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An old man finally came to Supreme Divine Palace. Chen Xiang pa.s.sed the matters here to him, then he brought Xie Ao, White Tiger and the others back to the shop.

On the way, they travelled very quickly. Because of what happened earlier, they had received a lot of attention, and they didn't want to receive that kind of attention.

Entering the shop, just as Chen Xiang closed the door, Xie Ao who had not spoken along the way finally spoke: "Senior, I didn't think that you would also be here!"

The White Tiger laughed and patted his shoulder, "Not bad, looks like you came here very early. You should have left the Nine Heaven World very early to head to the G.o.ds Realm and found the entrance that leads to this place afterwards!"

Chen Xiang had indeed been here for a long time, and his current power was considered strong as well. Chen Xiang guessed that below the Supreme G.o.d, Xie Ao's power could be considered to be at the highest level, and he seemed to have made a breakthrough after returning from the Divine Medicine Treasure, otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to kill a few of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain's Empyrean G.o.ds in an instant.

Xiao Chou did not follow him. He stayed behind and told the old man what had happened.

"Thank you, senior. I thought you went to the Beast G.o.d Mountain to look for Brother Qi after I parted with you that day!" Chen Xiang said, they had already reached the fifth floor.

Xie Ao said: "Originally, I was going to go, but right now, I simply cannot help Qi Shi, so I decided to drop the matter.

"Palace Mistress?" Chen Xiang said in shock.

Xie Ao nodded his head: "Hallmaster took great care of me. Back then, I came to this Super G.o.d Realm precisely because I met him. Even though I am a disciple of the Boxing Hall, I am not on the same side as the great hall master of the Boxing Hall. "

The master of the halls in Boxing Hall and the master of the Sword Hall were all from the Divine Nations. Xie Ao seemed to know something, which was why he said such words.

"Xie Ao, you have always cultivated Evil Spirit Force, but you have never stepped into the Evil Dao. This phenomenon is very strange!" The Vermillion Bird said, the evil power that came from Xie Ao's body was extremely terrifying, although he had not reached the strength of the True G.o.d, he was still able to frighten a few True G.o.ds.

Xie Ao laughed: "Evil energy is very strong, and cultivation is also very easy! However, it was very difficult to suppress them. If he did not suppress them properly, then he would fall into evil, and his soul would be decayed by evil! At that time, you will be manipulated by the evil energy. If the evil energy develops a consciousness, the moment your soul is devoured, you will become a demon. "

"In order to control the powerful evil energy, while I am cultivating the evil energy, I am also cultivating my own heart. As long as I have a strong and upright heart, I will not be controlled by the evil energy, and I can also suppress the evil energy and use the powerful evil energy for my own purposes! And because of this, the Evil Force I control is much stronger than the other Evil Demons! Because my evil power has the power to be upright. "

The White Tiger laughed: "When two conflicting energies are combined, it will always produce unexpected power! However, this kind of cultivation method of yours is still rather dangerous. Once you lose control of it, you might not even have the chance to reincarnate. "

It was a rare chance to meet again, Chen Xiang and the others stayed in the hall and chatted until late into the night, while it became more and more lively outside. The Transmission array of the Transmitting Square did not stop, and it continuously transferred disciples from other forces over.

The White Tiger and Vermillion Bird stayed in the shop temporarily while Xie Ao went back to the Supreme Divine Palace.

didn't have any rest tonight, so she was prepared to sleep early. Furthermore, when she slept, her body would release blue colored clouds as usual, and Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie thought that she was probably growing up.

Three Gu Brothers came back in the middle of the night with a smile on his face.

"Just as we had guessed, many disciples already know about the Regeneration Dan and they are here to buy it! But all they know is that there is only one store that sells Regeneration Dan. At that time, they will even need to bid for it, only selling ten crystals per day! " The oldest Gu laughed.

"Then let's start selling a hundred of them today, and then we'll sell the rest of the Regeneration Dan at fifty a day." Chen Xiang said: "After we sell all these hundreds of Regeneration Dan, there shouldn't be much value in having all of them here. Moreover, they won't be able to sell them at a high price."

A million Shen Yuan stone pills was considered expensive, and many disciples could not take out that many Shen Yuan stone s! For example, Xiao Chou. Although he possessed decent strength and position, he only possessed a few hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone.

Therefore, although there were many disciples gathered in Heroes Gathering Divine City, there were very few who could afford to buy Regeneration Dan. Selling a hundred pills on the first day, he might not be able to sell them all.

Three Gu Brothers went out overnight to spread the news, letting a majority of the people in the city know that a hundred Regeneration Dan were to be sold here tomorrow, and that the price was cheap too!

In the morning, Shui Bingyan had already woken up. When she arrived at the first floor, she saw that there was a crystal cabinet! Inside the transparent crystal cabinet, there were many shiny Regeneration Dan s that were placed neatly. It was extremely dazzling.

"Open the door!" Feng Yujie laughed. oldest Gu opened the door to the shop and there were already people outside.

These people were dressed very decently and were quite powerful. They were all young people.

"These are all high quality Regeneration Dan, they are much better than the Regeneration Dan in the first pill shop! You must know that the Regeneration Dan of that fellow were all hidden for a period of time. " oldest Gu invited this group of people in and continued to speak: "Everyone knows that even if the divine pellets are well-preserved, if they are stored for too long a period of time, it will have a huge impact on the quality of the divine pellets as a whole.

The shop was very s.p.a.cious. There was only a crystal cabinet placed at a high place, so the people who came in could clearly see the shining Regeneration Dan inside it. Just from their appearance, one could tell that these Regeneration Dan were of good quality.

"Looks like it's really not bad. Not only is the Regeneration Dan in pill shop number one unable to be inspected, they are also selling it at a very high price!" Originally, they were willing to sell them for one million and five hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone, but because they knew that one hundred of them would be sold here today, they lowered the price by one hundred thousand. If the price is right, I'll buy two of them. " An elegant man holding this fan said.

When Three Gu Brothers went out to advertise, he did not say what the price was, he only said that it was cheap.

"One million Shen Yuan stone pills!" When Feng Yujie said this, everyone was stunned, their faces showing expressions of disbelief. They were sure that they did not hear wrongly, so they rushed to say they wanted to buy as many as they could.

For everyone to have a share, Feng Yujie allowed everyone to buy only one pellet!

Soon, he sold 60 of them!

"Everyone, don't go yet. There's a problem with their Regeneration Dan!" Suddenly, a tall and st.u.r.dy figure appeared at the door, upon hearing the voice, the Three Gu Brothers frowned.

oldest Gu said coldly: "Hall Master, don't speak nonsense! "I tell you, if you don't make that clear, I'll knead you into a ball and throw you out."

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