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"You are not human." Although Wu Cang punched Wu Cang, he could still quickly crawl back up and cover his face as he shouted towards Chen Xiang. Then, he spat out the blood and broken teeth in his mouth.

"You're not human, don't think of humans as weak." Chen Xiang snorted. Wu Cang was an elder of the Star Moon Divine Race, a strong Star and crescent beast.

Wu Cang found it hard to believe and rushed over once again: "Impossible, a human's body is not that strong. What kind of beast are you?"

Previously, Wu Cang had been careless and got hit by Chen Xiang because of that. Now, he knew that Chen Xiang also had a decent amount of strength, so he was on guard.

Being unable to use Six Realms' Power, Chen Xiang's power had been restricted greatly, but he felt that it was still possible to deal with this Wu Cang. Back when he was at Nine Heaven World, he had already learnt a few offensive techniques that specialized in using the power of the fleshly body.

This time, Wu Cang's attack was changed to a palm strike. He did not have any sort of palm technique, but his palm strike's speed was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, it had already landed on Chen Xiang's body.

This time, Wu Cang struck Chen Xiang, his palm was extremely strong, just as he was about to punch out, Chen Xiang suddenly grabbed his wrist.

"You …" Wu Cang was startled, because this was not what he expected. Originally, he thought that if he struck Chen Xiang with his palm, Chen Xiang would be injured to a certain degree, and that he would be able to defeat him in one go.

When Chen Xiang grabbed Wu Cang, he sneered and then directly slapped Wu Cang with his palm.

Pa!! With a crisp sound, Chen Xiang gave Wu Cang a very vicious slap on his face. His old face was swollen just a moment ago, and now he had even slapped it ruthlessly.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, this is for Yue Er." When Chen Xiang thought about Yue'er, he became extremely furious. He kicked at Wu Cang's abdomen, causing him to scream in pain.

"Tell me honestly, where did Yue'er come from and why did Divine Lord Xingyue use such a method to deal with her." Chen Xiang's finger was like a sword, instantly tapping dozens of times on Wu Cang's body, causing the Bones of his veins to be broken.

Although Chen Xiang asked, he did not give Wu Cang the chance to reply, as he frantically slapped Wu Cang's face, to the point where Wu Cang was stunned.

"Roar …" Suddenly, a white light flashed on Wu Cang's body, and turned into a golden tiger, roaring madly at Chen Xiang.

"So his original form was a tiger." Chen Xiang was not afraid in the slightest as he jumped over. Both of his feet kicked frantically, and the shadows of his feet were like a torrential storm.

When Wu Cang transformed into a tiger, his body became even bigger and clumsy. Furthermore, after being beaten up by Chen Xiang, his reaction became even slower, and he was unable to dodge at all. In just an instant, the tiger head was kicked by Chen Xiang over a hundred times, until he fell to the ground.

Wu Cang then transformed back into his human form, wailing as he laid on the ground and said angrily: "Human brat, you will definitely die a horrible death. Don't think that Yue'er can find yourself by staying away from this Samsara Sacrifice, I'll tell you this, if Yue'er doesn't sacrifice herself like last time, when the Star Moon Ancestor Emperor revives, let's see how you handle this."

"Who is the Star Moon Ancestor Emperor, speak clearly." Chen Xiang grabbed his hair and stared at him.

He is the father of the Divine Lord, he is much stronger than the All-beast Divine Lord. He has been cultivating in deep sleep, and every once in a while, we have to conduct a session of the Samsara Sacrifice to allow him to absorb a large amount of the star and moon's energy. At that time, we would only be able to absorb a little. Wu Cang laughed sinisterly: "If Ancestor Emperor does not have the power, he will definitely wake up. Even if All-beast Divine Lord revives, it won't be able to stop him."

Chen Xiang's expression became heavy. He believed what Wu Cang had said, because he remembered something big that Huang Jintian calculated using the Heaven extended method, something that would change the flow of the world because of him.

It was because he left Yue'er that the Samsara Sacrifice could not continue. This would wake up the so-called Star Moon Ancestor Emperor, and at that time, the world's situation would definitely change greatly.

"You must be from Supreme Divine Palace. You don't want the entire Supreme Divine Palace to be destroyed, so you better hurry up and think of a way to have Yue'er obediently return …"

"Wishful thinking." Chen Xiang slapped him, "What's wrong with this Star-moon h.e.l.l? I want to get out of here as soon as possible."

Wu Cang was scared of Chen Xiang's beating. He himself was scared of death and was also afraid of pain, so he could only cooperate with Chen Xiang obediently.

"This is a special technique that our Star Moon Divine Race used to imprison moon and star creatures. If it violates the laws, the moon and stars would land and use this kind of stone to imprison these moon and star creatures. And we accidentally saw it, so we were sucked in." Wu Cang said.

Chen Xiang felt that this was extremely unbelievable. "Who made this rock, it couldn't have been born naturally, could it?

Wu Cang said: "This was made by the Star Law Divine Realm, I presume that it was used to imprison us back then but for other reasons, it did not succeed. Yue'er should have come over at that time, she should be the law enforcer, but she was caught by the Star Moon Ancestor Emperor and used by the Star Moon Ancestor Emperor, that's why the Samsara Sacrifice appeared."

Star Law Divine Realm, these Divine Nations were already very powerful in Chen Xiang's eyes, but now this Star Law Divine Realm looked even more terrifying.

"Don't even think about it, we can't get out." Wu Cang sneered: "We will only die here, this way we can avoid the anger of Ancestor Emperor after he wakes up."

Chen Xiang shook Wu Cang to the side, then grabbed a handful of soil. He realized that the soil here was a little different, as it actually contained a very dense amount of star power, just that it could not be absorbed.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I remember the last time you captured Yue'er, didn't you say that there were still ten days until Samsara Sacrifice? It should have already been ten days since then. Chen Xiang said.

That's when our Samsara Sacrifice begins, just by being prepared, we have to use over ten days to set up the array, and we also have to let a large portion of the power of the stars and moon rush into the Ancestor Emperor's underground palace, so right now there should be another seven days until the power of the stars and moon descends, it's already too late, the Ancestor Emperor will definitely wake up, no one can stop us. Wu Cang laughed.

"You can't be that absolute. The Ancestor Emperor you all speak of is just a fugitive from death who violated the laws of the stars and moon."

The sudden voice that came from the sky startled Chen Xiang and Wu Cang. There was someone else in this empty prison.

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