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The Star Moon Divine Race's Second Leader had actually personally come to find Yue'er. This was clearly because of a very important matter, Chen Xiang, Bai Hu and the others immediately thought of the Samsara Sacrifice!

The Samsara Sacrifice was extremely important to the higher ups of the Star Moon Divine Race. Now that the elder had personally come out to look for him, it meant that the time for the Samsara Sacrifice was coming!

As long as the time for the Samsara Sacrifice was up, a surge of energy would descend upon Yue'er. If they couldn't find Yue'er, once they missed the time for the Samsara Sacrifice, it could cause a lot of trouble.

In the past, Yue'er was very obedient, but ever since Yue'er met Chen Xiang, she would often run around randomly, and it was very difficult to find her. This time, Star Moon Divine Race came early to find Yue'er, to prevent her from missing out.

"Yue Er left by herself. She said she wants to go back by herself!" Although she does not have much strength, her speed is very fast, so there shouldn't be any problems. "

Chen Xiang said. He couldn't tell anyone about the Samsara Sacrifice right now, otherwise, if the Star Moon Divine Race knew about this, they would inevitably do something crazy. Moreover, right now, they were already enemies with the Divine Lion Race.

Yi Bidong nodded, "Then that's what I'll say to them! Are these three your friends? Why haven't I seen it before? "

Yi Bidong only felt that the White Tiger looked very familiar to the Vermillion Bird. Of course, he had heard of the Vermillion Bird and the White Tiger before, he had only seen vague images on some of the ancient books.

Chen Xiang laughed: "They are the seniors White Tiger and Vermillion Bird, they both belonged to the Beast Divine Palace back then! You should have heard of Elder Yi! "

This caused Yi Bidong to be greatly shocked, and he immediately bowed to the White Tiger and the Vermillion Bird respectfully. Back then, All-beast Divine Lord had sat down as the second protector, and that was an extremely famous existence.

"What about this person?" Yi Bidong looked at Jiang Sheng and asked.

"I am from the Nine Heaven World, and I am just a nameless n.o.body. Don't you treat me as some senior! You are my senior, that's more like it. " Jiang Sheng chuckled.

These words made Yi Bidong smile: "Those who come are guests, furthermore, you are Chen Xiang's friends, so you are mine!"

"Elder Yi, you guys have discussed how you would deal with the a.s.sault of the Divine Lion Race! It just so happens that Senior White Tiger has his own debts to settle with Divine Lion Race. " Feng Yujie said.

Yi Bidong nodded his head: "Then, I will bring the two seniors to see Hall Master!"

The White Tiger and Vermillion Bird followed Yi Bidong to meet Mu Chen. As far as they were concerned, with these two Divine Beasts here, they wouldn't have to worry too much when the Divine Lion Race attacks them. Yi Bidong was only curious about how much power the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird had recovered after their rebirth. This was because the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird back then were extremely terrifying existences.

"I will take a walk around this city myself and then head over to that Beast Divine Palace to take a look … Cough cough, do you have Shen Yuan stone? I just came to this place, and you know it. " Jiang Sheng laughed.

Feng Yujie took out five million Shen Yuan stone and gave it to him: "Don't spend it randomly. If there's news of Qi Shi, you must come back quickly and tell us!"

Seeing how straightforward Feng Yujie was, Jiang Sheng laughed, "As expected of the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess, you're so generous!"

They could easily earn that much. To sell a hundred Regeneration Dan today, that was a hundred million Shen Yuan stone, and tomorrow, they still had to continue selling.

In the hall, there were only Chen Xiang, Feng Yujie and Shui Bingyan. Chen Xiang had not completely recovered, but Shui Bingyan was still ma.s.saging him.

"What are you worried about?" Feng Yujie could see through Chen Xiang's thoughts.

"Yue Er, I'm most worried about her right now!" Chen Xiang said, "I was worried that Star Moon Divine Race would find her and try again."

Shui Bingyan was also worried, and said: "How about we go find her, I have a way to find her, that way we can protect her!"

"Although every day's preparations is for that compet.i.tion, Littlemoon is more important!" You and BingYan can go find Yue Er together, and I am not at ease with her. She doesn't have any strength at the moment, and Star Moon Divine Race will definitely know her like the palm of his hand. Feng Yujie said. After being together with Yue'er for a while, she was also extremely fond of Yue'er.

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "When I'm fully recovered, we will leave immediately!"

He took out more than twenty Dao heart stone s and gave them to Feng Yujie: "These are the Dao heart stone s. When the time comes and I haven't come back yet, you should send some out based on the situation.

"Hall Master and Elder Yi must give it to them, and there are still the three Senior Brothers Gu. As for Hall Master and that Xiao Changle, you should have already made your decision long ago." Chen Xiang said.

Dao heart stone s were extremely precious to cultivators who wanted to control the power of the Great Dao. As long as they had one, they could make themselves stronger.

At first, when Chen Xiang a.s.sured Yue'er, he let her leave on her own, because they didn't know that Samsara Sacrifice would arrive so soon. Samsara Sacrifice was a matter that concerned the advancement of the powers of the higher-ups in the Star Moon Divine Race, and other than that, they paid more attention to Yue'er obtaining the power of Star Moon Descent as it was extremely possible for Yue'er to awaken all her memories.

Now that Chen Xiang knew that the Star Moon Divine Race's Second Leader had personally come to find Yue'er, he started to worry secretly. All these years, their Samsara Sacrifice had gone smoothly, so the Star Moon Divine Race must have some methods to find Yue'er.

Therefore, he must find Yue Er quickly and bring her to hide. He wanted her to undergo a baptism; even if she didn't awaken her memories, she would definitely become very strong.

Feng Yujie lightly caressed Chen Xiang's face, encouraging him, "You must get Yue'er back. She's one of us, you definitely can't let her endure that kind of pain again.

"Definitely!" Chen Xiang kissed her cherry lips and firmly laughed.

Very quickly, Yi Bidong received news that the Star Moon Divine Race's Elder had left in a very nervous manner after learning of Yue'er's departure.

Chen Xiang only recovered at night, so he also brought Shui Bingyan and left Heroes Gathering Divine City at night!

"BingYan, how do you know where Yue Er is?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Water... There is water vapor in the world, but you can't see it. Therefore, Yue Er is always in contact with water, and she will also partic.i.p.ate in some of the auras that fuse with the water. I only need to sense it and I will be able to tell. " Yue'er chuckled. "I can already sense it. Let's go this way!"

Using this method, Shui Bingyan was able to sense Yue'er's trace, which also made Chen Xiang less worried. At the very least, they could quickly find Yue'er.

Chen Xiang brought Shui Bingyan and carried out a spatial legend without stopping for three days straight!

"Yue Er ran really fast. She just left us not long ago, but I chased her for three days and still couldn't catch up." Chen Xiang could not help but exclaim at Yue'er's speed. She was simply too fast, but this was also a good thing. At the very least, the elders of the Star Moon Divine Race s would not be able to catch up to her.

Just when Chen Xiang thought so, Shui Bingyan said: "Not good, there are other beasts' auras in front, and they are very strong. He is now in his human form!"

After sensing it, Shui Bingyan opened up her palm. There, on top of her palm, was a little person formed from water vapor. This was the little person she saw just now.

"Could this fellow be the second in command of the Star Moon Divine Race?" Chen Xiang frowned: "We have to hurry up and catch up. This guy is even faster than us, and he seems to be able to track Yue'er."

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