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Chen Xiang had learnt the news about his former little friend from Jiang Sheng. Although he was happy, he was also very worried, because at that time, if the Nine G.o.ds Nation was going to be in charge of the Nine Heaven World, he would definitely purge the strong forces in the Nine Heaven World.

And Yun Xiaodao and the rest would definitely not surrender, when that happened, it would definitely be another b.l.o.o.d.y battle!

"Where are Qilian and the rest?" Feng Yujie asked steadily: "Do you have any news about them? I used to have a pa.s.sage to return to the G.o.ds Realm, but somehow, it was blocked off! "

"Those girls are fine now, they have taken over the other dragon vein, which is your divine tomb. Although they are secretly developing in there, they are very famous in Nine Heaven World!" Jiang Sheng said, "The Nine Heaven World and the G.o.ds Realm originally had a pa.s.sageway that was connected to each other! That is, the Super G.o.d Restricted Area that can lead to the G.o.ds Realm. Back then, this group of girls were able to return to Nine Heaven World through the same path as Super G.o.d Restricted Area. "

The White Tiger said, "Looks like Super G.o.d Realm's time is different from Nine Heaven World's! It should have been a long time! "

Jiang Sheng nodded his head and replied, "In the heavens, it happens every day for a year. There was such a saying in the past, so in the past few decades, Nine Heaven World was equivalent to a few hundred years, several thousand years, or even more. In short, in the past, there were slight differences in time between G.o.ds Realm and himself. "

Feng Yujie laughed bitterly: "We will be unified in the future, and Nine Heaven World will soon swallow this Super G.o.d Realm!"

The White Tiger asked, "Old Jiang, how did you come here? It's not easy to get from Nine Heaven World! "

Jiang Sheng drank a mouthful of ice tea and praised. "It was indeed not easy, but because of the existence of our Super G.o.d Realm, with everyone working together, we barely managed to open a gap. But I just came in and closed it!"

The Vermillion Bird was in disbelief, "It's not easy to open an opening. Even if a few powerful Supreme G.o.ds were to join hands, it would be impossible! Unless there is some sort of pa.s.sage. "

Jiang Sheng laughed: "Now that the Super G.o.d Realm's s.p.a.ce is getting weaker and weaker, coupled with the partic.i.p.ation of the Azure Dragon and Black Turtle, these two people who have become very powerful, I could do it. I had originally planned to come together, but I'm lucky, so I'm the only one here."

The green dragon was previously locked up in the Divine Prison, but the Divine Prison had already been breached.

"Senior Jiang, then what happened to the Devil-killing Heavenly G.o.d and her? When the Divine Prison was broken through, their pressure should be the greatest! " Chen Xiang asked. These two G.o.ds had been very good to him back then.

They can protect themselves now that the G.o.ds Realm no longer exists, and after being swallowed by the Nine Heaven World, they obtained an even more powerful energy source. With our help, they entered the dragon vein to cultivate, so they broke through their own bottleneck, and now they are all important elders of the Nine Heaven School! "Ling Yun said. Jiang Sheng said.

The Nine Heaven School should be the strongest power in the Nine Heaven World now. Once the Nine Heaven World annexed the Super G.o.d Realm, then the Nine Heaven School would be his main target!

When Chen Xiang thought about this, he started to worry secretly. He then asked, "Who is the Leader now?"

"Gu Dongchen, he said that he's your junior nephew. This guy is also very strong, and his management ability is very strong!" Jiang Sheng said.

Chen Xiang laughed, which made him think back to the time when he was in Super Martial School. This Gu Dongchen was indeed good when he was in charge of Super Martial School, and he was originally a member of the mysterious Ancient Spirit Race, now he had become so powerful again.

"This fellow is not bad, but he is a bit stingy!" Chen Xiang laughed: "I really want to go back and see them. After not seeing them for so long, they have become so powerful."

Back then, the White Tiger had also lived there for a period of time. There was also his White Tiger Fighting Race there, and he greatly missed his clan members.

We will be able to see them very soon. Once the Nine Heaven World Swallows this place, we will be able to see them. Jiang Sheng chuckled: "At that time, it will be our world!"

However, Chen Xiang could not laugh at all. Feng Yujie and the Vermillion Bird were also worried.

"What's going on? You guys don't seem to think this is a good thing? " Jiang Sheng asked with suspicion.

"It's a good thing, but bad things will happen along with it!" Chen Xiang sighed: "The Azure Dragon and Black Turtle probably didn't tell you anything about this place, right? Although the three shrines are the strongest among the Super G.o.d Realm s, at the moment, the three shrines are unable to match up to the nine terrifying Divine Nations s! "

Feng Yujie said: "Nine Divine Kings was originally suppressed by the nine Divine Nations s to the point that he had no choice but to hide. Nine Heaven World also ruptured because of this. Now that the Nine Heaven World wants to annex this place, the Nine G.o.ds Nation will definitely make his move. "

After Jiang Sheng heard this, he could not laugh anymore. He seemed to have heard of something related to the Nine G.o.ds Nation, if the Nine Heaven World annexed it, the Nine G.o.ds Nation would take action again, and at that time, it would definitely be a huge mess. They had been developing steadily for so many years, no one hoped that it would happen.

"It doesn't look as good as I thought!" Jiang Sheng sighed, he had already seen that there would be a fierce battle in the near future.

"Oh right, did you guys meet Qi Shi? He should also be here. The Archaic Divine Beasts that have awakened their memories should know about this place. This is their true homeland. " Jiang Sheng said, "The reason why the Azure Dragon, Black Tortoise and Ice Dragon did not come here is because they wanted to hold back in Nine Heaven School."

Chen Xiang told Jiang Sheng about Qi Shi's misfortune, and upon learning that Qi Yan the Super Old Fire Beast had died, Jiang Sheng immediately became extremely furious.

"There's no rush. It shouldn't be long before that Prince Divine Lions will come knocking on our door. At that time, we will definitely make him pay with his blood." The White Tiger said coldly.

The Prince Divine Lions was already quite strong, and he had a Divine Lion Race backing him. His Lion King father was so strong that he could compete with the hall master! He understood Divine Lion Race very well. Although he had been reborn, his current strength was not weak either.

Just as Chen Xiang and the others were enjoying their conversation, Yi Bidong came!

When Yi Bidong arrived at the hall on the fifth floor, he saw the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird, and suddenly thought of something. At that time, Yi Bidong had already recognized Huang Jintian, this old fart, and now it seemed that he also had an impression of the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird.

"An elder came to Star Moon Divine Race. He said that he wanted to find the kitten, and he found out that the cat is here!" Yi Bidong said with a serious expression: "The elder they sent is of high status in the Star Moon Divine Race, he is almost on the same level as the patriarch, which shows how much importance they have towards this cat!"

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