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Yang Tianyi came from that mysterious Star Law Divine Realm, which seemed to be stronger than Nine G.o.ds Nation.

"More is not a lot, but as long as you have enough Shen Yuan stone, you can still buy them. At that time, I used all of the Shen Yuan stone I bought a lot, but I only bought three Bones s, so the ten batches of medicinal ingredients I gave you, the chances of you cultivating Bones were very slim." Yang Tianyi said.

When Wu Cang found out that Yang Tianyi possessed three Bones, he couldn't help but be alarmed. He knew what this signified, and adding the three Bones s in the Divine Sense Sea, the amount of energy that exploded out was extremely terrifying, but generally speaking, cultivation Bones would only be considered when one reached the peak of the Supreme G.o.d Realm. If Yang Tianyi was at the peak of the Supreme G.o.d Realm, cultivating three Bones out of him was unimaginable.

Seeing Wu Cang being so afraid, Chen Xiang secretly exclaimed in his heart, as he desired more to cultivate Bones.

"Big Brother Yang, I heard that you can at most cultivate up to nine Bones. If you could, how powerful would you be?" Chen Xiang asked with a look of yearning.

"Having Bones can only increase the strength of my physical body by a lot, but if the Bones is merged with a strong divine soul, then the strength will be even more terrifying. My current Bones doesn't have any divine soul, because I have only condensed my Bones here, so I can't go out, and I can't find a good divine soul to fuse with." Yang Tianyi said: "Other than this, there is another way. It is to integrate the divine soul that you have cultivated into your own Bones, and you will also be able to obtain a very strong power."

This would allow the herbs to become more familiar with the environment of the Divine Sense Sea. It would also make it easier for Chen Xiang to refine them later, as they were Xiaping Dan after all, this was not difficult at all.

"Then why don't you just buy them directly? There should be a very strong Alchemist in the Star Law Divine Realm right." Chen Xiang asked.

In Star Law Divine Realm, not just anyone can sell divine pellets. There are also powerful forces that can sell divine pellets, and the moment it is found out that it is being sold privately, it would be against the rules of Star Law Divine Realm, and the result would be similar to me. "Ling Yun laughed. When Yang Tianyi mentioned this, his face was filled with anger: "A single Bone level Dan's price was enough for me to buy over a thousand sets of medicinal herbs, so I went to many places and bought a large amount of medicinal herbs.

Chen Xiang was in disbelief. Yang Tianyi had actually been brought in because of this kind of thing.

"It's because I'm relatively strong that I wasn't directly killed. Instead, I was imprisoned inside. If they were to think of me one day, they might release me." Yang Tianyi laughed at himself: "At least I still have a glimmer of hope to get out of here."

Chen Xiang said: "Big brother Yang, I'm going to start concocting pills, help me keep an eye on this guy."

Yang Tianyi knew that he had to be extremely serious when concocting pills, and Chen Xiang was currently still in the Divine Sense Sea, so he needed to focus even more.

Chen Xiang had condensed a very small Magic method furnace inside the Divine Sense Sea. He was very familiar with using Magic method furnace to refine pills, and this also required a very deep level of control, so he was confident that he could stabilize the pill furnace inside the Divine Sense Sea.

He already had three divine soul, of which, the first one was on the small island in the middle of the Divine Sense Sea and the other two were hidden by him. Previously, he thought that he would need to use three divine soul to control them, but after trying it, he felt that it wasn't that difficult, it only required him some time.

When concocting pills, one would use the Original source refining and burn the medicinal herbs to a certain degree. Then, they would search for the Spirit blood s in the divine medicine and fuse them together.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, concocting pills would be a piece of cake for Chen Xiang, but in the Divine Sense Sea, it would be extremely difficult for him to use the Original source refining.

"Fortunately I managed to cultivate the Dao heart Eye, if I had used my previous Source Spirit Eyes, finding the Spirit blood would have been extremely difficult." Chen Xiang had to put in a lot of effort to get the Dao heart Eye to examine his own Divine Sense Sea, to carefully observe the various divine medicines among the Magic method furnace.

In order to ensure stability, Chen Xiang didn't use any fierce flames to burn them, so his progress was slower. Adding his first time refining this Bone level Dan, he didn't have much experience.

Ten days had pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang suddenly saw the Seven Love Divine Flower's Spirit blood, while the other two divine medicine's Spirit blood still had not appeared yet.

"The Spirit blood appeared in the later stages of the training, so the other two should be the same." Chen Xiang judged based on the Seven Desire Divine Flower, and as expected, not long after, Spirit blood of the other two divine medicines appeared as well.

And following that, Chen Xiang faced an even more difficult trial, which was to fuse them.

"Merging and condensing pills are both extremely dangerous." This was because a furnace explosion usually occurred in these two stages. If he was outside concocting pills, there was nothing to worry about. At most, he would just be newly arrived.

But in the Divine Sense Sea, the moment he was exposed, his Divine Sense Sea would be severely injured, so there couldn't be any mistakes.

The Spirit blood of the three divine medicines were caught by his consciousness, and then slowly merged together. Because the Spirit blood was a fusion, the three Spirit blood with common characteristics quickly fused together the moment they came in contact with each other.

Once the fusion was successful, the Medicine aura could successfully fuse the three divine medicines. As long as he continued to control the flames well and maintain the firepower in the furnace to a.s.sist the Medicine aura and the medicinal powder to maintain an extremely active state, the fusion wouldn't be a problem.

Unknowingly, Chen Xiang took more than ten days to refine the pill, and there was still more than half a month until the start of the compet.i.tion, so time was of the essence.

"I can only condense three pills in Divine Sense Sea, sigh." Chen Xiang sighed, if it was outside, he felt that it would not be a problem to condense five pills, but now, in order to steady himself, he could only do so.

After all the Medicine aura had fused into one, that cyclone was split into three parts, and then part of the other parts flowed out. This way, there wouldn't be too much pressure during the process of condensing the core, allowing it to remain stable.

The process of condensing the pill was also very long, it took an entire day.

Yang Tianyi was standing beside Chen Xiang the entire time as he stared closely at Wu Cang to prevent him from wreaking havoc. It was only when Chen Xiang finally opened his eyes that Yang Tianyi relaxed.

"Done." Yang Tianyi asked anxiously.

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded. Then, he took out three milky-white pills from the Divine Sense Sea.

Wu Cang saw this from afar and was shocked. He was actually able to refine three pellets in one furnace.

"Right, right, this is the Bone level Dan, you really refined it." Yang Tianyi looked at Chen Xiang with a face full of worship. If it was made outside, Yang Tianyi might not be surprised, but to be able to make it in this kind of place with a huge restriction was not something that anyone could do.

Chen Xiang laughed, "Brother Yang, you're talking nonsense. I really did refine it, didn't you see it too?"

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