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Of course, Chen Xiang wanted to cultivate Bones, but the conditions to cultivate Bones were extremely harsh, just like Wu Cang. He definitely did not have any Bones right now, otherwise, he would not have been beaten so badly by Chen Xiang.

"Is it easy to cultivate it?" Chen Xiang wanted to understand first. If it took too long, he did not plan to cultivate here, because there were still some important things he needed to do after he left.

Cultivating Bones is the hardest. Some people would rather give up on raising their cultivation and cultivate their Bones as well. Yang Tianyi said.

Wu Cang mocked from the side: "This brat, is he even strong enough to cultivate Bones? Judging by his appearance, he should only have two Divine Deity s in his hands, which is too far away."

Cultivating Bones has nothing to do with Divine Deity, it's mainly about the foundation of the body. Although your Divine Deity is more than his, you are far inferior to him in terms of body, so he has the conditions to cultivate Bones now. Of course, this does not mean that he will definitely be able to cultivate it. Yang Tianyi said to Wu Cang very seriously.

Wu Cang stopped talking. The strength of Chen Xiang's body had indeed made him feel afraid, and if Chen Xiang cultivated his Bones again, it would definitely be terrifying in the future.

Yang Tianyi took out a pile of flowers and plants, which he placed in a broken basket, and said: "If there's fire, then it's best that I refined it."

Chen Xiang carefully looked at the things in the basket and said in shock: "These herbs are the Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients."

Yang Tianyi replied with an "oh". "You know the Bone level Dan too, and you can even recognize that this is the Bone level Dan's medicinal herb. You have seen the Bone level Dan before."

Chen Xiang laughed: "I am just a pill G.o.d, and am already able to refine Zhongpin Dan s. I have Bone level Dan s' medicinal ingredients, but I have not been able to gather them, because they are too rare."

Chen Xiang asked Feng Yujie to be in charge of the purchase, it had already been many days since then, but there was no news of him, he never thought that he would see all of the Bone level Dan's ingredients here.

"This is a low quality divine medicine, if it is a middle quality medicine, then the effects will be better, and eating it directly would also be fine. Of course, if it can be refined into a divine pill, then it would be easier for you to cultivate Bones." Yang Tianyi said: "Even though you are a Pill G.o.d, there is no way to release fire here, and you cannot refine pills."

Chen Xiang tried to release the Chuangzao fire but just as the flames appeared, the fire energy was suddenly dispersed and was completely absorbed by the strange energy in the place.

"I really can't." Chen Xiang sat on the ground and grabbed a handful of soil, and said: "All of this soil contains a very dense amount of star power."

Yang Tianyi said: "This dirt is formed from the power of the stars, but you can't absorb it, nor can you use it. This mud has been formed from the power of the stars, but you can't absorb it, nor can you use it.

The only thing he could use was his feeble divine intent, which could still be used to retrieve items from the spatial storage. Chen Xiang looked at the sand in his hands and said: "As long as my energy does not leave my body, I can still use it."

Yang Tianyi said: "That's good, but what's the use of not leaving your body."

Chen Xiang laughed: "I can concoct pills in the Divine Sense Sea. Although I have never concocted pills before, I feel that I can give it a try."

As long as one had the cultivation of a G.o.d, they would be able to change their Divine Sense Sea into their own storage s.p.a.ce.

"The Divine Sense Sea refining pills is indeed a good breakthrough, but it requires a very large and stable Divine Sense Sea, can you?" Yang Tianyi's eyes also lit up, he had never thought of this method before.

The Divine Sense Sea looked very big when he looked at it from the inside, that was because his divine soul and Divine Deity were very small to begin with, and would compress even smaller after entering the Divine Sense Sea. Normally, he would only put in a few very small Storage magic treasure s and such, but he would need to put in a pill furnace, and that was also very unstable.

It had to be known that the Divine Sense Sea was very weak, especially in the insides. If the pill furnace exploded inside the Divine Sense Sea, it would seriously injure the Divine Sense Sea.

"No problem." Chen Xiang was not going to use that kind of cauldron to refine pills, he could directly use Magic method furnace s.

"Big Brother Yang, how many of these medicinal ingredients do you have? Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients are extremely rare, where did you get them from?" Chen Xiang looked at the flowers and plants in the basket. The quality was not bad, but because he had stored them for a long time and did not pay too much attention to them, they looked a little lifeless.

"I still have a dozen or so. Back then, I bought a lot to eat, and after eating the Bone level Dan, I have kept them until now. If you want, you can take them all." Yang Tianyi said as he took out another big pile.

Bone level Dan s had a total of three types of medicinal ingredients, which were considered rare among the divine pellets.

Chen Xiang picked up a long blade of green gra.s.s, which was shaped like a flat band. On the surface, it was covered with very thin hair, and at the top of the tip of the hair there was a very fine granule, which emitted a very weak glow, this was called Heavenly Muscle Gra.s.s. After the first stage of maturation, it would be around nine feet long, and it would become a low grade divine medicine.

The Bone level Dan's medicinal ingredients could continuously evolve, so the Bone level Dan had an upper rank as well.

The second type was a pure black colored flower called the Blood Bone Divine Flower, where the stamens were like Bones s. Upon closer inspection, one could see that each stamen had something that looked like blood, and the petals also had vein-like patterns. If the petals were to be destroyed, a blood-like red liquid would seep out.

The last kind was also a flower, but the flower was special, its petals were red, while the heart of the flower was light colored, the special thing was the pattern on the flower's center, the patterns formed by the Spirit grain looked like a sad face, it was said that if the flower was full of vitality, the pattern on the heart of the flower was a smiling face, so the flower was also known as the Seven Emotions Flower, it had seven human emotions.

"Can you succeed? If you can concoct a divine pellet, after eating it, your chance of cultivating Bones will be greater. If you can just eat it directly, then you can only try your luck." Yang Tianyi said.

Eating the Bone level Dan didn't guarantee that it could cultivate the Bones, but it was just that the Bone level Dan could summon an opportunity, and whether or not it could succeed all depended on him. It was said that the process of condensing the Bones was also very difficult, but to have the opportunity to condense the Bones was even more difficult.

Chen Xiang took out his own spirit liquid and dripped it on top of all of them, improving their quality. When the Seven Deity Flower turned into a smiling face, it meant that their current quality was the best.

"Big Brother Yang, is there a lot of this type of medicinal material in your place?" Chen Xiang had heard Yang Tianyi's tone just now, as if he was eating the Bone level Dan's medicine ingredients as food.

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