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Although the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird were resurrected in Nine Divine Kings, Feng Yujie wasn't very familiar with them before.

Feng Yujie said, "Let's go find the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird first. The two are so powerful now, they should have already awakened their memories. Qi Shi needs help right now, let's see if they can help!"

Yue'er nodded her head, "Right now, we can only sense that their auras are very strong, but we don't know their actual strength. If they had already become too G.o.ds, it would have been enough for Qi Shi to do a lot of things for him.

The Vermillion Bird and White Tiger did not retract their auras. Their intention in doing so was obviously to let know that they had come to this city. Presumably, they already knew that Chen Xiang was in Supreme Divine Palace.

Feng Yujie quickly met the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird! The White Tiger and the Vermillion Bird walked side by side on the street. The White Tiger wore white clothes, and judging by his ordinary appearance, he had a beautiful woman in a dress by his side. Many people couldn't help but take a few glances at him.

When they saw Feng Yujie, they immediately welcomed him with a smile.

"Greetings, seniors!" Feng Yujie immediately bowed. If both the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird had awakened their memories, then they were indeed Feng Yujie's seniors.

"Greetings, seniors!" When Shui Bingyan saw Feng Yujie giving his respects, she also greeted the White Tiger politely.

"There's no need to be so polite!" The Vermillion Bird smiled faintly, then looked at Shui Bingyan and asked, "Where is Chen Xiang? He should be here, right? Who is this beautiful little girl? I don't think I've seen it before! "

"I am Shui Bingyan, Elder Brother Shen is concocting pills!" Shui Bingyan said with a pure and beautiful smile.

Hearing Shui Bingyan call Chen Xiang that, the Vermillion Bird and the White Tiger looked at each other, obviously thinking that Shui Bingyan had that sort of relationship with him.

When did you come to the Super G.o.d Realm? Feng Yujie was very curious about this, because the Vermillion Bird and the White Tiger went to the G.o.ds Realm very early in the morning, but he did not hear any news about them.

The White Tiger laughed, "Not long after we went to G.o.ds Realm, we found a ruin of a Beast Divine Palace. We came here from there, and that's why we have been here for quite a few years!"

In order to make it easier to talk, Feng Yujie brought them to the fifth floor of the shop and served them Ice Tea Shui Bingyan had made.

The White Tiger looked at its surroundings and sensed a bit of fire in a secret room. It knew that Chen Xiang was concocting pills there, so it smiled and said: "Chen Xiang has restrained himself quite a bit since he came to Super G.o.d Realm!"

Feng Yujie scoffed, "Of course not, he just angered the Prince Divine Lions not too long ago, aiya!"

The Vermillion Bird and the White Tiger both knew that Feng Yujie was the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess, and now they could also see that Feng Yujie and Chen Xiang seemed to have a very close relationship, which made them very surprised.

"We heard about this too! I am very clear about the Prince Divine Lions's actions inside the Beast Divine Palace. We came here because we just found out that the Prince Divine Lions and Chen Xiang are at stake. I never thought that Chen Xiang would actually be able to refine pills so peacefully, as if nothing happened. " The White Tiger shook its head with a smile.

Yue'er stuck her head out and looked at the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird. These two legendary divine beasts were things she had never seen with her own eyes before.

"Does this kitten belong to the Star Moon Divine Race? Why does it look so familiar? " When the Vermillion Bird saw Yue'er's cute little head, it wanted to reach out to hug her. However, Yue'er suddenly flashed and appeared from her backpack. She flapped her wings and floated in the air.

The White Tiger frowned: "They are from the Star and crescent beast race, Starry Sky White Tiger Race also have some connections with them! This kitten does look familiar, could it be that guy? "

Yue'er asked, "Do you recognize me?" Impossible, when I was born, it was a long time after your era. "

Hearing Yue'er's voice, the White Tiger and the Vermillion Bird looked at each other, as if they were even more certain of this.

"Samsara Sacrifice! You are the sacrifice that Samsara Sacrifice needs! " "The reason why you don't recognize us is because you have already been reborn after you became a sacrifice. A large amount of your memories will be erased. From the looks of it, you should have already been a sacrifice many times!"

Yue'er was shocked, "What Samsara Sacrifice? I've never heard of it. You mean I've died many times? "

Previously, Zhu Xiangyuan was very sure that Yue'er had saved him, but Yue'er didn't.

The Vermillion Bird nodded. "Not many people know about the Samsara Sacrifice, we heard the Great Emperor say that this is a ceremony unique to the Star Moon Divine Race."

Yue Er shook her head. "I am a sacrifice, why would they let me run all over the place? And why did they just erase part of my memory, instead of erasing it all? "

Yue'er found it hard to believe her own ident.i.ty. She was actually a sacrifice, and had a very high position within the Star Moon Divine Race. No one had ever mentioned such a thing to her before!

"No, I have parents, even though I've never seen them before!" Yue Er said again.

"The Star Moon Divine Race lied to you because they used you as an offering to the moon and stars, allowing them to obtain great power. Legend has it that it was through you that the Star-Moon Beast Emperor was constantly reborn and given birth!" The White Tiger sighed. It felt very sympathetic towards Yue Er because she only existed to make others stronger.

"Because the Samsara Sacrifice can only sacrifice you once in a while, when they need you, they will naturally bring you back! They are worried that it will affect your growth, so they will keep a lot of memories that will allow you to survive, and even do some tr.i.m.m.i.n.g! And the memories that make you strong will be erased. " The Vermillion Bird replied, "And it will be very difficult for you to grow up. If it's only the Star Moon Divine Race that wants you to grow up to become a sacrificial offering, they will have to pay a great price to do so. Thus, under normal circ.u.mstances, they will allow you to grow up by yourself.

Now, Chen Xiang understood why Yue'er's senses were of the highest level when it came to escaping, and was able to ensure that she would not die even when encountering danger. In order to make her more viable, the Star Moon Divine Race had injected her with many memories, but only allowed her to become stronger.

"Senior White Tiger, Senior Suzaku!" When Chen Xiang came out from the secret room, although the White Tiger and Vermillion Bird had restrained their auras, Chen Xiang was still able to sense them. Thus, he used a secret technique to maintain the pill furnace in its current state.

The White Tiger and Vermillion Bird nodded at him.

"How much do the two seniors understand about Samsara Sacrifice? Why would they gain so much power after killing Yue Er? " Chen Xiang asked, because this matter was related to Yue'er, which was why he immediately ran out.

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