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From the way he spoke, the person who spoke should have a very good understanding of the Ancestor Emperor. Chen Xiang rejoiced in his heart, this way, he would have a higher chance of getting out.

"Who is it?" Wu Cang shouted, "Who the h.e.l.l are you? Weren't you supposed to use this Star Moon h.e.l.l to seal the Ancestor Emperor?

Chen Xiang had already heard the sound of footsteps, he immediately turned his head to the side, there was a faint white mist, and someone was quickly running over from that direction.

"Very quickly." Chen Xiang was shocked, in a few seconds, the man rushed over from that far away location, you have to know that this place can only use the power of the flesh, and that speed was already close to teleportation.

This was a middle-aged man with long, messy hair. He had thick eyebrows and big eyes, a full beard, and he was extremely tall. He wore gray clothes, and had a stone sword at his waist. It was made very rough.

"You … "Who are you?" Wu Cang was frightened, the power of his flesh body was enough to tyrannize over him, and the middle-aged man looked even more terrifying.

"I am the first guest here. I am very happy that you all have come here. I very much welcome you all." The middle-aged man laughed out loud.

Chen Xiang cursed inwardly. He was not happy to be here.

"Just who are you?" Wu Cang asked.

This Star Moon h.e.l.l was prepared for me. After I was locked in here, I was sealed in a very large star, and then I seemed to have landed in some other place, but I don't have anything to do here, and as for the you mentioned, he should be my little buddy from Star Law Divine Realm. It's a pity that he didn't come in, but there are two more inside. The middle aged man patted on Chen Xiang's shoulder, making Chen Xiang feel pain.

Chen Xiang asked: "Senior, then do you know Yue'er? She is a cute little white cat."

So it turned out that this Star-moon h.e.l.l could hold many prisoners. The reason why this Star-moon h.e.l.l came here, was probably to bring in the Ancestor Emperor. However, there was an accident and so it did not succeed.

"Yue Er." The middle-aged man stroked his chin. "I've never heard of this name, but I do know about the cute little white cat. This little white cat is very famous for sending people into Star-Moon h.e.l.l. I already knew that she was going to bring in a big guy."

Wu Cang sneered: "She is dealing with our Ancestor Emperor, it is normal for her to fail because our Ancestor Emperor is so powerful."

Chen Xiang had guessed it many times, but he didn't think it would be like this.

"She has failed, but it is definitely not because of your Ancestor Emperor. Your Ancestor Emperor's strength alone is not enough to make her fail, and there are other reasons that I am not too clear about." The middle-aged man said, "Your Ancestor Emperor is an ox. Although he is not very famous, I have heard of him before.

Wu Cang did not reply, he was afraid of angering the middle aged man, and getting beaten up again. Right now, he was the weakest among them, maybe when Chen Xiang was bored, he would still beat him up. Wu Cang thought to himself that he would have to stay here for a long time, and would get beaten up any time, causing his face to turn green.

"Senior, why were you brought in?" Chen Xiang asked curiously: "You don't look like an evil person either."

"It was just an accident that I accidentally killed an important figure inside the Star Law Divine Realm and was brought inside. At most, I could have just gone into exile, but I thought about it and decided to obediently accept the judgement of the Star Law Divine Realm." The middle-aged man laughed and said, "I'm not bad indeed. It's just that sometimes I'm impulsive and often cause trouble."

Chen Xiang also laughed: "I also cause trouble quite a bit, I have been here for quite some time now, little brother Chen Xiang, I wonder what big brother's name is?"

"Yang Tianyi, you brat, although you don't seem strong, you are actually so terrifying when it comes to beating people up." Yang Tianyi could obviously tell that Wu Cang's cultivation was higher than Chen Xiang's, but his body was not as strong as Chen Xiang's. He was weaker than Chen Xiang by a lot, to the point that he was oppressed by Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang chuckled before asking, "Big Brother Yang, do you have any way of getting out of here? I can't stay here forever."

Yang Tianyi sighed: "There's no way out, my strength is also very strong. If the Ancestor Emperor the old man spoke of came, I might be able to kill him immediately, but I have no way of leaving this place."

"I don't believe you." Wu Cang said softly. He was extremely confident in his Star Moon Divine Race and did not believe that he would be defeated instantly by this sloppy-looking burly man.

Yang Tianyi only smiled slightly and said to Chen Xiang: "Don't worry, even though you can't get out, if the Enforcer knows that the people here shouldn't be locked up, then you can get out. This Star-moon h.e.l.l should be managed by that little white cat, only she can let you out."

"Really? But I can't get in touch with her right now." Chen Xiang originally thought that there was some hope, but after thinking about Yue'er's current situation, she couldn't help but let out a long sigh.

Although her memories have been erased, every once in a while, Xingyue will give her the power to be reborn, and at that time, she will also get new memories. As long as she recovers her memories and knows that there is a Starmoon Underworld here, then it will be fine. Yang Tianyi laughed: "That's why you don't have to worry about how terrifying that Ancestor Emperor is."

Wu Cang grunted softly, because he understood that Yang Tianyi was right. No matter how strong their Ancestor Emperor was, they would be dragged in no matter what. When Yue'er recovered her memories, she would first find this Xing Yue h.e.l.l and then use it to deal with their Ancestor Emperor.

Seeing Chen Xiang's face relax, Yang Tianyi continued, "Although you don't have to worry about that Ancestor Emperor, you still have to pay attention to who defeated that little white cat and let that whatever Ancestor Emperor take advantage of you."

This was probably something only Yue'er knew, what Chen Xiang could do now was to patiently wait here.

Yang Tianyi suddenly grabbed Chen Xiang's arm and pinched it hard, causing Chen Xiang to scream out in pain.

"Brother Yang, what are you doing?" Chen Xiang shouted in pain.

"You don't have Bones, I thought you did. Sorry." Yang Tianyi laughed awkwardly: "However, your body is still very scary. You can possess such a degree of power without Bones. It seems that you have definitely gone through a lot of tough training over these years."

"Big Brother Yang, don't tell me you have Bones." Chen Xiang asked curiously, he was a little excited, because this was the first time he had met someone who possessed Bones.

"Of course there is. If I didn't have Bones, I would have died a long time ago." Yang Tianyi laughed: "Do you want to cultivate or not, I can help you."

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