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Hearing the name of these three G.o.dly pills, the crowd of pill G.o.ds were all amazed, because the pill formulas of these three G.o.dly pills were indeed very precious!

If there was such a generous reward for a match between a DemiG.o.d, then what about a G.o.d and a HighG.o.d? Everyone was guessing!

The Ruler Beast Pill is mainly used to feed the divine beast, as long as you feed it to the Special G.o.d beast for a period of time, then it is very likely that this Special G.o.d beast will identify you as its master, and even if it is very powerful, it will still obediently listen to you.

The second type of pill, after consuming it, would produce a pill the size of an egg, spitting it out of its mouth. After a period of time, the pill would break out of its sh.e.l.l and become a little person, and after feeding it a G.o.d Transforming Pill every seven days, that little person would become exactly the same size as him. He would lose all consciousness and become a little person.

If there were some situations where he had to give up his physical body and run out of divine soul, then this backup clone would have a lot of use! Thus, the divine clone pellet was a very special and rare type of divine pellet.

Although they were both low-grade, but the medicinal ingredients for these two divine pellets could both evolve. If he could find high-grade divine medicines, then he could also refine high-grade ones!

And the prize for first place, the Life Soul Divine Pill, was extremely useful to Chen Xiang!

The Life Soul Pill was similar to the G.o.dly Clone Pill; the G.o.dly Clone Pill mainly focused on cultivating its own spare body! On the other hand, the Life Soul Pellet could cultivate and produce divine soul. It could be said to be a copy of a divine soul that one already had, however, it wasn't like the G.o.d Transforming Pellet, where it was guaranteed to give birth to a pellet!

The Life Soul Divine Pellet isn't always the same as the Bone level Dan, but if it succeeds, it can replicate a strong divine soul. Therefore, the Life Soul Divine Pellet is still very precious.

"In addition, you will also give them the divine medicine they need, so all of you must work hard!" Although the Olde Iron c.o.c.k looked impartial, in his heart, he was very supportive of Chen Xiang. Even though it was not fair now, but he saw the strength that Chen Xiang had displayed just now, so getting a rank was not difficult at all.

Chen Xiang was worried about the divine medicine just now, and didn't expect that the divine medicine would reward him as well. This would make him work even harder to get the reward that he wanted.

He took a glance at the other four partic.i.p.ating Pill G.o.ds. Other than the Six Realms Divine Palace's Pill G.o.d, the other three were middle-aged. Most of the young Pill G.o.ds from Dan Hall had all gone to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion with the G.o.ds, so he didn't see much of them.

"Of these three, two of them belong to our Dan Hall, while the other one actually belongs to our Purple Smoke Divine Mountain!" When Chen Xiang saw the familiar purple attire, he immediately recognized it.

Luo Tianjun sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "The Purple Smoke Divine Mountain and the Six Realms Divine Palace that have been able to enter this match have all gone through the back door. They have given those Divine Nations Rankers who are in charge of managing the compet.i.tion a lot of benefits.

The Olde Iron c.o.c.k said: "I believe the five of you must have been well-prepared to be able to reach this step! And for the next compet.i.tion, you all need to use your divine medicines to refine the Xiaping Dan that you think is the most precious, and we will be the ones to prepare the pill furnace! "

Before he came here, Luo Tianjun had already warned Chen Xiang many times to prepare the divine medicine he was most proficient in, the best would be those that were sold very expensive or very precious. had partic.i.p.ated in these types of compet.i.tions many times and he was very experienced with them.

Now, he really had to make adequate preparations!

Chen Xiang secretly sweated in his heart, because he did not have this kind of preparation before, especially for the Xiaping Dan's divine medicine! If it wasn't for the divine medicine Yang Tianyi gave him in the Star Moon h.e.l.l, he wouldn't have been able to obtain the Xiaping Dan at all.

"There are only four hours left. After you have finished refining, in order to let all your friends who are watching the compet.i.tion partic.i.p.ate, the Xiaping Dan that you have refined must all be auctioned off, and you are the auctioneers. After the auction, the ranking would be decided by the Shen Yuan stone that were sold! Of course, when the time comes, we will have a special inspection team to prevent compet.i.tors from cheating. " The Olde Iron c.o.c.k continued to talk about the rules.

Chen Xiang was very clear that if he wanted to win completely, he could only refine Bone level Dan because most of the people that were able to make it here were very strong. They would definitely possess a good Xiaping Dan medicinal formula in their hands, and if he did not refine Bone level Dan, he would not be able to compete at all.

The distribution of the pill furnace was handled by the middle-aged man. After he was done, he solemnly asked, "You guys check and see if there are any problems!"

Chen Xiang carefully checked the pill furnace. This bucket sized pill furnace gave him a pretty good feeling, at least it was better than all the other broken pill furnaces, only a little smaller.

"No problem!" Chen Xiang and the other four Alchemist s said.

At this moment, the pill G.o.ds partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion were all nervous, because they were worried that the Xiaping Dan they refined would not sell enough! In order to sell more Shen Yuan stone s, they had to produce more pills, which were of a higher quality and more practical type.

Chen Xiang was clear that the Bone level Dan would definitely be bought by someone else. If he was willing to sell too many pills, then it would be even more expensive! What made him a little worried was exposing that he knew how to refine Bone level Dan, but he had already given it his all. Just concocting a few hundred divine pills in one furnace had already attracted his attention.

"Let's begin. There are only four hours left. You must make full use of this time!" Olde Iron c.o.c.k shouted.

This compet.i.tion was unlike the one before, where there were many preparations, so four hours of time seemed to be very sufficient. However, for the Pill G.o.d who wanted to refine a batch of Ultimate Xiaping Dan, it was still very urgent, because to produce many pills, high quality and a precious Xiaping Dan, was extremely difficult.

The partic.i.p.ating pill G.o.ds immediately took out their own divine medicines, which also made the spectating pill G.o.ds very excited. The pill formulas were all extremely secretive, and if one could see the divine medicines, they might be able to figure out their own pill formulas. At the very least, they would know which pill formulas to use.

Even Luo Tianjun, Liang Gaoyi, and the high level divine pellet G.o.ds like Xiao Changle were looking carefully at the divine pellets that the divine pellets were taken out!

After Chen Xiang took out the Bone level Dan's divine medicine, both Liang Gaoyi and Xiao Changle immediately frowned, because they didn't recognize any of the divine medicine!

On the other hand, Olde Iron c.o.c.k often saw it. Because Feng Yujie often went to Supreme Hall to put up purchase announcements, he often had these divine medicines, and the purchase price Feng Yujie offered was also very high!

Luo Tianjun did not know either, but he could guess what kind of G.o.dly pill Chen Xiang refined, he never thought that Chen Xiang would obtain it so quickly! Previously, he did not even support Chen Xiang's high profile, but now, he felt that it was nothing. He understood the att.i.tude of the Divine Nations towards Chen Xiang. He also knew that after this round, Chen Xiang would have to leave.

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