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When Yang Tianyi started laughing crazily, the earth started to shake and an extremely terrifying power burst out from his body. He excitedly tried out the power of the Divine Sense Sea that had been suppressed for many years, and combined it with the three Bones that he had condensed, the power became even more terrifying.

"Quickly stop, this place will be destroyed by you!" Yue'er hastily called out. The plains and the mountains around them were currently violently shaking. Mountains had already collapsed in the distance.

When Yang Tianyi heard Yue'er, he immediately controlled his own strength. It was rare to see flowers and plants, he did not want to cause trouble.

"Save your strength for that stupid cow! "This fellow probably hasn't come out yet, otherwise he would have changed a long time ago!" Yue'er laughed tenderly: "Yang Tianyi, you better not be messing around here. You don't want to be locked in that d.a.m.ned place again, right?!"

Yang Tianyi immediately shook his head: "I'd rather die than go back to that place. Master Cat, you promised me that if I helped you get rid of that stupid cow, I won't be locked in Star Moon h.e.l.l again!"

Yue'er smiled. "I did promise you, but only if you don't do something too outrageous. Otherwise, I won't be able to protect you!"

Chen Xiang took a deep breath of the outside air, and then, he also tested circulating the Six Realms' Power to his left arm. After using the Bones on his left arm, his left arm suddenly trembled, because of the sudden powerful force produced when the Six Realms' Power and Bones clashed, causing Chen Xiang, who was not used to it, to have difficulty controlling it.

"So powerful!" Chen Xiang exclaimed: "If he had a little more Bones, his strength could be imagined!"

Although it was just a lower G.o.d, Chen Xiang relied on the Double bone level on his arm, his strength comparable to a Upper Heavenly G.o.d, so if he fused with the powerful divine soul and entered the Bones, his strength would become even more terrifying.

"Strange? You only managed to cultivate a single Bones, so your strength shouldn't be so terrifying! " Yue'er sat on Chen Xiang's left shoulder, and she could very clearly feel the power that had just exploded out of Chen Xiang's left arm. It was truly very frightening.

Yue'er, who had regained her memories, was a very ancient Ranker, the law enforcer of the Star Law Divine Realm. From the way Yang Tianyi treated her, he knew that a law enforcer like Yue'er was extremely terrifying. Yet now, they did not understand why Chen Xiang's strength was so terrifying!

"This kid is a monster. What he condensed out was the Double bone level, and there's actually two Bones in one of his arms. I have never heard of such a thing." Yang Tianyi only ate two Bone level Dan s before he cultivated Double bone level. Back then, he had eaten a lot of Bone level Dan s medicine and his tongue was numb from it, but he was only able to cultivate three Bones pills.

But the most amazing thing about Chen Xiang was that in his growth dimension, only one set of Bones could be produced from a single place, but he had miraculously managed to condense two. After Chen Xiang combined with the Six Realms' Power, he almost couldn't control that kind of terrifying power.

"Double bone level!" Yue'er cried out in alarm, "Is this for real?"

After saying that, she fluttered her wings and flew up, hugging Chen Xiang's left arm. In just a moment, she had confirmed that there were indeed two Bones s inside Chen Xiang's arm.

When Chen Xiang saw Yue'er, he was startled and hurriedly asked, "Is this a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Of course it's good news! Even though this kind of situation had happened before, it was extremely rare. A fellow who could cultivate Double bone level was extremely terrifying when it came to the later stages, especially when one needed to strengthen their Bones to raise their strength! At that time, it will be extremely difficult to raise even a little bit, and with the Double bone level, you will have an extra set of Bones! "

Yue'er's tone was also filled with jealousy and envy, as she continued, "Do you know what it means to have an extra Bones? that fellow with a lower Bones can be completely crushed like you! "

Chen Xiang laughed: "Right now, I'm still far from that kind of limit. Normally, what level would I have to reach to rely on raising my Bones?"

"The Hundred G.o.ds level is the limit. At that time, I will need to strengthen my Bones and use it to break through the limits of my own strength!" In theory, the divine soul contained within can be very strong, and normally, it will enter through the late stages of the divine soul. For example, right now, your Bones already has a set of divine soul.

Yang Tianyi interrupted: "But it's extremely dangerous. The fusion of the two types of divine soul is already very unstable, it's very likely to be like refining pills and explode. One of them is gone!"

Yue'er said, "At that time, in order to increase my strength a little, there's no other way!"

Chen Xiang curled his lips: "You're saying that kind of realm is easy to reach, I only have two Divine Deity s right now, and I still need ninety-eight more Divine Deity s to reach. I still don't know how many years it will take."

Yue'er tenderly snorted, "What do you know, brat? With your innate talent, going to that realm is only a matter of time, so you must definitely choose your first soul of Bones, otherwise you will have to take the risk later when you need to increase your Bones! There were many fellows from the Hundred G.o.ds level in the Star Law Divine Realm. After being in the Star Law Divine Realm for so many years, many of them had already reached the peak of their existence! The so-called peak level is Hundred G.o.ds level, the nine Bones! "

Yang Tianyi laughed and said, "Master Cat, do you think it's possible for Brother Chen Xiang to use Double bone level every time he condenses his Bones?"

"This …" Yue'er thought for a moment, then immediately shook her head: "Definitely not, it's already extremely difficult to come out with a Double bone level. If he comes out every time, he'll end up with eighteen Bones s in the end.

When Chen Xiang thought about the ninety-eight Divine Deity he still had to cultivate, he could not help but sigh. This must be a very long road!

"Big Brother Yang, come back with us first!" If that Ancestor Emperor appears, he will definitely come looking for us. It won't be too late for you to take action then. " Bringing Yang Tianyi back to the Heroes Gathering Divine City was no big deal, what's more, this was a very strong guy.

Yang Tianyi nodded his head, "Anyway, I've been locked up for so long, I still want to explore this world!"

Just as Chen Xiang was about to open the spatial tunnel, Yue'er and Yang Tianyi's expressions suddenly changed.

"The stupid cow is awake, this guy actually became so powerful!" Yang Tianyi, are you able to handle it? " Yue Er asked with worry.

Yang Tianyi said with a serious face: "You can, but I need to merge a divine soul with my own!"

Yue'er replied: "I'll gift you with a set of divine soul. Although it's not that good, it's still much better than fusing with your own divine soul!"

When necessary, he could also merge his own divine soul into his own.

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