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Liang Gaoyi was already convinced in his heart. These seven Regeneration Dan s were way better than the ones in his shop, and he could only use one or two of the Regeneration Dan s, so Chen Xiang's seven were already much stronger than his.

"Your shop's Regeneration Dan is fine, I was just being paranoid, sorry, I'm here to apologize." Liang Gaoyi sighed, his att.i.tude was also very good.

After Luo Tianjun saw this, he laughed: "Old Liang, do you want to buy a pill as a souvenir? This pill furnace is not meant to be concocted using a furnace, and its speed is so fast too.

Chen Xiang's expression was currently filled with fatigue. His mind was in a mess, and with a glance, he could tell that this was caused by the concocting of pills.

As expected, Liang Gaoyi bought a Regeneration Dan, after he left, the people who were watching the show all rushed to buy it, and Chen Xiang went back to rest.

Chen Xiang sat in the hall. Shui Bingyan used her jade hands that were emitting cold air to ma.s.sage him, and the traces of cool air entered his body, making him very comfortable.

The White Tiger said, "You seemed to be very low-key before, but now you're suddenly showing such a high profile. This isn't appropriate, is it?"

Chen Xiang laughed: I have long been targeted by the Divine Nations, and there is nothing to be afraid of, what I need to do now is to lay a good foundation, and earn more Shen Yuan stone, and I will definitely be of use in the future.

The Vermillion Bird chuckled, "You're not afraid. Is it because we've appeared?"

"Of course not, there are a lot of experts that I can rope in in Supreme Divine Palace. If something really happens to me, my Hall Master will definitely help me." Chen Xiang was very sure of this, so he decided to find a chance to give Luo Tianjun a Dao heart stone.

The last time he knew that Prince Divine Lions was going to capture him, Luo Tianjun was extremely furious, and immediately went to find Prince Divine Lions to capture him.

Luo Tianjun and Olde Iron c.o.c.k were pretty strong, at that time, if Divine Nations really wanted to attack him, as long as they helped him secretly, Chen Xiang believed that he would be able to escape.

Of course, if the Divine Nations sends out their strongest warriors, even if the Palace Lord himself were to take action, he wouldn't be able to resist.

… ….

On a street in Heroes Gathering Divine City, Xie Ao was quickly walking with a cold face. He already knew about the matter of Chen Xiang's shop in the morning, and only now did he know that Chen Xiang's strongest point was actually pill refining and not those other methods. Last time he and Chen Xiang had worked together at the Divine Medicine Treasure Arena, he only thought that Chen Xiang's ability to use s.p.a.ce was rather strong, and he thought that Chen Xiang had collected the divine medicines to help Feng Yujie gather them.

Just as Xie Ao was thinking about this, he suddenly felt someone quickly approaching him. A weak gust of wind struck the back of his head, and then, he felt a slight pain in the back of his head. Someone had actually hit his head right on the street.

There was no need for extreme vigilance in a place like the Heroes Gathering Divine City. If one was ambushed here, one would definitely be unable to leave the Divine City, and those elders would have already held their meetings. Especially during the time that the Divine City was in operation, they would strictly manage the Divine City, and would definitely not allow any sneak attacks to happen.

But now, Xie Ao was ambushed, and fiercely slapped on the back of his head.

Xie Ao suddenly turned his body, he was angry and murderous, but when he saw the smile on his face, the anger in his heart was immediately dispelled.

He was very handsome, his face was filled with a mischievous smile, and this man was Jiang Sheng. He was Qi Shi's good friend, and also the blacksmith from Nine Heaven World.

"Old Xie, long time no see. You actually came to a place like this. It seems like you came here very early, and you even did quite well." Jiang Sheng laughed.

"Old Jiang, you actually didn't die." Xie Ao touched the place he was previously hit on, and laughed out loud.

"There's no other way. The Heavens like to let a lowly fellow like me live." Jiang Sheng had also come to Super G.o.d Realm, and he was in the middle of it.

Xie Ao said: "Let's go and find Chen Xiang, you should know this brat, he told me about you and Qi Shi before."

Jiang Sheng laughed: "Of course I know, I recognized him even after he turned into ashes, he should be very powerful now, I never thought that a guy like you would actually know him, it seems like you have received his help before right."

The two of them walked to the shop happily, and the moment Jiang Sheng entered, he saw Feng Yujie.

When Feng Yujie saw him, she called out: "Old Jiang, why are you here too."

Jiang Sheng laughed: "Not bad, with such a big shop in this kind of place, no matter where Chen Xiang goes, he would always be able to get along well. It seems like you, the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess, have already gotten along with him."

Feng Yujie's beautiful face reddened, and she jokingly scolded: "You're still the same, your mouth is always so cheap …. The little demon is on the fifth floor, while the two seniors White Tiger and Vermillion Bird are there as well. "

After selling all one hundred Regeneration Dan today, Feng Yujie closed the shop's door, and walked up with Xie Ao and Jiang Sheng.

Chen Xiang and the White Tiger Vermilion Bird were chatting when they suddenly heard Jiang Sheng's pitiful laughter.

"Big white cat, you have a good day. I heard that you and the Flaming Bird have already left together. When are you going to give birth to one …" When Jiang Sheng saw the Vermillion Bird's jade face filled with killing intent, he immediately swallowed back the words that he was about to say. After a while, he laughed, "Long time no see, you all look even more handsome and beautiful than before."

The White Tiger laughed: "Old Jiang, what wind brought you to this Super G.o.d Realm? I heard that the Nine Heaven World has already swallowed the G.o.ds Realm, but it shouldn't be easy to come to this Super G.o.d Realm."

Jiang Sheng sat on a large and very comfortable chair with his legs crossed. He looked at Chen Xiang and then looked at Shui Bingyan who was giving him a ma.s.sage.

"Greetings, Senior Jiang Tou." Shui Bingyan shouted gently, and a smile appeared on his face. She thought that Jiang Sheng's name was Jiang Tou.

"There's no need to be courteous. No matter where this brat goes, he will always be able to find such a great beauty." Jiang Sheng laughed, then looked towards the White Tiger and said: "Right now, there is no more G.o.ds Realm, the Nine Heaven World is the strongest, and we also have a large area of influence in the Nine Heaven World."

Chen Xiang asked: "Senior Jiang, right now you should already be a G.o.d right? This kind of speed of growth is very unbelievable, have you gone to the G.o.ds Realm yet?"

Jiang Sheng laughed: "Aren't you also a little G.o.d? The reason we can grow so fast is all because of the dragon vein on your Dragon Subduing School, the dragon vein has been seized back then, but the Dragon Subduing School is no longer there, the one in charge of the Nine Heaven School is your bunch of dog friends, I am honored to be able to become an elder there. As the Nine Heaven World grows at a rapid pace, the energy released by the dragon vein is also extremely shocking, we can even cultivate at a rapid pace."

After knowing that Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and the others were currently controlling that dragon vein, Chen Xiang was secretly happy. He really wanted to return right now.

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