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Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie were walking on the road, when they suddenly saw an old man in front of them who was waving to them. This old man was oldest Gu, he was standing in front of a five story tall building, Gu Lao Er and Gu Lao San were also there.

Chen Xiang quickly walked over, and saw that the first floor was empty. Most of the shops on the street were empty.

"Little demon, this is our tenth hall's shop, do you want to sell anything here? If we don't have anything to sell, we can transfer it to someone else and also get a share of the rent. The oldest Gu said.

On the way here, Feng Yujie had said that he wanted to find a shop to sell his Regeneration Dan, and it was a headache for him. He hadn't thought that the tenth hall would be allocated such a good shop once this Heroes Gathering Divine City was completed.

"Of course there is. We want to sell the Divine Pills and when we get the Shen Yuan stone, we will give you some!" Chen Xiang laughed: "We were just worrying about the matters of the shop!"

The oldest Gu laughed: "You youngsters sure are vigorous. It's almost time for the compet.i.tion, and you can even get some divine pills for sale. We old bones can't anyway!"

Second Brother Gu said: "Being able to own such a shop is all thanks to the Hall Master. The Hall Master must have contributed greatly to the Supreme Divine Palace, which is why he obtained it! In all of Dan Hall, only our tenth hall can obtain it, and in the other halls, it seems like only ten of us can obtain it! "

Chen Xiang was puzzled and asked: "This Divine City is not small, and we also have a lot of shops, why are there so few shrines that are distributed among our Supreme Divine Palace s? Only about ten halls can be bought! "

The oldest Gu said: "Of course, after Supreme Divine Palace constructs this Divine City, he will have to spend a lot of effort to protect it in the future. Especially those few large Transmission array s, which consume a large amount of Shen Yuan stone every day! That's why our Supreme Divine Palace will rent out these stores. Our Supreme Divine Palace will have a certain share of it, so for the other halls, those who want to rent out shops to do business, they will have to depend on relationships to get it! "

Feng Yujie asked: "So you mean that the people from the other powers can also open shops here?"

oldest Gu nodded his head: "The reason we built this Divine City is to gather the elite disciples of all the powers in the Super G.o.d Realm, it is beneficial for the development of all the major powers, and the conditions are better in all aspects of the Supreme Divine Palace, so we choose to build here!"

Chen Xiang looked at the extremely wide street and asked: "To build such a wide street, is it to make it convenient for the big men of the Beast Divine Palace?"

The big figures of the Beast Divine Palace have many good things, and they do not know how to use them. When they were building the Divine City, hall master had already instructed that the big figures of the Beast Divine Palace must consider everything carefully!

Feng Yujie walked into the shop and exclaimed: "There are a total of ten stores, and each of them is so big with five floors above. If we were to rent this shop, we would probably receive quite a lot of Shen Yuan stone every month!"

"Of course, at least a million or so Shen Yuan stone s. If they were to develop in the future, thousands and thousands of Shen Yuan stone s a month would still be okay!" oldest Gu said, "You guys can take it since you lack a shop. In any case, we brothers don't lack any Shen Yuan stone, so when you guys are tired, you guys can let us know and we'll transfer the shop out!"

"Tomorrow, the Transmission array will be completely stable, and at that time, the disciples of the other forces will also come here! Earlier on, in order to attract people from other forces to come here, the Transmission array was free! " Old Gu said.

Right now, the Transmission array was not completed yet, but there were already a lot of people, and they all came from different places. Although there were some disciples in the Supreme Divine Palace, they were not as many as in other places.

Chen Xiang asked: "Will the Large Compet.i.tion also be held here?"

oldest Gu said, "It will be held here. The venue will be in the middle and it will be a large plaza. When the time comes, it will be a public compet.i.tion.

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie were not worried about all this. They had experienced many big things, and what they were more concerned about was how to quickly sell the Regeneration Dan in their hands.

Inside the shop, there was only one table. Feng Yujie called the Three Gu Brothers in and told them to shut the door.

Chen Xiang saw a sly glint flash across Feng Yujie's eyes and knew what she was planning.

"My three senior brothers, I know you've been very busy!" This shop is so big now, just Chen Xiang and I alone will find it difficult to manage it all at once, and we will need to open it tomorrow, so … "

Hearing Feng Yujie say that, Three Gu Brothers immediately understood. oldest Gu laughed: If you need our help, just say it directly, you are our junior sister.

Shui Bingyan, who was at the side, laughed: "And me, I am also your junior sister!"

"Right, right. You two are our little junior sisters now!" oldest Gu laughed: "Isn't it just opening tomorrow? Today, we will help you arrange everything here. This small matter is not difficult for us! "

Feng Yujie took out a jade tablet and chuckled: "Then this little sister will first thank the three senior brothers. This is the Regeneration Dan's pill formula, I will gift it to you guys.

Three Gu Brothers obviously knew the value of Regeneration Dan, this was a pretty good Zhongpin Dan, seeing that Feng Yujie wanted to give this to them, they all refused.

"That won't do, we don't have anything good to return the gesture, we can't take it! If the hall master finds out, he'll teach us too. " oldest Gu hurriedly shook his head.

Second Brother Gu said: "Junior Sister, please don't be so formal, aren't we just helping you out with a small favor? Was there a need to be so polite? "Hurry and take it back!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "I won't hide it from the three senior brothers, this Regeneration Dan is no longer of much value in our eyes, so I can gift it to you, and we do not just ask you to help us arrange this place well, there are other hard work for you all!"

Feng Yujie nodded his head, and said with a smile: "Chen Xiang and I have been busy refining Regeneration Dan, and now there are more than three hundred of them! Those two guys who came together are our biggest compet.i.tors! They must have been preparing for this for a long time, not long ago they even made a loss selling their Regeneration Dan s to increase their fame, so I want to have the three senior brothers help us advertise our Regeneration Dan s, when the time comes, I want to let everyone know that the Regeneration Dan s we are selling here are cheaper than those two guys, and better than theirs! "

Three Gu Brothers was frightened quite badly. They had collected more than three hundred Regeneration Dan, and just thinking about it made them frightened. Because of the information they had gathered, even the two of them here only had sixty to seventy Regeneration Dan!

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