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Seeing the elder's shocked expression just now, Chen Xiang knew that he was recognized. … …

"Are you from Purple Smoke Divine Mountain?" Chen Xiang asked. The elder wore a set of purple clothes and a purple cloak.

"I am the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain's Bu Tianguang Guang, one of the elders of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain. What questions do you have?" Bu Tian Guang shouted loudly, letting the surrounding people know that he had the qualifications to capture Xie Ao.

Chen Xiang sneered: "If I were an elder of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain, I would definitely not admit it …" He did not go on until this point, which made the crowd very curious to know why he said so

Bu Tianguang also curiously asked, "Why?"

Chen Xiang looked at the corpses on the ground and said loudly, "Because the disciples of your Purple Smoke Divine Mountain are all extremely vicious bandits. This senior brother of mine and I were once plotted against and robbed in the G.o.d Medicinal Treasure Land.

"He did not die at their hands and you, as an elder of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain, are unable to discipline your own sect! Such a disciple, and you still have the nerve to say that you are an elder of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain?!"

"Nonsense! They're already dead! You still want to insult them? And this is inconclusive!" Bu Tianguang looked around angrily before shouting, "Everyone, look at the disciples of the Supreme Divine Palace! They've gone too far!"

It was because the Supreme Divine Palace was the host of the compet.i.tion for the Super G.o.d Realm and the first group of disciples who came here were from the other factions. They were whispering to each other about this matter, because they did not know who was in the compet.i.tion.

And when they saw that the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain was killed by the disciple elder with a face full of grief, they all thought that the Supreme Divine Palace was bullying others …

Chen Xiang had long antic.i.p.ated this situation, so he was already prepared. He closed his eyes and took out a pearl.

The originally exquisite and exquisite bead suddenly lit up with a white light. After a while, Chen Xiang threw the bead into the air and it exploded into a few images in mid air.

Those images depicted how the violet-clothed bandits had waited behind others to wait for them to find the divine medicine before they ma.s.sacred it and s.n.a.t.c.hed it away. Everyone's scalps went numb when they saw this because the methods of these violet-clothed bandits were extremely cruel …

In order to force others to hand over the Storage magic treasure, he had used many b.l.o.o.d.y methods to torture them …

The crowd originally had the same opinion of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain, but after seeing all these people, they became even more furious. Some disciples from other forces recognized that it was their sect and were actually harmed …

"You … "You! You definitely did this yourself! This is definitely not real!" Bu Tianguang was still quibbling as he pointed at Chen Xiang and cursed.

At this time, a man walked out and said, "It definitely wasn't something he imagined himself because there were three disciples of my Mysterious Heaven Lake that were killed … and that happened many years ago …

"Using a secret technique to create these images would be impossible to create these three disciples that are exactly the same as our Mysterious Spirithail Lake … I'm just curious as to how he managed to do it … This seems to be some sort of memory …"

Chen Xiang pointed to the corpses of the bandits and said, "I used a secret technique to retrieve their memories, so everyone can see his evil deeds."

These memories were something that Chen Xiang had long ago obtained and not something that he could extract now. Of course, he couldn't say that he had killed a purple-clothed bandit before because this reminded him of Zhan Xi's death.

Xiao Chou also walked over and said to Bu Tianguang Guang, "Hurry up and release them. These bandits have killed so many people before and they've even dared to kill so many of us! Now that we've killed them, it's normal for anyone else to do the same."

The expression of the man from earlier from the Mysterious Sky Lake turned ice-cold. "As an elder, you probably know something, right? It seems like you purposely let these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds do this …"

Bu Tianguang could not stay calm after seeing everyone's indignation. He let out a long sigh and said, "They were pretty good when they first entered the Heavenly G.o.d Lake. I did not expect them to become this angry. I trusted them so much."

Chen Xiang did not believe him because he found out that the elder knew about them from the purple-clothed bandit's memories. Furthermore, he even obtained many benefits from them just so that he would not expose them …

"That's right! This elder knew about it long ago, and he even colluded with them … This is all from my memories …" Chen Xiang took out another bead.

Seeing this, Bu Tian Guang became anxious because he had done a lot of business with these disciples. If Chen Xiang showed the scene of the b.l.o.o.d.y business transaction like before, he would be in deep trouble.

Bu Tianguang realized that he had no other choice. He placed the already restrained Xie Ao in front of him and shouted: "If you dare to mess with me, I'll kill him!"

Xie Ao said to Chen Xiang, "Pui! Kid, just kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d and don't worry about me!"

Chen Xiang was still confident because the White Tiger had already appeared behind him. Xie Ao also saw that the White Tiger was very familiar with the White Tiger because the White Tiger was Qi Shi's master and the White Tiger was Qi Shi's friend.

The white tiger raised its hand and a streak of black smoke suddenly enveloped Xie Ao and Bu Tianguang. After the black smoke dispersed, Bu Tian Guang could no longer move.

Bu Tianguang was too G.o.dly. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to easily suppress Xie Ao. However, the moment the White Tiger attacked, Bu Tianguang was no longer able to move.

Most of the people present were young disciples. They were very curious about the White Tiger's ident.i.ty and they could also tell that the White Tiger was not a Supreme Divine Palace Elder. They had all heard of it and all of them had an Elder's badge hung on their bodies …

"You are also an elder of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain right?" Chen Xiang looked at a purple robed elder and asked.

From start to finish, the old man had never said a single word. At this moment, his face was filled with fear. He was completely frightened by the White Tiger.

"Does he have a problem?" White Tiger asked. "If he does, I'll control him on the way."

"No …" Chen Xiang shook his head and looked at Xie Ao. He saw that he was not injured at all.

This elder truly did not exist, but the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain s of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain s did! This was a Purple Smoke Divine Mountain that Chen Xiang did not mention, and they were also not good people either! They also had connections with the Divine Nations, which was why they wanted to catch him …

There was also an old man in the Sword Hall who wanted to capture him and obtain the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques. Right now, he was also planning to tell Mu Chen or Yi Bidong and the others about this matter.

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