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'Yue Er left! 'She didn't know how she could accomplish what she wanted to do, but she already had a plan …

"What will she do?" Feng Yujie asked as he looked at Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang and Yue'er had only interacted with each other for the longest period of time.

Chen Xiang looked out of the window and watched Yue'er disappear before letting out a long sigh, "Xingyue, I think she is a whole star connected to Xingyue … and that she, Xingyue, is born with everything that she is …

Although her memories had already been erased by those old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from her divine soul, the stars and moon in the sky would definitely be kept for her! Only she herself would know what to do …

Shui Bingyan looked into the sky with melancholy, "Yue'er will definitely be alright! I want to protect her!"

Chen Xiang patted her head and laughed, "BingYan, you are becoming stronger everyday. I'm afraid you don't even know yet, right?

Shui Bingyan nodded as he memorized it.

The White Tiger laughed, "Chen Xiang, I didn't think that you would become so mature after not seeing you for so long. But you still like to cause trouble."

Chen Xiang chuckled, "I'm only going to do what I think is right. Senior White Tiger, you still don't know why I'm opposing Prince Divine Lions, right? He probably won't reveal this himself either."

"Indeed, I don't know if you have such terrifying potential or not. But right now is not the time to talk to Prince Divine Lions!" The White Tiger said.

"He killed Qi Yan! After Qi Shi found out about it, he went to find him! Qi Shi almost saved me! He sent Silver lion to capture me!"

The Vermillion Bird hastily patted his shoulder to make him suppress the fury in his heart. Otherwise, it would create quite a sensation here.

"Qi Yan has not completely died..."

The White Tiger took a deep breath and interrupted Chen Xiang, "Tell me the details of this matter."

After a while, both the White Tiger and the Vermillion Bird had a clear understanding of this matter, including the fact that Prince Divine Lions was chased away by the Palace Chief Mu Chen while he was still in Heroes Gathering Divine City.

"I'll go find the hall master! When the Prince Divine Lions comes, don't ever make a move! I must kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d with my own hands!" The White Tiger looked at the Vermillion Bird and nodded. It was obvious that he was prepared to engage in an all-out battle.

And the Vermillion Bird also supported him very much

Chen Xiang sighed: "My current strength is limited, at that time I won't be able to help."

The White Tiger's hand rested on Chen Xiang's shoulder. "It's enough for you to save Qi Shi …"

Feng Yujie asked, "Senior White Tiger, your relationship with Qi Shi seems to be extraordinary."

"Nine Divine Kings allowed us to be reborn! Qi Shi is my disciple, Qi Yan is also someone that I watched grow up, and in the ancient G.o.d era, they were my sworn brothers. I'm their big brother."

White Tiger clenched his fists tightly. Several times, he almost couldn't control his emotions and spilled his blood here. However, after being pacified by the Vermillion Bird, he was still able to calm down …

The sky was completely dark. Waves of spatial fluctuations came from the Transmission array. Many people were being sent over.

Chen Xiang stood by the window and looked towards the brightly lit Transmitting Square.

"I'll go over and take a look," Chen Xiang said. "I'm worried that Xie Ao won't be able to handle it."

"I won't go. I'll stay here with BingYan." Feng Yujie said.

… ….

The White Tiger had already calmed down a lot. He and the Vermillion Bird followed Chen Xiang and quickly headed towards the Transmitting Square.

"Back then, Xie Ao's name was Evil Emperor. I never thought that he would still be alive and come here. Although he cultivates ludicrous skills and power, he and Qi Shi are good friends."

Xie Ao was a human, and not like the White Tiger and the other beasts of the Ancient G.o.d's era who could awaken their memories and power, the current Xie Ao was not as strong as them either.

The square was extremely lively. Everything was clearly watching the commotion …

As soon as Chen Xiang arrived, he saw Xiao Chou standing in the balcony of an upper floor, looking at the plaza with great interest.

Xiao Chou was Zhu Xiangyuan's grandson-in-law, and also a good seedling of the Herculean G.o.d Tribe. Naturally, his status was not ordinary.

"Let's go there." Chen Xiang pointed to the fifth floor and immediately entered it. He said that he wanted to find the person at Xiao Chou's door and let him in.

"Brat, you've enjoyed it, haven't you?" Chen Xiang patted his bald head and laughed.

Xiao Chou saw that there were two other people who had come with Chen Xiang. When he saw the two familiar faces, he was slightly shocked and immediately shouted, "Senior White Tiger, Senior Vermillion Bird!"

Back then, when Xiao Chou was in Dragon Subduing School, he had met the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird.

"Good brat, you've become quite powerful! What are you watching for?" The White Tiger said with a smile.

"That fellow called Xie Ao sure is arrogant. He killed four disciples of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain with a single sword strike just now. Now, the elders of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain have already caught him but do not dare to kill him. It's strange that the elders of our Supreme Divine Palace still haven't come out."

The elders of the Supreme Divine Palace were all gathered by Mu Chen for a meeting because the Prince Divine Lions had spoken some harsh words today and they had to prepare …

"The elders are all in a meeting here. If it wasn't too big of a commotion, they probably wouldn't have noticed us going over quickly, right? In case Xie Ao got heavily injured."

Furthermore, Xie Ao had already been sealed by the two elders and was unable to move …

The elders of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain also did not dare to act rashly. After all, the difference in strength between the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain and the Supreme Divine Palace was too great.

Chen Xiang immediately flew down from the tower and landed in the plaza. He shouted at the elder of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain, "On what grounds are you capturing him?"

Looking at the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain Elder, the memories he got from killing the purple-clothed bandit suddenly surfaced in his mind. It was this elder who had ordered the purple-clothed bandit to capture him.

Even if this Purple Smoke Divine Mountain's elder knew that he was Chen Xiang, he also knew that he possessed the G.o.d Murdering Sword Techniques and the Heavenly Alchemy. He told these few disciples who often robbed outside to pay more attention to Chen Xiang, and to take him away whenever they met him.

"It's not like you haven't seen him kill the disciples of our Purple Smoke Divine Mountain yet. Don't think that your Supreme Divine Palace is so strong that you can kill him as you please! I only captured him to prevent him from escaping! Wait for the elders and hall masters of your Supreme Divine Palace to come to me and demand an explanation from them!"

"When the elder saw Chen Xiang's face, he was secretly surprised. This was the person he had been looking for all this time, and now, he was right in front of him."

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