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After learning that the elders from the Star Moon Divine Race had come to capture Yue'er, Chen Xiang and Shui Bingyan became even more anxious, and advanced forward at full speed.

"They probably used some secret methods to track Yue Er after finding out that Yue Er had left. Using this kind of secret technique might have had some effect on them. Otherwise, they wouldn't have come to the Heroes Gathering Divine City to look for Yue Er previously, and would have been following her directly." Chen Xiang a.n.a.lyzed in his heart, he guessed that after the Clan Elder used a secret technique, there was a high chance that his power would drop.

If this elder was really the Star Moon Divine Race's Second Leader, then his power must be very strong, even Shui Bingyan would not be able to deal with him. At that time, not only would he not be able to save Yue'er, he might even be killed.

Chen Xiang advanced at full speed. In merely half a day's time, Shui Bingyan had already sensed that Yue'er was nearby.

"Elder Brother Shen, you can stop now. That old man is already with Yue'er." Shui Bingyan said. Even though she was innocent, she knew that it was not good to be discovered by the other party.

After Chen Xiang stopped, he used the s.p.a.ce Domain s to envelop both him and Shui Bingyan, preventing them from being discovered by the other party.

This place was filled with black boulders and strange stones that spanned a thousand miles. Chen Xiang only found out that these black boulders were star fragments that had fallen from the sky after he had felt a trace of star power from these stones.

"Yue Er stopped here." Shui Bingyan said.

Chen Xiang suddenly understood that the elder of the Star Moon Divine Race did not have the ability to track Yue'er. He had only guessed that Yue'er would come to this place because there were countless pieces of stars here that could very likely be related to Yue'er.

He could also tell from the fragments of the stars that these boulders had existed for a very long time. There were still traces of star power inside them. It was obvious that the stars that had fallen here were not ordinary stars.

"Yue Er, now is not the time to be grumpy. Something big has happened within the clan. Furthermore, you have been out for so long, and everyone has missed you. You must go back now."

Chen Xiang heard the old voice. The voice sounded extremely benevolent, it did not seem to be scheming at all.

"I'm not going back right now. I want to stay here for a while longer. Elder, go back and tell them that I miss them very much. When my mood is better, I will naturally go back."

Yue Er was also very clear, she didn't directly ask this elder about the Samsara Sacrifice, because she was very clear that if she asked now, there would definitely be no good ending, and she would definitely be caught. That was why she pretended that she didn't know anything and fought with this elder.

Seeing that Yue'er was adamant on not returning, this elder did not suspect anything, but was a little angry, because the time for the Samsara Sacrifice was about to come. If he could not kill Yue'er at that time, the living Yue'er would obtain those powers.

"Yue Er, no matter what, you must return with me today." The elder's expression darkened as he solemnly said, "If you don't obediently return with me, then I can only forcefully bring you back."

Although it was daytime, and the sky was only a blue sky, Yue'er could see a spirit. She suddenly meowed and said, "Before, did I do this many times? Every time I come here, I don't want to go back."

Hearing this, the elder's body trembled as he blankly stared at Yue Er, who was squatting on top of a black rock. Yue Er wagged her tail, continuing, "This is my sudden feeling, this feeling is very familiar, it is as if I have experienced it many times."

Chen Xiang was also very nervous at this moment. If Yue'er said something like that, this elder would definitely strike with killing intent.

"Come back with me." After the elder recovered from his shock, he gave a loud shout and waved his hand, forming a huge white net. Just as it was about to envelop Yue'er, the black stone that Yue'er was sitting on turned red and burst into a blinding red light.

Chen Xiang, who was standing far away, was extremely shocked.

"Star Blood Shield." The elder shouted in alarm. The net he released was empty, and he didn't catch Yue'er. At this moment, she was squatting on another black stone.

Yue'er lightly said, "So this is the Star Blood Shield. It's a very familiar name."

Chen Xiang, who was originally very nervous, was now secretly overjoyed. It could be seen that Yue'er's memories were gradually recovering.

"This is happening again." It seemed that they had already experienced this before. Yue'er would eventually awaken some memories before the arrival of the Samsara Sacrifice.

Yue'er suddenly asked in a mocking tone, "How many more days until Samsara Sacrifice comes? All these years, you have carried on so many times yet you only have this little power. You all are useless. I really have died so many times for nothing."

Hearing Yue'er's words, the elder was surprised at first, but after thinking about it carefully, Yue'er did not awaken her memories, so her knowledge of the Samsara Sacrifice should have been told to her by someone else.

"Who told you these things? Since you already know about the Samsara Sacrifice, then I don't need to hide it anymore." The elder took out a disk that looked like an incredible treasure. "Only the few of us elders and clan leaders know about the Samsara Sacrifice. I am very curious, who exactly told you?"

"Did you believe what All-beast Divine Lord told me?" Yue'er laughed coldly, "Wu Cang, you people have been here for so many years, don't tell me you don't feel the slightest bit guilty?"

"No, because your sacrifice will allow us to obtain great power, and not long after, all of us will become Divine Lord." The Elder called Wu Cang said expressionlessly: "But we will thank you in our hearts. This is because without the Samsara Sacrifice, we will definitely not be able to break through and would only be eliminated. Using you, Xingyue, to obtain powerful strength is a tradition of the Star Moon Divine Race for many years."

Yue'er said angrily: "The only one who benefits is you, right? It has nothing to do with the entire Star Moon Divine Race."

Wu Cang scoffed, "Who said there isn't. If not for our power, how would Star Moon Divine Race be on equal footing with the other three Great G.o.d Clans?"

Yue Er's eyes suddenly turned red as she shouted, "If you don't kill me that many times, with my current strength, let alone being on equal footing with the other three G.o.d race, we won't have a problem forcing them to surrender."

"It is precisely because you are strong that we want to kill you even more. Your rise will only threaten our position." Wu Cang said cruelly as he threw out the disk in his hand.

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