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Especially for high level alchemy G.o.ds like Luo Tianjun and Liang Gaoyi, because they knew very well that refining Zhongpin Dan s was not child's play. Even if they were to refine it, they would have to be careful in order to succeed in order to guarantee its quality!

However, when Chen Xiang was refining, not only did he not need the Shangpin holy Dan's a.s.sistance, he did not even need the pill furnace.

Chen Xiang's palm turned silver. Although the silver flame was burning strongly, it did not exude any heat. At this moment, everyone could clearly see that after being incinerated for a period of time, the very inferior divine medicine inside the silver flame became lively as if it was rotten weeds. Not only was it not burnt, it was burning even better, it was simply too strange.

Concocting pills on the palm of his hand was already very shocking, but Chen Xiang was still able to revive such a dying divine medicine.

Chen Xiang's flame was a Chuangzao fire, and it was based on the flames produced by the Alive Slain Method. It could be destroyed, but it could also be created.

Liang Gaoyi frowned, he did not even blink as he watched. While he was shocked, he was also wondering what method Chen Xiang had used to be able to unleash such a miraculous technique.

In a short while, those divine medicines that had originally been yellow like hay, had now recovered to their highest quality. They were bright and colorful, and Chen Xiang's pure silver palm had begun to gradually dim, the silver flames it released weren't as intense anymore. That was the peak state of the Chuangzao fire just now.

Now he had started to burn the divine medicine, and it was also done on the palm of his hand!

In the great hall, Chen Xiang held up his hands with his palms spread wide, releasing a weak reddish-green glow. This multicolored glow mischievously squeezed out from the silver flames and wandered outside the silver flames, like a mischievous spirit.

Although Chen Xiang had refined it on top of his palm, there was an invisible barrier sealing his palm so that the flames and Medicine aura would not leak out.

The difficulty in refining Zhongpin Dan was during the fusion process. If the inner parts of a few divine medicines were not uniform, then the weaker ones would be squeezed to the point of exploding, and after they were exploded, the other Spirit blood would also explode. In the end, there would be a strong explosive force, so they needed the help of the Shangpin holy Dan to strengthen the weaker ones in order to achieve balance.

Chen Xiang did not need Shangpin holy Dan. He could use the Spirit Strengthening Technique to directly strengthen the Spirit blood s that had the divine medicine. This way, not only would he not need the Shangpin holy Dan s, he could also quickly strengthen the Spirit blood s and enhance the overall quality of the divine medicine. This would allow his speed to be faster, the higher the quality, and could even produce more pills!

In the blink of an eye, two hours had pa.s.sed. During this time, the hall was completely silent, many people were staring at the divine medicine on Chen Xiang's palm, the light emitted by the divine medicine was getting stronger and stronger, shooting out of the silver flames and piercing people's eyes.

When Chen Xiang saw that the Spirit blood of the several divine medicines had all reached a similar level, he began to fuse all the Spirit blood together!

At the moment of fusion, the silver flame seemed to explode. A powerful multicolored light shot out in all directions, and many people had no choice but to block the light with their hands!

Luo Tianjun and Liang Gaoyi were already watching with their eyes wide open. They wanted to see what was so special about it because Chen Xiang's refining skills were simply too astonishing.

In the instant of fusion, the light aura that erupted lasted for a moment, then gradually weakened. However, the light aura on top of Chen Xiang's palm was still releasing a strong light aura, it looked as though he was holding a colorful treasure pearl in his hand.

Originally, he had many divine medicines in his hands, but after being incinerated, they gradually shrunk into a small ball of mist.

The silver flames were already starting to weaken, and had already reached the later stages. Although there were many outsiders here, they all watched with relish, and at this moment, the people who bought the Regeneration Dan were secretly relieved, at least they were not affected by Liang Gaoyi's words.

Right now, everyone saw Chen Xiang as an existence similar to Liang Gaoyi, and they even thought that Chen Xiang was much stronger than the Alchemist s like Liang Gaoyi. This was because not only could Chen Xiang refine pills on his palms, he could also use a mysterious method to revive the withered divine medicine.

Luo Tianjun and Liang Gaoyi, these two Alchemist s who were very familiar with the method, were both amazed because Chen Xiang's refining speed was just too fast. This was a Zhongpin Dan, moreover, it had only been two hours and he had already reached the later stages!

That was why he was able to perform so well. He himself clearly knew that if he were to use his current state to refine pills, as long as he completed the pill refinement, he would be extremely tired. He would need to rest for at least an hour or two before being able to recover.

He did so to make Liang Gaoyi convinced from the bottom of his heart, and at the same time, build a reputation for the shop, because after the Nine Heaven World and the Super G.o.d Realm fuse, it was very likely that the Heroes Gathering Divine City would become the number one city in the whole place. When the time came for the shop to sell, Lv Qilian and the others would also join, and there would be even more types of Holy Pellets and Divine Pills, gathering a large number of Shen Yuan stone s, in order for them to be able to develop their powers.

It was a critical juncture. Chen Xiang frowned, he snorted, and saw that the light yellow mist was suddenly split into seven parts!

Seeing that they were split into seven parts, Luo Tianjun and Liang Gaoyi, the two old G.o.d pills, trembled. The thought went out of their minds and this intense shock almost made them lose their balance!

With just the medicinal ingredients Chen Xiang alone, he was actually able to refine seven Regeneration Dan s. Only a Pill G.o.d like them could understand just how powerful he was. Although it was not impossible, it was still too difficult to reach such a level of cultivation.

Three Gu Brothers was also shocked, their hearts were shocked, but at the same time received a huge blow!

Everyone present let out gasps of surprise, because they knew that refining Divine Pills was not easy, producing two was already very rare, let alone seven. Everyone now understood why Chen Xiang had so many Regeneration Dan s to sell, because Chen Xiang had refined Regeneration Dan s faster than planting beans.

The process of condensing the pellet was not easy at all. It took Chen Xiang an hour to complete it, and at this moment, seven high quality Regeneration Dan were floating above his palm, which he put into a jade case!

"It has been completed. The process of refining the Regeneration Dan has been witnessed by everyone. Our Regeneration Dan has no problems at all!" Chen Xiang handed the seven Regeneration Dan pills over to Liang Gaoyi, but Liang Gaoyi still hadn't reacted to it. Seeing Chen Xiang pa.s.s it over, he blankly stretched out his hands and took it.

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