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Chen Xiang made some important discoveries, but he did not let his guard down, and continued to be cautious of that Wu Cang. Just as he neared the center of the vortex, he sensed that something had entered his spatial perception. Other than Wu Cang, there was no one else here.

When Wu Cang came over, he immediately turned into a black stone.

"Who is here? Although you have hidden yourself well, I have already discovered you." Wu Cang arrived here very quickly, but he did not discover anything.

He was sure that he wasn't mistaken. Just now, he had sensed traces of aura fluctuations.

being so cautious was within Chen Xiang's expectations, so he was not surprised, he was already lying quietly on the ground like a rock, and Wu Cang did not notice him.

Right now, Chen Xiang was close to the center of the vortex of star power. Even though Wu Cang had arrived here, he did not discover the vortex.

"Could it be that my senses were wrong?" Wu Cang muttered as he looked around him. The surroundings were completely flat and there was no way to hide, and there was even a trace of other people's aura, which he could clearly feel.

Wu Cang flew to another place to investigate, then became a smaller stone, controlling himself to float slowly towards the vortex.

Not long after, Chen Xiang arrived at the center of the whirlpool. Upon arriving here, as long as one gave it a careful sensing, one would realize that a weak portion of the star power was being slowly absorbed by something below.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to leave, Wu Cang flew back.

"No wonder I sensed movement here just now. So the star power here is being gathered by something. It's just that because it's too weak, I didn't notice it before." Wu Cang descended to the ground and looked at the center of the vortex with furrowed brows.

In truth, there was nothing here, it was just that when Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye, he could see the movement of the star power here, while Wu Cang could feel it through his senses.

Chen Xiang scolded himself in his heart. Right now, Wu Cang was right beside him, and Wu Cang did not know that there was a rock that had turned into a person right next to his feet.

The center of Wu Cang's palm faced that whirlpool, and condensed into a ball of white light. After a "boom" sound, the ground trembled, rocks and dirt flew everywhere, and the place turned into a huge pit.

Chen Xiang anxiously teleported high up in the sky. Looking down from the sky, he could see that there was a triangular slab of stone within the pit. There were Spirit grain s on it and it was emitting a weak light.

After the stone tablet was exposed, large amounts of star power crazily flowed into it, causing the Spirit grain on the triangular stone tablet to emit even more intense rays of light.

"The Stellar h.e.l.l …" Wu Cang shouted in alarm, and his face was full of fear.

Chen Xiang also felt that something was wrong. Seeing Wu Cang fleeing so quickly, he immediately teleported as well. With how powerful Wu Cang was, to even fear this thing, it could be seen that this stone was extremely dangerous.

As the two of them were fleeing, they suddenly felt a suction force on them.

It was also at this time that Chen Xiang, who had somehow turned into stone, turned back into his human form.

"Who are you?" Wu Cang saw Chen Xiang, because both he and Chen Xiang were being pulled towards the triangular flagstone.

Chen Xiang did not reply, but did his best to activate the Six Realms' Power, to help himself break free from the suction force, because if he continued absorbing, he would be swallowed by the stone.

"Was that little thing saved by you? What a clever concealment technique. I was by my side the whole time, but I didn't notice it. Don't struggle anymore, we'll definitely be sucked in." Wu Cang's face became sinister: Although I'm being sucked in, I'm not dead. At most, I'll just be trapped inside, but before I go in, I'm going to kill you.

Wu Cang raised his hand and released a powerful white light towards Chen Xiang. When Chen Xiang flew over, he felt a scorching Qi and became terrified.

However, this force was absorbed by the triangular flagstone in the middle of the process.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief. He did not have the slightest understanding towards that stone tablet. All he knew was that Wu Cang had called it "Star h.e.l.l".

The Triangle Slate absorbed the force that Wu Cang used to hit it, causing an even stronger suction force, allowing Chen Xiang and Wu Cang to be pulled towards it quickly.

Approaching the stone tablet, Chen Xiang's vision went black, and then appeared in a world with a dusky sky.

After swallowing Chen Xiang and Wu Cang, the Triangle Slate sucked all the broken rocks and soil over and buried himself deep underground again, as if he had a mind of his own.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if you hadn't violently blasted that thing out, we wouldn't have come to this d.a.m.ned place." After Chen Xiang arrived at this place, he realized that his Six Realms' Power could not leave his body at all. As long as it left his body, it would immediately be absorbed.

Wu Cang was also like this, as he was from the Star Moon Divine Race, and naturally trained in the power of the stars and moon, which was very strong as well, and he was still too G.o.dly with about twenty Divine Deity. The power of the stars and moon in the Divine Sense Sea was very vast, but no matter how hard he tried, the moment the power of the star and moon left his body, it would immediately lose control and sink into the ground beneath his feet. If a large amount of the power of the stars and moon appeared in the Divine Sense Sea, it would all be drawn out of his body.

"Human brat, what sort of origin do you have? After saving this little thing, you actually came back to search for the things hidden here. What secret did this little thing tell you?" Wu Cang was also very angry at this moment. He was several tens of meters away from Chen Xiang, and when he asked, he had already rushed towards Chen Xiang with quick steps.

Wu Cang could not use his valiant power of the moon and stars, but he was extremely confident in the strength of his own body. His current speed was also very fast, and like a gust of wind, he flew over, and his hand that was like a sharp and powerful eagle claw, fiercely grabbed towards Chen Xiang's throat with lightning speed.

"Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" let out a cold laugh. His fist was as fast as lightning, the Supreme G.o.d bone allowed his body to wield a strong and dense power, his reaction was also extremely fast. He dodged in a flash, and smashed his fist onto Wu Cang's face.

Bang! Chen Xiang's fist was extremely ruthless as it smashed from the side into Wu Cang's skinny old face, causing a loud sound to ring out. Wu Cang's teeth were also knocked out a few times, and he was sent flying while spitting out blood.

Wu Cang never thought that the human Chen Xiang would have such a strong and robust body. With such power, he rarely fought with humans and usually, he would only fight with beasts, so in his eyes, humans were usually many times weaker than beasts.

But now, Wu Cang's attack that was launched at such a fast speed was actually avoided by Chen Xiang. At the same time that Chen Xiang dodged, he gave him a heavy punch.

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