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Just by eating the ingredients, Yang Tianyi was able to eat three levels of Bones. One could imagine how many of those ingredients he had eaten, and it was no wonder that he was targeted by the Star Law Divine Realm. This was because the medicine he bought from the Bone level Dan was too crazy!

Chen Xiang laughed: "That's for sure. If it wasn't for Big Brother Yang, I don't know when I would have found the Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients, and I wouldn't have had the chance to refine it! Oh right, Big Brother Yang, did you manage to cultivate up to nine Bones in the Star Law Divine Realm? "

"There are some experts who are filled with Bones, but they are extremely rare, and they rarely show themselves. I have heard of them in the Star Law Divine Realm, but I have never seen them with my own eyes! Normally, a fellow with a full Bones would be considered a top-notch existence in the Star Law Divine Realm. " Yang Tianyi said.

"This means that since Big Brother Yang has three Bones, he should be very strong in the Star Law Divine Realm." said in shock. Nine Bones s were already full, and Yang Tianyi already possessed three Bones s.

"It's hard to say. Three Bones s are the pinnacle of a single stage, and I don't have a good divine soul. If I have the chance to leave, I have to return to the Star Law Divine Realm. Yang Tianyi raised his head to look at the dusky sky. He had already stayed here for many years, but now, he had a very good chance of leaving.

"The power of the moon and stars should have already descended, I wonder how things are going outside!" Chen Xiang also looked up in the sky, extremely worried for Yue'er.

The patriarch and the few elders in the Star Moon Divine Race were all very scary, but there was still the mysterious Ancestor Emperor behind them, and it was said that he was even stronger than them. If they were to alarm this Ancestor Emperor, Yue'er's situation would become even more dangerous.

Chen Xiang told Yang Tianyi about the stories outside, as well as some of his own experiences.

Yang Tianyi had been alone in this place for many years, so it was very interesting for him to be able to hear some news.

"I've heard that these nine Divine Nations s are related to the Star Law Divine Realm, and their overall strength is also very strong, especially the nine Divine Nations s. It's said that their strength makes the other Star Law Divine Realm's forces afraid, but I think that if they were to fight, the Star Law Divine Realm should be able to win." Yang Tianyi said, "You said that the nine Divine Nations s are in trouble? could he be from the Star Law Divine Realm? "

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I'm not sure either, I just heard that a new Divine Nations has risen up, so these nine Divine Nations s need to focus their energy on this. They should be trying to work together to suppress this new Divine Nations."

"Star Law Divine Realm is in the endless starry sky beyond this s.p.a.ce, and it seems like Nine G.o.ds Nation is also on some giant stars beyond this s.p.a.ce. It's not easy to go to those places either, you need to travel through the dark starry sky, it's filled with danger! Even if I were to return to Star Law Divine Realm now, it would not be that simple. " Yang Tianyi thought back to the matters concerning the Nine G.o.ds Nation in his mind.

Previously, Chen Xiang did not know where the location of the Nine G.o.ds Nation was, but now he finally found a clue.

Chen Xiang asked: "Brother Yang, if you can leave, do you really want to return to Star Law Divine Realm? "You sneaked out of this Starmoon h.e.l.l, wouldn't it be dangerous for you to go back?"

Yang Tianyi chuckled: "Even though what I did that year was quite shocking, after all, so many years have pa.s.sed. Most of the people who heard about me back then are probably already dead now, and after so much time has pa.s.sed, who would still remember me?"

"I have to find the best divine soul inside my Bones, that way I can become even stronger, in this kind of place it's hard to find, so I have to go back, even if there's danger I have to take the risk. I have already wasted my Bones for many years, and have not found any good divine soul for them in all these years, I feel very sorry."

Chen Xiang also had the thought of merging Wu Cang's divine soul with his Bones, but after thinking about it for a while, he realized since Bones were so important, then he must find a relatively stronger one when merging with divine soul.

After a few more days, Chen Xiang sighed: "I still have to partic.i.p.ate in the pill refining compet.i.tion, looks like I won't be able to make it!"

Yang Tianyi said: "Old brother, your pill refining level is very high. If you were in Star Law Divine Realm, you would have definitely been won over by those big powers! When I was in Star Law Divine Realm, I heard that the most powerful of the Pill G.o.ds could only refine four Bone level Dan at the most! And since you were able to refine three pills in this environment, if you go out, you will definitely be able to refine even more. "

Yang Tianyi had a wide range of experience. When Chen Xiang had refined the three Bone level Dan, he had already seen Chen Xiang's talent. As long as he continued to grow at this pace, he was very sure that Chen Xiang would achieve great things in the Pill Dao in the future.

There were only three days left until the start of the Heroes Gathering Divine City's Great a.s.sembly. Chen Xiang lied on the soil, looking at the grey clouds in the sky with a helpless expression.

Suddenly, he saw a very small dot of light. At the beginning, he thought he saw wrongly, but after hearing Yang Tianyi who was at the side shout, he started to look carefully.

"Something is coming in!" Yang Tianyi stood up quickly and started to be alert. Although he did not know what it was, but in an unknown situation, Yang Tianyi would still treat it as a dangerous object.

Chen Xiang also suddenly jumped up, the light dot was sliding far away from where they were, and there was also a grey mist coming from it.

"Let's go take a look. We have to be careful." Just as Yang Tianyi finished speaking, a spatial ripple spread over, and then, Chen Xiang only saw a white shadow flash over. It was a little white cat with wings.

"Yue Er!" Chen Xiang shouted in surprise. Yue'er had also jumped into his embrace.

"Hee hee, I'm here to see you!" Yue'er was extremely happy, and the fact that she could still come here showed that her memories had returned to a great extent.

Chen Xiang caressed her head and laughed: "It's good that you're okay, I'm worried about you! Can you let us out? "

Yue'er looked at Yang Tianyi at the side and meowed in surprise, "Yang Tianyi, I didn't expect that you would still be alive!"

Yang Tianyi laughed: "Master Cat, look at me, I have been locked in here for a long time. I should be able to leave now, right? I know I was wrong, but I won't do it again. "

"Oh right, Yue'er, did that fellow called Ancestor Emperor come out?" Chen Xiang asked worriedly.

"No, but it should be soon. It should be in these two days. That fellow is truly a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Right now, I have only recovered my memories and have yet to recover my strength. I simply cannot deal with him! " Yue'er looked at Yang Tianyi and said: "Yang Tianyi, I'll let you out and you help me get rid of that guy. I guarantee that when you return to Star Law Divine Realm in the future, you won't get caught again."

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