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This caused Chen Xiang to recall Huang Jintian's situation. Huang Jintian had lived for many years, but he had forgotten what happened many years ago.

"I am absolutely sure. The cat that saved me back then was you!" Zhu Xiangyuan said with certainty: "Could you have lost that memory?"

Yue'er was also very suspicious. She firmly believed that she had not lost any of her memories before she asked Zhu Xiangyuan about the time she saved him.

After Zhu Xiangyuan told her the exact time, Yue'er shook her head and said, "I was indeed born a long time ago the time you mentioned, but I have all the memories I have before this, so it is impossible that it isn't just this period of time! Tell me, how did I save you? "

Zhu Xiangyuan pondered for a while, then said: "At that time, I was just about to be entangled by a bark-covered guy with tree vines, at that time I would already be severely injured. But at that moment, you suddenly appeared and released a white light from your body, making the vines that the Bark Man released retract. Then, you brought me with you in a fast spatial teleportation, taking me far away from that dangerous place! "

"Although I was heavily injured at that time, I was very clear-headed. I definitely remember it!"

Yue Er ran back into Chen Xiang's backpack, but she did not say anything. It was obvious that she was confused by Zhu Xiangyuan suddenly telling her all these things, as she needed to calm down and think about it carefully.

"Let's get down to business. Give Yue Er some time, she still doesn't understand what's going on!" Feng Yujie said.

He was extremely grateful towards Yue'er. After all, his life had been saved by Yue'er.

As the hall master of the Supreme Divine Palace, Mu Chen suddenly realised that he was not very clear about the disciples that he had just joined. He and Xiao Changle seemed to have discovered that Shui Bingyan was a little strange, but they could not really ask him any questions.

"Elder Zhu, what important matter did you just say?" He and Feng Yujie were brought here by Luo Tianjun, so they definitely did not come to see Xiao Changle.

Mu Chen said: "Tell me about our current situation! Bai Dong went to visit the Divine Nations, you should already know about it by now! "

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie nodded their heads. Mu Chen continued to speak, "There are a lot of things that needs to be resolved on Divine Nations's side, but because of the great changes that have occurred in Nine Heaven World, they have no choice but to draw out some of their power to deal with them!"

"Soon, Nine Heaven World will swallow this Super G.o.d Realm! Once the Super G.o.d Realm is annexed, even if the nine great Divine Nations joined forces, they would still be unable to shake it, and they could only use b.l.o.o.d.y methods to take over the Nine Heaven World! " Mu Chen's face was filled with reverence when he talked about the Nine Heaven World, because the Nine Heaven World was a creation of the Nine Divine Kings.

Xiao Changle looked at Feng Yujie, and said indifferently: "Xiao Jie, you're the Nine Heavens G.o.ddess. You should know what to do when the time comes, right?"

Feng Yujie slightly lowered her head, as if she was recalling something. She was also very surprised at this moment, because she never thought that such a thing would happen. The speed at which the Nine Heaven World grew was so fast that it was hard for her to believe.

Chen Xiang said: "So that means that G.o.ds Realm has already been swallowed?"

Mu Chen nodded: "It has already been swallowed. The speed at which the Nine Heaven World grows can be described as crazy!"

The G.o.ds Realm was no longer here, he had already become a Nine Heaven World, and the Nine Heaven World was still growing stronger and stronger. Once he absorbed the Super G.o.d Realm, he would be able to go and find Lv Qilian and the others anytime in the future.

Back then, he had a good foundation in both the Nine Heaven World and G.o.ds Realm. If he was not suppressed by the Nine G.o.ds Nation, after a period of development, he would definitely become a strong power.

What he was worried about right now was that the nine Divine Nations s, in order to control the Nine Heaven World, would slaughter all of the disobedient forces in the Nine Heaven World!

"At present, in Super G.o.d Realm, Beast Divine Palace, Six Realms Divine Palace and Supreme Divine Palace are the three strongest forces! Of course, the Nine G.o.ds Nation is many times stronger than us, it's just that they don't want to come out on the surface. Their current plan is to control the Supreme Divine Palace and the other Six Realms Divine Palace, to use that to rope in the big and small forces of the Nine Heaven World! " Mu Chen continued to speak: "If Nine G.o.ds Nation really wants to do this, there's nothing we can do about it. After all, Nine G.o.ds Nation is very strong!"

Feng Yujie sighed: "In that case, the Nine G.o.ds Nation wants the Six Realms Divine Palace and the Six Realms Divine Palace to control the Nine Heaven World, so that they, the Nine G.o.ds Nation, do not have to appear, and can directly control the Nine Heaven World, so that they can peacefully continue doing their work!"

Xiao Changle laughed helplessly: "That's right, and at that time in the Large Compet.i.tion, someone from the Nine G.o.ds Nation will come! But I heard that when the time comes, they might even drag down the Beast Divine Palace! "

Yue'er, who was hiding in the rucksack, stuck her head out and said, "Impossible, Beast Divine Palace is different from you two! Because the ones leading the Beast Divine Palace are the Four Great Divine Beasts! It's not like you don't know that the Four Divine Beasts clan was very supportive of the Nine Divine Kings, it was he who saved them! "

"Moreover, the Four Divine Beasts clan hates the Nine G.o.ds Nation very much. They would never listen to his orders."

Mu Chen shook his head and said, "If it was in the past, that would be the case. You are a Star and crescent beast, you should be a member of the Star Moon Divine Race! Your G.o.d race is very strong, but looking at the current situation, Beast Divine Palace's strongest power should be the Divine Lion Race! "

"At that time, the other three G.o.d Beast Clans would definitely choose to endure or even compromise in order to avoid conflict with the Divine Lion Race! If the old Beast King was here in the past, the four G.o.d Beast Clans definitely wouldn't be like this! Your four great G.o.d Beast Clans are all lacking a powerful Emperor, so right now, you are just a piece of loose sand, and you are even afraid that something bad might happen! "

Yue'er did not say anything more, because she knew a little about this. Especially the Divine Lion Race;

"Your Beast Divine Palace can still guarantee good order right now, but that is because the four G.o.d Beast Clans that are in charge of your Beast Divine Palace do not wish to cause chaos. However, if they were to face the Nine G.o.ds Nation's threat, it is very likely that they would compromise. After all, the leaders of the Four Divine Beasts clan only want peace and stability. Xiao Changle said.

So it turns out that none of the four great beasts had any beast emperors, this made Chen Xiang feel extremely worried.

"No, our Beast Divine Palace still has the All-beast Divine Lord. If something really happens, the All-beast Divine Lord will wake up, and under the All-beast Divine Lord's leadership, at most, they will have to fight another battle with the Nine G.o.ds Nation. The Nine G.o.ds Nation must have something very important on their minds right now, let's see if they dare to start a war with the All-beast Divine Lord!" Yue Er's eyes were filled with determination, it seemed like All-beast Divine Lord could revive at any time.

Xiao Changle and Mu Chen both sighed slightly. They admired Yue'er's resolute heart, but they still sighed.

"Divine Lion Race has already taken over Beast Divine Palace, and Divine Lion Race has already secretly made a deal with Nine G.o.ds Nation. It can be said that Beast Divine Palace is more or less under Nine G.o.ds Nation's control. As long as the other three clans do not resist at that time, the Beast Divine Palace will definitely take action against the Nine Heaven World. Mu Chen sighed.

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