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Although Chen Xiang could refine three Bone level Dan s, he was still regretful that he could not refine more this time. If not for the limited environment he was in, he would be able to refine even more.

"Is it enough to eat it?" Chen Xiang picked up a Bone level Dan.

"Eat it first and see what reaction you have. If you feel a tearing pain in your body, then you must grab the opportunity to strike the place of pain with all of your physical strength. If you succeed, you should be able to condense Bones." Yang Tianyi took a Bone level Dan. He now believed that this was refined by Chen Xiang and the quality was extremely good.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Brother Yang, if you don't believe me, you can eat one and see what happens to you!"

Yang Tianyi shook his head and laughed: "There's no need to try, I have also eaten a few of these Bone level Dan. Although they have been separated for a long time, I am sure that they are real! That year, I ate so many Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients, it was simply too expensive. If I let you refine them, I don't know how many of them would be made up of Bone level Dan, maybe I would have condensed even more Bones! "

"Little brother, you don't know how expensive the Bone level Dan in Star Law Divine Realm are. If you can sell these three pills you refined, then you can definitely make a huge profit! "Of course, individuals are not allowed to buy or sell pills alone in that place. If they are found out, the people who buy or sell pills will be severely punished."

Mentioning this matter, Yang Tianyi's face was full of unwillingness. It was because of this matter that he was brought in.

Wu Cang watched on from the side, his face full of displeasure. He hated Chen Xiang very much, not only did he destroy the Samsara Sacrifice, he even beat Chen Xiang up when he came in! He also pushed the responsibility of him being trapped here to Chen Xiang.

Right now, he saw Chen Xiang refining a Bone level Dan and was about to cultivate Bones, which made him even more uncomfortable and jealous!

Chen Xiang swallowed a pellet of Bone level Dan, closed his eyes and started to refine the Bone level Dan's medicinal power, waiting for the opportunity to condense Bones to appear.

Half a day had pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang had already completely refined the Bone level Dan's medicinal strength. He opened his eyes, and said while frowning: "What's going on? Even if there was no opportunity, there should be some use to it. This is a Xiaping Dan, it should have some effect on me. "

Chen Xiang had thought that even if the Bone level Dan couldn't condense Bones, it would at least strengthen his body a little.

"It's like this. Although Bone level Dan are expensive, but I can't guarantee that I can trigger the opportunity to nurture Bones at any time. Back then, I ate a lot of broken gra.s.s and flowers to have some effect. " Yang Tianyi laughed bitterly and patted Chen Xiang's shoulder: "There are still two pills. If your luck is not bad, I should be able to help you condense your Bones."

Seeing Yang Tianyi's smile, Chen Xiang felt that even if he was lucky, he wouldn't be able to condense Bones!

Chen Xiang sighed helplessly as he ate another Bone level Dan and started to refine it.

He had refined it for a good half an hour without any results, but now, after the first two hours, Chen Xiang felt a slight pain in his entire left arm!

He, who initially did not hold much hope, was pleasantly surprised. Yang Tianyi had said before that this was a sign of an opportunity appearing, but this sign was not too obvious. It did not have the tearing pain that Yang Tianyi had described.

He continued for another hour. Suddenly, there was a pain in his left arm. It was as if his bones were shattered and his flesh was torn apart. It was so painful that his brows were tightly furrowed and his head was covered in sweat.

"Hurry up and gather the strength of your physical body at the place of pain!" Seeing Chen Xiang's reaction, Yang Tianyi immediately shouted out in surprise.

Chen Xiang had already condensed the power in his body, controlling the power to continuously rush into his left arm, he only did as Yang Tianyi said, he did not know what would happen after he gathered all his power into his left arm.

"I didn't think that you would trigger this opportunity so quickly. You must seize this opportunity and not miss it. Otherwise, it will be even harder to find you in the future. I was also like this before." Yang Tianyi was a little excited, to be able to see a young man condensing Bones under his guidance, was something that was worth being happy about.

Chen Xiang continued to channel all the energy in his body into his left arm. He only felt that the energy disappeared after it entered his left arm, which made him very surprised, his left arm was like a bottomless pit, crazily devouring the energy in his body. He felt that if he did not have the endless energy to enter, the pain would have disappeared!

The disappearance of the pain meant that he had failed to condense his Bones. In order to succeed, he could only continue to focus his strength on his left arm. This would also cause him to feel more and more pain.

"This kind of pain is not something that an ordinary person can withstand, but it seems like you think it's nothing!" Yang Tianyi recalled that the first time he had triggered this opportunity, it was because he couldn't endure the pain and had to give up. This resulted in him missing out on a very rare opportunity.

Although Chen Xiang felt pain, it was not to the point where he couldn't bear it. Compared to the rough training he experienced many years ago, this kind of pain was nothing to him.

Wu Cang gritted his teeth as he saw this, his fists clenched tightly. At the same time, Yang Tianyi was also looking at Chen Xiang with rapt attention, in case something happened to Chen Xiang.

Wu Cang suddenly flew over, and threw a punch towards Chen Xiang's back, and roared: "Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, go and die!"

Although Yang Tianyi did not notice Wu Cang, when he sensed that something was nearing, he immediately reacted. When Wu Cang's fist was still three inches away from Chen Xiang, his wrist was grabbed by Yang Tianyi.

"The one who should die is you!" Yang Tianyi shouted coldly, he used all his strength to twist Wu Cang's arm, and after a spin, his entire arm was crippled.

"Scram to the side, I'll deal with you later!" Yang Tianyi slapped his palm towards Wu Cang's chest, sending him flying.

Wu Cang was thrown out like a piece of trash. After falling on the ground, he stopped moving, but he did not die.

Yue'er must have acc.u.mulated a lot of anger over the years. Only by letting her personally punish Wu Cang, would Yue'er be able to dispel the hatred in her heart. She never thought that Wu Cang was so anxious to court death, to actually plot against him!

Wu Cang fell to the ground after being hit by Yang Tianyi's palm, half-dead. It could be seen that Yang Tianyi's strength was extremely terrifying, and Chen Xiang rejoiced that his relationship with Yang Tianyi was not bad.

"Brother, don't worry, that guy won't be able to get up. All the bones in his body have been shattered." said this, feeling extremely guilty in his heart, he actually did not notice Wu Cang. If he was extremely vigilant, Wu Cang only needed to move a bit, and he would be able to quickly cripple Wu Cang. And just now, he had interfered with Chen Xiang's plans and nearly ruined the big matter.

"Ahh …" Chen Xiang suddenly roared out, the sleeves on his left arm suddenly burst and became a pile of shredded cloth, the thick and strong arm was extremely red and was swelling up, the muscles and veins protruding, it was sinister and terrifying.

"It's going to be a success!" Yang Tianyi clenched his fists and said excitedly.

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