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Chen Xiang also felt that the bones and muscles of his left arm were completely reborn a moment ago, as they suddenly erupted with extremely terrifying power. The bones of his left arm seemed to have shattered in an instant, but they quickly reformed, at the same time producing a huge transformation in the meridians and blood vessels of his left arm.

Chen Xiang continuously roared, he only felt that his arm was hot and painful, as though countless red-hot iron needles had pierced into his arm and pierced through his flesh and bones.

After a while, Chen Xiang let out a long sigh as he was about to grind his teeth into pieces. His left arm stopped expanding, and gradually recovered its original form, the redness on his skin also faded, returning to its original tanned and healthy skin color.

Chen Xiang was in so much pain that he was sweating profusely, he was already drenched in the water, his face was pale white, and now he only felt that he was completely exhausted. After he let out a long breath, he laid on the ground, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

After Chen Xiang had slept soundly, Yang Tianyi walked over, grabbed Chen Xiang's arm, and examined the internal Bones. How could this be, I can condense a Double bone level all at once! "

Yang Tianyi was completely shocked and shook his head. "Impossible, an arm can only have one Bones, a body can only have one Bones in nine places, and now he has two arms! What was going on? Does he have one Bones or two? "

An unusual thing happened to Chen Xiang once again. Previously, when Chen Xiang was able to refine a Bone level Dan in the Divine Sense Sea, Yang Tianyi thought that it was very powerful.

"If all the other parts of this boy's body were Double bone level, wouldn't he have eighteen Bones s in the end? "This is too scary!" Yang Tianyi took a deep breath, and looked at the soundly sleeping Chen Xiang. He could be considered to be well-informed, but this was the first time he had heard of this sort of thing.

Chen Xiang slept for a few days before waking up. When he woke up, he felt hungry, so he quickly took out something to eat to replenish his energy.

"The power brought by the Bones is indeed abnormal!" Chen Xiang looked at his left arm and shook it tightly. He could release the power that came from his body as he wished without any restriction.

"If you can use the power of the Divine Sense Sea to coordinate with it, and add on the Double bone level on your left arm that has been fused with your divine soul, the power would be even more terrifying! You should be a lower G.o.d now, there are only two Divine Deity s in Divine Sense Sea! Yet your Double bone level can give you the power of six Divine Deity, or even stronger. " Yang Tianyi said: "Brother, at this rate, you will only become stronger and stronger!"

"Double bone level?" Chen Xiang was startled, he did not notice that, he only felt that there was something inside the bones in his left arm that could make him stronger.

Now, after a careful inspection, he discovered that there was indeed something similar to Divine Deity in his left arm, only that it seemed to be a little smaller than the Divine Deity. It was just these two Bones that allowed his entire left arm to possess a very powerful strength.

"So Bones can actually grow in one place and make this place even more powerful!" Before, Chen Xiang only thought that Bones would allow his entire body to gain power, but now, it seemed that only his left arm was stronger.

Yang Tianyi laughed: "Don't just think that having Bones is useless. If you have the chance, you will know! In the past, the strength of your left arm needed to be matched with the strength of your entire body, but now your left arm doesn't need to be linked with your body to be able to release such a strong power! Even if a major part of your body is injured, as long as you move your mind, power will be generated in your left arm and you can even drag your body! "

Chen Xiang sat on the ground and followed Yang Tianyi's instructions to throw out a punch, and as expected, his body flew out with the left fist, causing him to fly out a distance!

"If it is compatible with the body, then it will be even more terrifying!" Of course, after you leave this place, you can still coordinate with the power inside the Divine Sense Sea, which is how you can display the power of your Bones. " Yang Tianyi laughed.

Chen Xiang looked at Yang Tianyi's legs and asked: "Big Brother Yang, is your Bones on your legs?"

Yang Tianyi nodded his head, "Each of my legs has one Bones, then it's my right arm. I only have three Bones in total!"

Now, Chen Xiang finally understood why Yang Tianyi ran so fast previously. That kind of speed felt like teleportation.

Wu Cang, who had been knocked out previously, had already woken up and was moaning in pain.

"This guy almost killed you. What are you going to do with him?" Yang Tianyi did not kill Wu Cang because he gave her the chance.

As for Chen Xiang, he wanted to give it to Yue'er, but he felt that there was no need for him to do so now.

"Big Brother Yang, this guy is also a s.p.a.ce beast. I wonder if his divine soul is suitable for me?" Chen Xiang asked.

"As long as it's a powerful divine soul! This fellow's innate talent is not good, and is unable to display the divine soul on his body. But your innate talent is not bad, and his divine soul will have quite a good effect on your Bones! This fellow is also at the peak of the Supreme G.o.d Realm and has eighteen Divine Deity. However, it would not be easy for you to extract all of his Divine Deity and divine soul. Yang Tianyi had already investigated Wu Cang's Divine Sense Sea, and could only find his first Divine Deity and divine soul from within.

Hearing that Chen Xiang wanted to devour his divine soul, Wu Cang became extremely terrified, and shouted with a groan: "I am a loyal subordinate of the Ancestor Emperor, you cannot kill me! Your little b.a.s.t.a.r.d's Bones is not worthy of my divine soul at all! "

Chen Xiang coldly snorted. "Don't worry, your divine soul will not appear inside my Bones! I am quite interested in the Ancestor Emperor that you are talking about, his divine soul should be enough to satisfy me. "

With that, Chen Xiang covered Wu Cang's head with his palm and used his most skilled technique to remove Wu Cang's Divine Deity.

"Five Divine Deity and five divine soul, not bad at all!" Yang Tianyi saw that there were five pearls containing small people in Chen Xiang's hand, and could not help but laugh: "Brother, you should be doing this frequently. If you don't have any experience, you can't be able to take out so many at once."

"Brother Yang, do you want it?" Chen Xiang laughed.

Taking the Divine Deity was like taking out a bird's nest in their eyes. Fortunately, Wu Cang was already dead, otherwise, even if he died, he wouldn't be able to rest in peace.

Yang Tianyi waved his hand, "I don't need it now! Are you really not planning to merge this guy's first divine soul into your Bones? "

The first divine soul is the strongest, and there is no way to hide it, so it can usually be grabbed.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Didn't I say it earlier? I am rather interested in that Ancestor Emperor's divine soul. If Big Brother Yang is fortunate enough to be able to go out, then you must help this little brother out! "

Yang Tianyi laughed openly: "I will definitely help you. If I can get out, it will all be thanks to you! However, little brother, when the time comes, you must help me refine a few Bone level Dan s, and it would be best if they are of the upper rank. Right now, I can only condense the fourth Bones if I eat upper rank Bone level Dan s. "

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