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The moment the disc flew out, it shone with a white light, shining on Yue'er's body. Yue'er originally wanted to use the Star Blood Shield, but who would have thought that after the white light shot over, it had turned into a small white cage.

This cage was created by Divine Lord Xingyue and the few elders years ago and was specially designed to deal with you. We have used it many times over the years, and every time, you were unable to escape. Don't worry, when we kill you will not feel any pain. Wu Cang walked over and picked up the cage as he laughed.

It was obvious that during all these years, Yue'er had not been obedient until now, which was why she refined such a magical equipment specifically to deal with her. Yue'er, who was trapped in the cage, struggled and screamed, but couldn't come out.

Yue'er could use the power of the s.p.a.ce Laws, but she couldn't use them in her cage right now.

"The Samsara Sacrifice is about to start. There are still ten days." Wu Cang lifted up the cage, and laughed at Yue'er: "Little darling, behave yourself, and take the chance to enjoy it properly, after a while, you will forget about all these."

As long as they completed Samsara Sacrifice, and waited for Yue'er to be reborn, they would take away this memory and let Yue'er continue to live as she had in the past. Yue'er wouldn't know either, and the clan members inside Star Moon Divine Race wouldn't notice.

This meant that Yue'er's memories would be searched once, and everything regarding her and Chen Xiang would be exposed by then. This was something Yue'er didn't want to see happen, and what made her heart ache was that she didn't want to lose the memory she had with Shui Bingyan, Chen Xiang, and the others. This memory was extremely precious to her.

"BingYan, do it." Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Shui Bingyan, and she was ready for it. Upon hearing the sound transmission from Chen Xiang, she immediately used her strongest power, and her entire body erupted with blue light.

Wu Cang and Yue'er both suddenly sensed an extremely terrifying Icy cold power. After Yue'er sensed this familiar aura, she was ecstatic in her heart, but she was also a little worried, because she knew Wu Cang's strength. She was worried that Shui Bingyan wouldn't be able to handle it.

Shui Bingyan and Wu Cang were separated by a long distance, but Shui Bingyan was able to use a very mysterious method to seal Wu Cang's wife with ice just a short distance away from him.

Chen Xiang took advantage of this moment to retrieve the cages that held Yue'er. Then, he quickly teleported away with Shui Bingyan.

Just as Chen Xiang had teleported away, a very strong explosion occurred at the place he was originally at, and in an instant, it turned into a huge crater.

Shui Bingyan's ice seal could only freeze Wu Cang for an extremely short period of time, but it was enough for Chen Xiang to save Yue'er.

"I can beat him." Shui Bingyan said in a low voice.

"We can't fight him even if we can. Our goal is to save Yue Er." Chen Xiang brought her and teleported. Although Shui Bingyan said that, but after the fight breaks out between Shui Bingyan and Yue Yang, maybe the elders from the Star Moon Divine Race will come to support them. At that time, Shui Bingyan will not be able to fight everywhere.

Chen Xiang was very confident in his escaping abilities, adding that he had concealed his own presence, that Wu Cang was definitely unable to discover him. When he was near Shui Bingyan, Wu Cang did not notice anything, but what infuriated Wu Cang the most was that he did not know who saved Yue'er, nor did he leave any trace of his presence behind.

Three days had pa.s.sed, and Chen Xiang did his best to teleport for three days. He had already returned to the Supreme Divine Palace, but he did not go there because he felt that it was not safe enough.

In the bas.e.m.e.nt of the Tenth Dan Hall, Chen Xiang took Yue'er out from the cage.

"This is great, I have this thing that is specifically meant to catch you in my hands. Let's see how they will catch you in the future." Chen Xiang smiled, looked at the round plate in his hand, and then put it away.

Yue'er threw herself into Shui Bingyan's embrace, and Shui Bingyan held her tightly.

"Chen Xiang, thank you. Littlemoon looked at her gratefully.

"There's no need to be polite. We're friends. Oh right, why did you go there? That old man clearly knew where you would go." Chen Xiang said.

"I don't know either. I just felt that I was suddenly going there, which was why I went there. Who knew that he would suddenly come?" Yue'er said, "When I went to that place, a very familiar feeling suddenly emerged in my mind. The Star Blood Shield that I used previously was also a memory that came from that time."

Shui Bingyan asked: "Then if you want to recover your memories, are you going to that place as well?"

That place had definitely been sent by Wu Cang and the others to search for it, so they definitely could not return there.

Yue'er shook her head. "I don't know either. Right now, I feel that even if I don't search through those memories, it doesn't matter. It's enough to have the memories of the two of you together."

Yue'er only felt that the memories she had with Chen Xiang and the others were real. Previously, the memories she had were all injected into others and had been modified.

When Chen Xiang returned, he had covered the cage with something, and it was at night, so no one had discovered him. Now, he definitely could not let Yue'er show herself casually, if not, the Star Moon Divine Race would definitely do everything he could to catch her.

Feng Yujie immediately returned to the tenth hall when he found out that Chen Xiang had returned.

"Yue Er." When Feng Yujie saw Yue'er flying over, he hurriedly wrapped her up. Then, he lovingly stroked her fur.

"I won't make you worry anymore." Yue'er and Feng Yujie's relationship was also very good, just like Shui Bingyan, as if they were relatives.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Fortunately, I can still make it to the compet.i.tion."

Feng Yujie said: "Because multiple powers are fighting at the same time, there's a delay in time. The compet.i.tion starts in a month, and there's still plenty of time."

"Chen Xiang, can you help me go to that place to find something? I feel that there is something extremely important there, so every time Samsara Sacrifice is about to arrive, that thing would always call for me to go to that place. Wu Cang and the others probably don't know about this. Yue'er felt that restoring her memories wasn't important anymore, but she desperately needed more powerful energy. She needed people she could protect right now, so Feng Yujie and Shui Bingyan might be implicated because they were together.

"Alright." Yue'er was also aware that it was very safe for Chen Xiang to travel alone.

In order to help Yue'er, Chen Xiang would definitely not delay it, and he hoped that Yue'er would be able to wield a powerful strength.

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