan's pill formula. It wouldn't be weird if it would spread! Furthermore, when I thought about it earlier, my master was responsible for giving the Supreme Divine Palace the pill formulas, and I felt that he must have done it when the Bone level Dan was here! "

The old follower was puzzled. "Why did your master choose to do it himself? Such a precious pill formula, yet he casually threw it to such a d.a.m.ned place. If it was in the Divine Nations, who knows how many supreme dan G.o.ds would fight over it! "

The red clothed man smiled faintly: "I also don't know why Master did that. In short, Master definitely has his reasons, since Master is able to become the overlord of our Divine Nations, moreover he is our Divine Nations's number one alchemist G.o.d, he definitely wouldn't do something so stupid! From the looks of it, this Bone level Dan's pill formula was in the hands of an interesting person, and that person even knew Heavenly Alchemy! Master is truly a genius, and now I want to see to what extent this Chen Xiang can be refined to, can be considered as me secretly competing with him! "

The old follower shook his head. He felt that this young master's incomprehensible actions were all learned from his master, because the two were too similar. He felt that his Young Lord and Prince had a pretty good status in the eyes of the Divine Lord, and his master also had a great amount of authority and talent, so he was naturally extremely talented. As long as he fought for it a little, the throne would definitely belong to this young Lord and prince, but he didn't have the heart to fight for it, and would just let nature take its course.

… ….

When Chen Xiang previously obtained the Bone level Dan's pill formula from the Dan Heart Pavilion, he was extremely confused why such a precious pill formula would be in this kind of place. He did not know that this was deliberately placed by an outstanding Pill G.o.d, and furthermore, the Pill G.o.d's disciple was watching from the sidelines.

"This batch of Bone level Dan must be refined well, and must be used to the utmost in order to obtain the middle grade Life Soul Pellet recipe." A very determined voice sounded in Chen Xiang's heart.

"Yu Jie, do you know what divine pill Chen Xiang is refining?" The Vermillion Bird was extremely curious and sent a sound transmission to Feng Yujie, because everyone could see the confident expression on Chen Xiang's face.

Feng Yujie smiled and replied: "When he is done refining, when the auction will begin, wouldn't you already know about it?"

Feng Yujie was actually trying to keep her in suspense and keep her in suspense. She scolded with a smile, "Yu Jie, you're still as naughty as ever!"

Xiao Chou came to Luo Tianjun's side and said, "Old Master Luo, can we buy the divine pills that my master refined?"

Luo Tianjun patted his bald head, and laughed: "No, you cannot buy him from someone he is familiar with, otherwise, it will be deemed as a failure! You don't have to worry, when the time comes, the divine pills refined by your master will definitely be fought over by a bunch of people! To be honest, even I want to s.n.a.t.c.h it. "

Mu Chen was also intrigued, and asked: "What kind of divine pellet is this? Camel, you can already tell? "

Luo Tianjun smiled but did not speak, as though he would not say it now.

"Xiao Xiao, do you know what kind of divine pill it is?" Seeing Luo Tianjun's smile, Mu Chen asked.

Xiao Changle shook his head, "I can't think of any Xiaping Dan that could be robbed by Lao Luo right now. What kind of divine pill is this? I don't even know what divine medicine it is. "

Yue'er, who was hiding in her bag, also knew what kind of divine pellet it was. She only hoped that Yang Tianyi, who was fusing the star divine soul in the secret room, would finish it quickly, because that Star Moon Ancestor Emperor was already slowly approaching and Chen Xiang was also constantly courting death.

… ….

Inside the building at the side, the middle-aged men who wanted to capture Chen Xiang were also extremely curious. They wanted to know what kind of divine pellet Chen Xiang was refining, because they had seen before how the three types of divine pellets Chen Xiang took out were bought at high prices in the Divine Nations.

"You all saw it just now, this Chen Xiang's pill refining skills are extraordinary, this definitely originated from the Heavenly Alchemy! We must get our hands on the Heavenly Alchemy, that way we can secretly cultivate a group of alchemy G.o.ds who can quickly refine pills. Before long, we will also have a pretty good power, and we can also become stronger by relying on a large amount of divine pills. " The Middle-aged Man in Black Armour said.

When the other middle-aged men heard this, they were slightly shocked!

"Is he trying to rebel?" A middle-aged man's voice trembled.

"No, we just do not want to be annihilated. We need to have a certain level of strength, and if one day we are cleansed, if we do not have a certain amount of power, we will definitely die! You should all be aware that the various Divine Lord s are preparing to pa.s.s down the throne, and our Divine Nations has twelve princes. At that time, we will have to stand in teams. Middle-aged Man in Black Armour coldly snorted a few times.

The other middle aged men did not say anything, but when the time came, it would definitely be the Divine Nations's storm of blood. This was also why the Divine Nations that Yi Bidong had mentioned had met with trouble, but he did not know why the nine Divine Nations s would pa.s.s down their throne at such a short period of time.

… ….

Chen Xiang was currently using all his strength to refine pills, and he did not know that danger was approaching. The Star Moon Ancestor Emperor had long since woken up, and even though they were on the way here, Yang Tianyi still did not appear. Only Yue'er was extremely worried, because she could clearly sense that the Star Moon Ancestor Emperor was approaching.

Mu Chen was chatting with the White Tiger, his expression suddenly changed, and said softly: "They're here, Divine Lion Race! We expect to arrive in about six hours! "

Xiao Changle also quickly found out the news, they had sent spies far away, they would send them messages if anything happened.

"Come on, I'm going to teach that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d a lesson." The White Tiger was extremely furious when it thought of Qi Yan's death.

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